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Found 22 results

  1. Hi I have noticed on UK sikh/punjabi channels, at least 3 adverts now, for punjabi/indian businesses, either promoting black guy-asian lady relationships or randomly showing black kids (no other race). This in the space of 6 months. Just watching normal English tv, every other advert is showing interracial black guy-white/asian/other-non-black women relationships. this doesn't seem random and seems kind of creepy. Now the idea is showing up sikh/punjabi channels. It's kind of obvious there is some kind of "Kaliargi"/eugenics brainwashing going on. Just to make Sangat aware, because awareness is the best defense against any kind of brainwashing.
  2. A feminist film company called Dispatch FMI put on a screening of Bend It Like Beckham in London this week. They comissioned an essay to go with the screening and put a call out for proposals a few weeks ago on their twitter page. I was excited to see some positive representation in the media. But they chose Deena al-Aqsa, a Muslim Lesbian, to write the essay. That's how she describes herself in her Twitter bio - that's not me making an assumption and stereotyping her because of her name. Sikhs get so little coverage compared to muslims and we spend so much of our time explaining that we aren't muslims. There is virtually no Sikh representation in the medea It seems like the company is just reinforcing that. It's like all brown people are the same. I don't know if they got any proposals from Sikhs, but they should have made the effort to hire someone with the same ethnicity as the protagonist of the film. You might say Bend it Like Beckham isn't a Sikh film, and you would be right. But it presented Sikhi in a positive light to billions of film watchers around the world. It was a mainstream phenomenon. No film in the English Language has managed that since. I'm going to complain to Dispatch FMI and I would urge you to do the same. Here's the essay. The company's contact details are at the bottom of the page with links to their twitter pages if you want to complain. https://www.dispatchfmi.com/single-post/bend-it-like-beckham-could-have-been-queerer-but-it-still-aged-well
  3. I found this on youtube and wonder what are the thoughts on this guy from canada m.youtube.com/c/katapatv
  4. Found this today and i was wondering what to people think of it instagram.com/parambanana/?hl=en
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/08/dining/free-food-sikh-gundwara-langar.html
  6. Guest

    media brainwashing

    Here's a list of media brainwashing, in western countries, to make people aware of it and so wake up (and become immune to it), feel free to add your own observations: 1. to view all women (even young women/girls) as sex objects. from a young age the media tries to put the idea in males heads that any female should be sized up for sexual attractiveness 2. for all women to view themselves are sex objects. girls are taught from a young age that what others think of them and how much attention they get is a 'measure' of their 'worth'. any woman who does not want to put excessive attention into her gender or sexuality is seen as an antisocial freak. e.g. you can see how business wear sold to women is more based on 'looking pretty' than practicality. 3. that black guys are attractive/virile/masculine- i don't know if this is because the white media feels sorry for them or else white- guilt, but this is another idea that is pure media fabrication. i find it a little odd that 3/4 adverts on English tv depict white-woman/black-male couples. if someone is going to say that blacks have larger anatomy well then even if that was true, it would still be 1. black 2. attached to a black guy. so are you attracted to a person or a part of their bodies? 3. that wouldn't correlate to virility anymore than being tall would mean that someone would 'enjoy' sunbathing more. 4. that having an extra-marital affair is benign/ desirable/ prestigious /normal. to lust after a married person shows a severe lack of sense, and likewise for a married person to cheat on their own partner implies a clear lack of ethics. there is nothing 'sexy' about stabbing someone in the back, betraying someone's trust. you should think about the kind of character who would cheat on their spouse, and why then wouldn't they cheat on you? do you think you are someone so wonderful that they couldn't resist? the truth is they probably have insecurities, as do you for chasing a married person in the first place. 5. that being a 'virgin' is wrong/ to be looked down on or as a freak. firstly, virgins shouldn't have to label themselves or announce themselves as such, or else ' normal well adjusted well brought up person' would be a better title. maybe non-married non-virgins should be the ones who label themselves- as trash, antisocial, degenerate etc. (does not apply to rape victims, people genuinely taken advantage of and people who grew up in an environment where they were genuinely too stupid to know better). 6. that the sex depicted on tv, in films, in music is accurate. again false. most artists/actors are gays /lesbians, acting out an exaggerated scene written by poor writers, in front of a film crew.
  7. Can people criticise Sikhi? Recently some woman in Austria was fined and jailed for calling the muslim prophet a pedo. Now obviously different people will have different opinions on this, some will agree some won't. In European countries this is a very touchy subject and we now live in a politically correct culture where most people hesitate to voice their opinions in case they offend someone. With people being jailed for criticising religion, political correctness it makes you wonder if freedom of speech really exists. But what about sikhi, let's say khalistan was created, would the Hindus, Christians, dalits and whatever be allowed to criticise Sikhi? Would they be allowed to question the divinity of the gurus, guru granth sahib ji, miracles, sikh ithias, question and criticise the lives of the gurus and other sikh figures. Would they be allowed to give their own interpretation of guru granth sahib ji? If not, but one of them decides to, how would we deal with it? In most middle eastern countries you have you head chopped off for questioning Islam, what would happen in a sikh country? Not a trick question, just interested in knowing what others think of this ...
  8. Found this on the Guardian website. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/oct/08/since-we-married-my-husband-and-i-live-as-friends-not-lovers-what-can-i-do I'm not the one asking for advice, but some of you on this forum might like to use the opportunity to put the columnist right by using the comments section.
  9. Some members on this board constantly complain of underrepresentation in the media - or how it is the "wrong sikhs" speaking out (like Sunny Hundal). So why don't you tell this national newspaper all about your lives in the UK? It's a libral paper, which Sunny has previously written for, but don't let that put you off. Here's the link. Try not to swear or slag off other races and religions, otherwise they won't publish it! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/25/what-is-your-experience-of-being-a-sikh-in-the-uk
  10. Guru Fateh Jio, I found some wrong review published by times of India as per them they mentioned that the movie on Baba banda singh bahadur is based on mythologies so please check their reviews and report them.please visit link:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/movie-reviews/Chaar-SahibzaadeThe-Rise-Of-Banda-Singh-Bahadur/movie-review/55368087.cms - someone emailed it to us
  11. I recently saw the trailer for this film and was saddened, especially seeing that Sikhs possess no viable film industry. http://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/the-dead-lands/ Ironically if we do ever have a historic Sikh film will it have exacerbated stunts like this:? I am sure that somewhere along the line the Punjab film industry grew confused between culture (Punjabi) and history (not balle balle).
  12. I wanted to let everyone know that the funding campaign for The 1984 Project has officially launched on Kickstarter. Please check it out, contribute, and share. Thanks in advance for any help! If you know of any survivors of the atrocities of the November 1984 killings that would be willing to speak to me while I'm in India, please let me know. My list is growing and I want to interview as many people as possible for this project. If you know of any rescuers of Sikhs, I would also appreciate their stories. The 1984 Project: Contribute Here
  13. (Request for STICKY and left in General Section) We are re-launching new design for SikhVibes.com Come check it out! Check daily for Kirtan, Katha, Video updates and more! Website: www.sikhvibes.com YouTube: SikhVibes Facebook: /SikhVibesDOTcom Twitter: /sikhvibes Email: sikhvibes@gmail.com Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!!
  14. The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund has been invited by the worlds largest media company, Comcast-NBCUniversal, to help produce and distribute a public service announcement highlighting Sikh Americans. When Comcast-NBCUniversal approached [us], we grew increasingly excited about the possibilities. As President Obama said during his first campaign for the White House, Our destiny is not written for us, but by us, said a SALDEF spokesperson. Telling our story to a mainstream American audience, on national television, is a historic opportunity. SALDEF urges Sikhs around the U.S. to submit videos for consideration for the PSA spots. Home movies or cell phone video is fine showing you doing what you love. What youre good at. What you value. Show yourself driving a motorcycle. Bowling with friends. Volunteering at gurdwara. Working at a bank, running a marathon, feeding a baby, coaching a team, raising a family, riding a horse, jumping out of a plane, driving a cab, driving a Ferrari, or meeting friends for lunch, said a spokesperson. Please submit videos by Mar. 7 here: http://tinyurl.com/k2gmcco. For more information, visit Saldef.org.
  15. The Hindu ----------------- Radical Sikh groups petition UNHRC to recognise 1984 massacre as ‘genocide’ They seek international investigation into the anti-Sikh riots on the basis of "new evidence" Almost three decades after 3,000 Sikhs were massacred (according to government figures) following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh body guards, radical Sikh groups led by the U.S.-based Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) have petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva seeking specifically an international investigation into the November 1984 riots as well as the Council’s recognition of the killings as ‘genocide’ under Article 2 of the U.N. Convention on Genocide. The petition was followed by a ‘Justice March’ by hundreds of Sikhs from Europe, Canada and the U.S. The petition stresses that successive governments in India have deliberately misled the world community into believing that the 1984 killings were ‘riots’ confined to Delhi, when “there is ample evidence to the contrary”. The petition titled, ‘1984: Yes, it’s genocide’ was filed under 1503 procedure of the United Nations on Friday and carries the required 10 lakh signatures from Sikhs across the world. It is spearheaded by the SFJ, several other Sikh human rights NGOs, as well as management committees of Sikh gurudwaras across Europe, America and Canada. “New evidence” The petition provides “new evidence” aimed at proving that contrary to prevalent belief, the killings of Sikhs had spread to 18 States and 100 cities beyond Delhi. This includes, among other things, official government records that state that 35,000 Sikhs claimed damages for death and injury, out of which 20,000 claims are from Sikhs who were attacked outside Delhi. Further, the Sikh groups have provided new evidence of the existence of mass graves of 65 Sikhs in Hondh Chillar village of Haryana, discovered in February 2011, a mass cremation site at Pataudi in Haryana, and ruins of Sikh houses and gurudwaras in Gurgaon and West Bengal. The petition states, “As a planned cover-up, remains of all such sites were cleaned and rebuilt to purge traces of the attacks. The debris and human remains at the newly discovered genocidal sites throughout India as well as the official records of the Indian government are the most specific irrefutable and convincing evidence that killing of Sikhs in November 1984 was ‘genocide’. The new evidence justifies new investigation.” Stating that Sikhs have exhausted all avenues in seeking justice and redress in India, the Sikh organisations have detailed the 29-year saga of 10 commissions of enquiry into the killings that led nowhere, the relief given by courts to the accused Congress leaders, and the manner in which the Congress party has promoted and given them tickets despite the charges they face. Commissions “eyewash” Describing the commissions of enquiry as “eyewash to offset the demands for justice and accountability,” the petition says that a cursory look at the reports and recommendations of the commissions shows that they are a “hoax played through the façade of investigation into the November 1984 killings” and were aimed at covering up the extent and scale of violence against the Sikhs. Naming the former MPs, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler, Union Minister Kamal Nath, Arjun Singh, HKL Bhagat and Amitabh Bacchan, among others, the petition says the government has “thwarted all attempts by the victims to get justice by cover-ups, destroying evidence and providing immunity to Congress leaders, by threatening witnesses and victims. The victims have no recourse but to approach the UNHRC.” Speaking to The Hindu from Geneva, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the legal adviser of the SFJ, said: “We are overwhelmed at the support that this petition has got from Sikhs across the world. We hope to have a hearing before the U.N. subcommittee on Human Rights, to present evidence and witnesses about the extensive use of government machinery in the violence against Sikhs during November 1984.” Initiated last year, the petition was also supported by the Akal Takht, the supreme temporal body for Sikhs, which issued an appeal to Sikhs to gather signatures and make it a success. Camps were held in the five Sikh takhts and at several gurudwaras along with awareness campaigns across social media to collect signatures. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/radical-sikh-groups-petition-unhrc-to-recognise-1984-massacre-as-genocide/article5308461.ece
  16. This guy Param Singh doesn't stop! Still doing media interviews and biggin himself up after appearing on Take Me Out. He was on BBC WM last night ... this time he flapped after being questioned by Jay Singh-Sohal the author of the new "Turbanology: Guide to Sikh Identity" book. Check it out - SCROLL TO 1:14 ON SHOW PARAM SINGH FROM TAKE ME OUT MUST LISTEN TO INTERVIEW http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012t626
  17. Sikhs in Uk have been protesting outside 10 Downing street since Friday non stop since Friday Potential death of an innocent man who has been in a hospital for 6 months or so because of mental health issue And yet no media outlets in Uk or the world are reporting this. Not even a signal mention. I cannot applaud and be proud of the Sangat who are there right now and overnight. It gets me so angry however, that our efforts are falling on deaf ears here. It goes to show that politicians and media don't care about protests or whatever it doesn't matter to them one bit if it don't interest them. The thing they are interested in is money and power. This is what we have to take away from them to get noticed. We can stop our voting or funding for these parties then that would be a start, its drastic but it would make them notice. It might just be a slight dent to these politicians but it will make them notice. Let them know that if they don't even at least acknowledge the fact that we have been protesting that we will take some sort of action against them. Stop funding these politicians if we even do now because this is all they care about. If we can all unite and this is the big thing but if we unite together we can make a bigger difference, if anyone got any ideas of how to tackle this add them on here. We need to it them where it hurts Phul Chuk Maaf
  18. I just had a thought after discovering many unseen pics of Sikh history and other Sikh texts which have been forgotten (just about) online, that there must have been Sikhs who stored Lala Jagat Narain's garbage and other anti-Sikh media reports in Indian newspapers somewhere. Pictures, videos, newspaper cuttings etc if someone has such material then can you please let me know? I will be very happy to receive such material to spread on social media etc. Especially any material related to controversial actions of Punjab Police etc.
  19. It's time we began using the tools of the modern information age to combat the misinformation and mistruth put out by the Indian propaganda machine. This is something I knocked up in 10 mins after a Google image search. Imagine what someone with actual Photoshop skills would be able to do! It's clear Sikhs will always be labelled as trouble-makers and militants whenever issues such as what is currently happening in Panjab hit the headlines. The world dismisses our cries because it believes WE are the agitators and thus deserve everything that comes our way. This attempt to defame the innocent and suppress the truth must end soon. India MUST be exposed before it becomes too important - and too vital to the success of the established powers - and even the world's so-called guardians begin to turn a blind eye towards India's digressions much like the human rights situation in China. We owe it to the trail-blazing feats of our Gurus to follow their example of not accepting tyranny.
  20. I know I am posting this a bit late but I think we all need to be more aware. When these articles get published we should the first to read them and make sure they are correct and also then comment on the articles. Instead uneducated fools start commenting on them and this can have a very negative effect. Simply typing in the word "sikh" into google usually brings up news articles. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics/article-2064280/London-2012-Olympics-Sikhs-allowed-wear-Kirpan-daggers-Games.html
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