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Found 2 results

  1. There is also a growing number of Punjabi in diaspora that are converting to Christianity. Wont be surprised if Punjab becomes majority Christian state within 5-10 years or less. Really sad and heartbreaking
  2. Tisarpanth 6 mins · Here are some interesting excerpts from a report, published in 2009, by Operation Mobilization (deceptively shortened to "OM"). The report's author, one Sabu Mathai Kathettu is a Christian evangelist who is a prominent member of the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and is "celebrated" (by evangelists of course) for his "fieldwork" in the Punjab. What is humorous about his report, however, is that not only does he admit to the theological inferiority of Christian doxa vis-a-vis Sikhi, but also provides an insight into how Christian missionaries are employing deception to fool the illiterate and mistreated Punjabis in a bid to convert them. 1.) Kathettu admits the incompetency of Christianity with Sikhi when he highlights the philosophical difficulties which missionaries encounter in explaining the gospel to Sikhs and Hindus: "The missionaries preached that all people are sinners, and Christ is the true savior. The concept of all people as 'sinners' was objected to by the Hindus and Sikhs because it was different from their philosophy. For them it is difficult to recognize that they are sinners!" -pg. 73. The presence of the exclamation mark, it seems, is to indicate that non-Christians are intellectually inferior to Christians and thus impaired by some learning difficulty- essentially failing to comprehend that they are sinners. 2.) The very purview of the Sikh Sri Akal Purakh and the Christian God are at odds with each other. Here is Kathettu's humorous take on the matter: "...the Sikh doctrine of Ik Onkaar, the absolute Oneness, rejects the Bibilical concept of Triune God." -pg. 113. If Sikhs can mobilize and set up their own missionaries, then their task is effortless because the Christians themselves have handed us the very material required to refute their tribal ideology. 3.) Despite the British take-over of Gurudwaras, initiated famines and other atrocities the Sikhs still remained immune to evangelism. The end-goal of all aid, rendered to non-Christians, is conversion: "Evangelism was the ultimate goal of mission societies and ministries such as education, medical care and literature were seen as channels towards evangelism.... Progressively, the missionaries changed their strategy and adopted the ingenious methods to present the gospel." -pg. 73. Are these people truly selfless as they claim? 4.) This change of strategy, mentioned on pg. 73, also annihilates another myth: that the evangelists are truly concerned about the poor and the downtrodden: "They realized the importance of reaching the Hindu high caste people in Punjab. Stock says that the Christian missionaries were convinced that winning the high caste was the key to evangelizing the country as a whole.... Later the missionaries turned to Chamars and Mazhabi Sikhs of the lower castes." Again, no humanism but only a change of tactics. 5.) Even the Indian media is co-opted in the battle against the Sikhs: "Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is screening gospel programmes through the national channel Doordarshan in Hindi. In Punjab churches and mission agencies use Jesus or Dayasagar films in outreach programmes. Sikhs respond to these programmes well. At present a few FUNDAMENTAL (because defending your faith against lies is of course "fundamentalist; interjection ours) Hindu and Sikhs are fiercely opposing the screening of these films." -pg. 97. 6.) But problems persist, particularly where the Sikhs are concerned: "The pattern of worship, customs, and church buildings are not inculturated and are the same as the missionaries left behind. Therefore the Sikh community does not understand the core of the gospel message. The churches of Punjab should modify their mission strategy to reach the Sikhs effectively. The gospel of Christ should be incarnated in the context of the Punjab. The pattern of the church and worship should be inculturated in a way the Sikhs can understand." -pg. 98. 7.) And here is the most crucial part of the report, how to destroy the self-confidence of the Sikhs: "Most Sikhs are well settled and secure as they feel satisfied with their own religion. Wealth is a great hindrance to them for accepting salvation. ... Because of wealth they have developed strong personality and personal security that has instilled in them a kind of pride that they can survive anywhere in the world. The Christian worker, or the church, must make a strategy to witness to the Sikhs regarding their appetite for the material things." -pg. 99. 8.) And how should this deceptiveness be put into play? Kathettu has all the answers up his sleeve: "... for effective inculturation, satsang style of worship services should be conducted in the local languages with kirtans accompanied with local music. Also singing Bhajans should be included in worship. Bhajans and Kirtans are the appropriate method for communicating the Word of God effectively to the Sikh community. ... Every morning and evening the scripture should be broadcasted from the church as is done in the Gurudwara.In such cases laws regarding the use of microphones and loudspeakers should be adhered to in government restricted areas. ... And after the worship service the believers should share fellowship around a communal meal like the langar." -pg. 107. 9.) In the above, advice is given as to how to escape legal constraints and appropriate Sikh practices. In the below, we see a continuation of the latter but this time involving linguistic and infrastructural identity: "Christian workers should also learn and use Punjabi terms. The church can be called Kristh Gurudwara or any appropriate words can be used. ... Also the term ‘pastor’ or ‘priest’ can be replaced by ‘Granti’ or ‘Giani’. It is best for believers to be called Isa da Sikh." -pg. 108-9. 'Isa' doesn't deserve Sikhs. Men who weep before death and make false pretenses of divinity rarely do. 10.) Now in the below, please note the condescending supremacist tone: "The most important ceremony is that of pathul or baptism, usually administered at puberty. The initiate takes amrit nectar and is admitted to the Khalsa fraternity. The concept of pahul in Sikhism is similar to Christian baptism. Therefore the Pastor should be able to critically evaluate it and adopt the good elements of it." -pg. 110. 11.) And even festivals are not spared (if they were we would be sorely disappointed in Katthetu): " The Sikh festivals are the best examples of inculturating the meaning of Hindu festivals into Sikh faith by their Gurus. The same way, the Christian missionaries can inculturate the Sikh festivals with Christian meanings." -pg. 111. Of course he forgot to add, "and fool the Sikhs..." 12.) And here comes Christian supremacism in-toto: "The Christian worker must evaluate whether the concept of Sat Guru can be used or not. Also after a careful study the term Sat Guru can be adapted for Jesus as he is the only way to the Father. Jesus claimed himself as the truth, so he is the Sat Nam. ... the title Waheguru also can be adapted to accept Jesus. ...Therefore, Jesus Christ is the only Satguru who provides salvation and he can also be described as the fulfillment of Guru Granth Saheb." -pg. 113. Khalsa Ji, battle was declared by evangelical supremacists once before. At that time not a single samprada broke the wind to answer them. Rather it was a group of few young men, today dismissed as being anglophile and reformist, which forced them to flee. Today we have again fallen in the thrall of pseudo-sadhs and atrophied sampradas. The Christian strategy is evident for all to see; the main question is what will we do? Organize ourselves or wait from some gyani to lead us? Now is the time to rise and fight back. We succeeded once before; if we rise now, we will succeed again. Their ideology aside, their entire stratagem is based on deception. Is the Christ deceptive? Going by the actions of his missionaries, it seems so. Sikhi is increasing globally, lets also increase it in the Punjab. Courtesy of Tisarpanth.
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