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Found 7 results

  1. What are some good movies, documentaries or shows to watch? anything? Just watched Training Day for the 100th time lol one of my favorite movies. Money Heist is gd too
  2. I dnt really watch hindi movies much, just watch a few gd ones. One thing iv noticed is that since bjp has come to power and really pushed hindu culture to the front a lot of movies have been made about hindus and hindu culture/history most of these movies have been about hindus defeating muslims. movies have been made about the maratha empire a empire which the shiv sena etc always been talking about maratha empire in india symbolizes hindu victory over Islamic, restoration of hindu rule/state which is why the hindu parties love the maratha empire maratha empire is like
  3. Guest

    Punjabi Cinema

    Why do a good majority of Punjabi movies promote caste when we as Sikhs ideologically are not supposed to be following the caste system? If the word "Jatt" isn't mentioned in a typical movie (which most likely it will) then at least the last names of all major characters are mentioned to indirectly denote their caste. I don't get why this agenda is pushed out by Punjabi Cinema and no one really speaks against it? Because it appeases the majority population and thus usage of this single word can make the film a cash cow? I don't mean to take jabs at anyone, as the only example I can use in con
  4. In the past fews I'm sure everyone has noticed an increase in movies about this topic, and like many others I support the idea of making a few movies regarding this topic. However, too say it plainly, basically every movie made sucks. The editing is horrible, the acting is subpar and usualy filled with corny dialogue, and unnecessary love stories involved. Diljit Dosanjhs 1984 was made 10x better, if the movie had shown kharkus in more positive light, it'd be a complete hit. While other punjabi movies attract a lot of young people, these movies attract barely any because of the reasons above.
  5. what are movies people like with deeper meanings possibly spiritual, movies with metaphors, allegories? believe it or not, hercules from disney has many deeper messages (je vekhan wali akh hove, te sunan wale kan)
  6. WJKK WJKF So we all know that Hollywood and Bollywood profit off of movies so much because people love watching their movies. There're good movies out there that bring positive messages to the youth. At the same time though, so much bs is produced (especially by bollywood) that does absolutely no good to the minds of people. Recently, "empty inside" was a punjabi movie that was released and it was an amazing movie with a very positive message. I live in Canada and the movie was played at the Gurdwara. When they started playing it, about 3/4 of the kids left when they realized the movie was
  7. Could Sangat plz post Sikhi movies and Sikhi cartoons here and even where they can be purchased. I wish to start a sikh DVD collection. So currently have all the sikh animated films by vismaad. There is one movie about Guru Go bind Singh jee watched it when I was younger, it shows a Hindu pundit being executed by bearing buried alive head deep and having dogs set on him anyone know what this one was called ?
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