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Found 5 results

  1. 1. MuslimBrahmin (Butt caste) boy abducts Sikh Girl forcibly converting her to Islam recently 2. Mohammad Allama Iqbal (a Brahmin inventor of Pakistan) pre-planned Genocide of Sikhs from Pakistan 3. Zakir Musa Butt (Kashmiri Brahmin Muslim terrorist leader) responsible for killing many ethnic Kaskmiri Sikhs 4. Nawaz Sharif (former Prime Minster Pakistan) killed hundreds of innocent Kasmiri Sikhs via Kargil War 5. Adil Ahmad Dar (Pulwama Bomber) killed several Sikh soldiers and alleged to have killed innocent Sikhs before 6. Afzal Guru (Kashmiri Brahmin Muslim parliament attacker) responsible for killing many ethnic Kashmiri Sikhs 7. Khurram Butt (Punjabi Muslim Brahmin London Bridge attacker) also involved in grooming of Sikh girls in London 8. Hussaini Datt's (Punjabi Muslim Brahmins who campaigned for eradication of Sikhs from Pakistan in 1947) 9. Zakir Naik (famous Muslim Brahmin con artist) has disparaged Sikhi and Guru Sahib 10. Zia Butt (Pakistan Army intelligence) when innocent Sikhs were massacred by Kasmiri Brahmin Muslims in Chittisinghpura Why is our community silent about the murder of innocent Sikhs by all these 10million strong Muslim-Brahmins who despise us? In India the Brahmins will never get power again from Gujarati Bania like Modi and Shah and Brahmins are 4% of ppoulation But in Pakistan the main people people pulling the strings are Muslim Brahmins, Muslim Jatts, Muslim Khatri's and Muslim Rajputs And we need to call them out (instead of hating on our own) instead of sucking up to them like Pannun and Navjot Sidhu are doing
  2. Why is this terrorist attack in Sri Lanka (on the pretext of revenge) a surprise - given that the Prophet Muhammad himself murdered 900-1000 innocent people in one day in the systematic Genocide of the Banu Qurayza tribe. The only peaceful credentials shown by the merciful Prophet of Islam were that he sold the women and children into slavery for financial profit and kindly kept a few of the best looking women (whose fathers, husbands and brothers he had murdered) as personal sex slaves (since the rape of female sex slaves is permitted in the Holy Quran).
  3. The shooter who killed two people and injured 12 others in Toronto on Sunday night has been identified as Pakistani origin Faisal Hussain. Hussain's name was released by the Ontario Special Investigations Unit on Monday due to "the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident," BBC News reported. Muslim terrorist Hussain, 29, was found dead after the shooting, Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit told CBC News. The Ontario Special Investigations Unit said that six investigators and three forensic investigators are investigating the gunman's death, CBC News reported. Police are still investigating Hussain 's terror network. The shooting began on Sunday night at about 10 p.m, according to the Toronto Star. An exchange of gunfire took place in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood of Danforth. Muslim terrorist Hussain was found dead on Danforth Avenue, according to the publication.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-41017567/how-brit-hero-helped-las-ramblas-victim Harry Singh Athwal
  5. I'm not been a fan of or ever agreed with the views of shockjock katie hopkins but her recent articles about muslim grooming gangs and islamic terrorism/ mass immigration has really summed up the mood of the UK fed up with state of things. The same upper calss elites and politicians that are now being protected have for decades allowed mass muslim immigration into the country and created the conditions for these kinda incidents to occur have left the rest of the population to suffer the consequences. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4539242/KATIE-HOPKINS-ll-protect-kids-terror.html
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