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Found 24 results

  1. Links https://www.instagram.com/p/CbdUSD6sTQ3/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CbezxHosdeF/ https://www.unsaiddigital.com/community-angry-schoolboy-hate-crime/ @proudkaur21 @dallysingh101 @Premi5 @MisterrSingh @proactive @Kaurr etc
  2. i feel we should act aggressive with the suls, whenever we see one be harsh to them, dont do buisness with them, when u see one walking down the street go infront of them so they have to move, basically flex ur muscle on them, if u meet a pakistani muslim tell him u used to have an ex gf who was paki they hate tht trust me, tell them how halal is disgusting etc
  3. @MisterrSingh You said that white culture emphasises on open and early sexuality but how is this any better? I fear a world that is completely empowered and ruled by Islam.
  4. I am pretty skeptical that sikhs cant follow, since islam and sikhi are so different but I was still pondering. When growing up in the 90s it was very common to see muslim men in kurta pajama and women in burqa . However seeing the growing modernization in their young generation and the arab fancy among subcontinental muslims , they have become even more kattad or should i say modest in their clothing sense. And to attract youth to it , they have opened up so many stores and brands that try to hybridize the old fashioned boring islamic wear -- ankle length gowns for men and burqa for wome
  5. I think we would know what state Sikhs would be in a muslim majority indian punjab we just need to look at condition of our oppressed and brutalised Sikh brothers and sisters in afghanistan, pakistan and kashmir But what about if it became a christian majority state what would be the consequences for the safety and security of Sikhi and Sikhs?
  6. WGF-WGK I never understood why most muslims are always challenging other peoples faith what they believe in? Why can't they just live and let live? I work in the retail industry with people of all religion and background. it's inevitable the question of religion comes up every now an than but i find the muslims are always challenging everyone else's faith and questioning with things only really scholarly people will ever know. They are always making people and trying to make people doubt about others religion. Is there something wrong with those people? This atheist guy was so brainwashed
  7. Whats your thoughts and reactions? Personally I knew he would win or had a huge chance of winning when hiliary was made the candadiate for the democrats as she was tainted goods from the state with Libya incident, the emails scandal, bill clintons wife, puppet of the zionist bankers, etc,etc. And there was that same feeling I had with the brexit election alot of ethnic minorities voted for brexit and I suspect same thing happened with election of Trump they have had enough of the status quo of not getting anywhere in life along with the majority white working/middle class. Also there
  8. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/gujarat-massacre-india-court-jails-11-life-sentence-killings-muslims-gulbarg-society-compound-a7086876.html
  9. He has a point. RC Christians haven't got a leg to stand on.
  10. sat sri akal to all , this is my first topic here, though i was silent reader of this forum for the past 2 yrs. i have seen many muslims (pakistanis to be precise) saying things like sikhs killed many muslims, raped women and did a hell lot of bad things to the muslims during partition. They spread a lot of hate against us on social networking sites , blaming us for the partition violence . I know we did attack them , but was our retaliation that extreme? most of the sikhs simply keep mum on this issue and don't reply them back. i want to know our sangat's view on this.
  11. Sat Sri Akal, So I was just wondering...what is this word actually mean? I have seen my friends using this word "sullay" to refer to Muslims. By "why" use this word for Muslims? Does this have to do with the fact that Muslims are circumcized? Any explanation will be very helpful. I am just curious.
  12. [wh.gov] || Stop Obama From Hosting Modi At White House || 100,000 Signatures Needed By August 20. In 2002, Indian PM Modi organized massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. "Mobs of Hindus rampage, rape, loot and kill in a spasm of violence that rages for more than two months. Mothers are skewered, children set afire and fathers hacked to pieces. About 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, are killed. Some 20,000 Muslim homes and businesses and 360 places of worship are destroyed, and roughly 150,000 people are displaced". (New York Times Report of April 16, 2014) In June 1984, BJP instigated military att
  13. The story of conflicts between some of the Gurus of Sikh religion and the Muslim rulers is well-known. The emerging religion of the Sikhs during the Mughal era was perceived by some of the rulers and their vassals to be a political threat. As a sizeable segment of disgruntled peasantry started joining the Sikh movement in Punjab and beyond, its political and social implications were not lost on perceptive minds, especially among the orthodox section of aristocracy. Some of the Gurus faced persecution. A few were even executed for their religious and political views. Consequently, their follo
  14. what are Sikhs views of the Turkish community in England namely in London? What is your view on their country? They seem to be really liberal democratic muslims. Don't u agree that they are better in their actions than Pakistanis? Let me know thanks
  15. I came across this video on the net which was aired on channel 4 dispatches . The link will show u what is taught at mosques in Birmingham and other areas. I try to see all as equal, but is this what is really taught at all mosques? I was shocked when I watched this, it really makes me think twice. http://vimeo.com/19598947
  16. Why do Pakistanis behave so badly, because guru nanak dev ji's disciples were muslim and because they way muslims act nowadays it makes people hate them. Why do some of us 'hate' muslims so much? I think its more to do with Pakistanis, other muslims I meet seem to be ok e.g arabs,. What do you think? Should we respect muslims or dislike them? its a hard subject, because why was bhai mardna and kabir close to guru nanak dev ji when they believed in mohammed who 'supposedly' had sex with a 9 year old?
  17. I am a Sikh born and raised in Canada. A lot of my good friends are Muslim, and I've never had a problem with any of them. So it was really surprising for me to hear that the Sikh and Muslim communities in the UK do not get on well at all. Why is this? In Canada, we hang out together, listen to Punjabi music together and respect one another. Instead of being divided among religious lines, we are united by our common "desiness" i.e. our cultures are really similar/the same, eat the same food, same language (or very similar), same music etc... And I have heard people say that it is because Musli
  18. Some rather disturbing and heart-breaking events occuring in Burma in recent days. Burmese Buddhists have been targetting Muslims, and there's been the usual murdering, looting, raping, and burning alive of civilians whilst the Burmese police standby, watch, and do absolutely nothing. WARNING: Very graphic video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htD9PFHpmgw What is it with these 3rd world countries and their mob culture that allows such things to happen? I honestly don't know much about the background history to these troubles so I'll definitely be trying to learn what lead to this desper
  19. Well I have seen alot of guys believing absolute myths about Pakistan... So , as probably the only person on this forum with Pakistani Muslim background , I would like to say few things... First thing Sikhs should understand is this ... Pakistan is the most "pro-Sikh" state in whole South Asia .... Sikhs in Pakistan have full rights..they work as doctors , policemen , engineers , pharmacists , technicians , politicians , singers , and even as Army officers ! The Islamic Republic of Pakistan treats Sikhs with outmost respect... Comparison between India and Pakistan when it comes to Sikhs
  20. A few years back there was this massive outcry about Sikh girls being deliberately converted into Islam through fraud, fake love and so on... I came across this link in which the person claims to be an ex Sikh but has converted due to some reasons. Basically if this person was a Sikh then she has no knowledge whatsoever about Sikh ithiaas. I personally belive it's just another way of getting Sikhs who are ignorant about their faith to convert, heres the link: http://www.whyislam.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4820 Is this still continuing? And if so what can be done or is being done to stop suc
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