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Found 11 results

  1. Recently I've come across quite a few strange Sikh names online and later IRL at various social functions and get-togethers. At first I thought they were trolls (online on places like YouTube) but then a few months later I'd physically meet people with the same type of names, and they obviously aren't trolling anyone. Har5hit, Hardik, etc. The "Har" aspect is self explanatory and not uncommon, but what's the craic with "5hit" and "dik"? When did these kind of names come into use? Some of these people can also speak decent English, so that confuses me further. They must know their names are verging on dodgy.
  2. VJKK VJKF This question has been eating at me for quite a long time now. I thought that maya what something that distracts us from Vaheguru so why do people call their daughters maya? Do you think it comes from Bollywood? Just a thought. VJKK VJKF
  3. Thought this might be a bit of fun and learning at the same time, meaning of names. I'll start it with. Meaning of Sukh : Peace; Happiness
  4. I was blessed with a baby son a couple of weeks ago and gave him a nice desi name, it's also the name of a historical Sikh figure. My wife has been going to midwife appointments and she has seen the majority of apne our age (30s) have given their kids western names like Cameron, Jayden, Jordan, Kieran, Sienna, Tiana, Harvey, Cara, Kai, Keira, Emelia, Antonio. My former next door neighbours and my current neighbours have also done this and they both have khande logos on their cars. It's pathetic! Talk about being confused! What is the logic? I understand that the apne who grew up in the 60s and 70s had English nicknames as the goreh couldn't pronounce them but it's 2020 and they can now pronounce them. You will always be a brown Indian, you can never escape that no matter what you call yourself. Even worse is that some are giving their kids muslim sounding names like Armaan and Anaya. We really are a pathetic kaum. Sure it's good to take good aspects of Western culture but you should always keep your name! The goreh were in Punjab for 100 years but I never saw one of them named Balwinder Smith! This has been a big shock to me and I wonder what the future holds for us.
  5. Guest

    Boy Names

    WJKK WJKF Waheghru ?? Has blessed my wife and I with a son. However we are very stuck on names. we would like a short meaningful name. Currently really like: Ajeet, Zora, Deep. Any other suggestions ??
  6. Hi As per hukamnama by guru sahib we are looking for name of our baby boy starting from J we have names Jefraj, Jaisamar but we are looking for a unique name can someone please help us in finding one
  7. Guest

    Do names matter?

    I think a similar thread was open in the past about this topic so please feel free to merge the two threads if needed. Ive noticed a trend in second generation punjabis naming there children non gurmant names. Names like - Ricky, Tanya, Tanisha, Rhianna, Danyal, Alisha, Eliza, Tia... these are just a few names I have heard of in my family circul alone! Some of these names sound Hindu and other muslims or English. I even have a Punjabi friend who has names his two siblings Dillon and Vikram. I understand the typical Jeet, Preet, Deep names just don't sound all that appealing anymore but is it ok to have such non sikh sounding names? we as a community have lost so much of are own identity, we are rapidly losing are faith and decreasing in numbers, can we really justify losing are names also?
  8. Guest

    List of 1984 Shaheeds needed

    Does any person have a PDF copy of the book released by Baba Harnam Singh Jee Dhumma which lists all of the shaheed Singhs and Singhnia of 84?
  9. I was hoping somebody might be able to provide me with some insight on a very odd phenomenon. Whenever one peruses the accounts of the lives of Puraatan Gursikhs, they are found to possess names like Daya, Dharam, Kharak, Bhag, Bachittar or Himmat. Good old Gurmukhi names, usually one word, one meaning. These sorts of names persisted in vogue right up until the beginning of the twentieth century. But in the latter half of the very same century, a magical formula was concocted whereby a seemingly arbitrary prefix was shoved onto the beginning of a Sikh's name, and a suffix was chosen from a selection of deeps, preets, binders, jinders and pinders, et cetera. This system has become very popular now. Old Sikh names have become quite a rarity. I don't know any Avtars or Zorawars, but I'm practically drowning in a sea of Harpreets and Bhupinders. And yet I can't remember ever having come across such a name as Harpreet or Bhupinder in all my study of Sikh Itihas pre-1900s. Is it laziness? Some parents apparently can't even be bothered to make sure their kids' names actually make sense, hence the lamentably named 'mighty lamps' (Baldeeps). Is it a lack of creativity? Or is it perhaps that the parents responsible for this phenomenon didn't know the stories about Bhai Bachittar or the names of the Panj Piaraay and the heroes of Sikh history? I ask forgiveness if I have offended anyone who happens to be a _deep or a _pinder or something, though I hope the admission that I'm in the same boat allays any outrage you might be feeling.
  10. <edited>
  11. Guest

    Help For A Writer

    Hello everyone, I'm a writer looking for some help on Sikh names for a forthcoming short story. This forum looks like a friendly place with lots of helpful people, so I thought it'd be a good place to post my question! My story is a science fiction tale set in the far future, and a lot of the characters in it are descendants of Sikh heritage. The hero of my story is a scholar of ancient texts - both holy and historical - and the people of his city come to him for help when no-one else will help them. I need a name that kind of sums up his character. He's learned and quick-thinking. He's not brave like a warrior, but his curiosity to learn more about the unknown, and his devout faith, mean that he does things that others perceive as very brave indeed. Imagine him almost like a Sikh Sherlock Holmes - always thinking, always alert and always ready to use his wits to battle evil and corruption. Any suggestions for a good name for him? Either first name or surname. Thanks in advance, Mark PS. As this is a religious forum, I would like to point out that I have the greatest respect for all world religions, and the story will not portray any religion or religious group in a poor light. It's purely a work of fantasy.
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