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Found 8 results

  1. apparently it is being re-released but who has seen the rushes of the reworked film ? Who was in charge of input ? Who financed this movie really? https://www.hindustantimes.com/regional-movies/nanak-shah-fakir-to-be-re-released-after-alterations-in-script/story-p703390M5cUD4TKXukZbQN.html
  2. WJKK WJKF ji Does anyone know where I can download or buy the film from? Thank you :) People with links, please feel free to post. People without links wanting to share their views on the film etc, theres another post somewhere on here. Please find it and post there. Thanks :)
  3. I just wanted to say that I was on the fence about this one. I ended up just going to watch the movie at the theatre, and all I can say is wow! The movie is absolutely amazing. I did not find anything disrespectful about the movie. I think it all comes down to intention and perception. The movie was done very respectfully... , and honestly, it can change people's lives. Just to watch all the sakhis I've heard come to life was amazing. I used to be against the portrayal of our Gurus, but the way this movie was done was absolutely brilliant. they didn't show the face directly, about 99% of the
  4. We all know of this upcoming film... Much beadi needs to be Banned. Big Hindi singers and actors supporting it. Damdami Taksal - Movie needs to be Banned. Please do not ignore this film is already being showcased at events. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=966602766691718&id=100000260125217&notif_t=like&ref=m_notif
  5. Source: http://singhstation.net/2015/04/aussie-sikhs-hold-protest-against-nanak-shah-fakir-movie-in-melbourne/ Melbourne (Australia) – Hundereds of Sikhs staged a peaceful protest demonstration demanding a ban on the proposed release of controversial movie titled ‘Nanak Shah Fakir‘ yesterday on 12th April for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.. The demonstrations took place outside Village Cinemas in Sunshine plaza complex. The protestors including men, women and kids were holding placards and posters that were well explaining their ideology behind their opposition. They also
  6. http://singhstation.net/2015/03/nanak-shah-fakir-director-moves-high-court-against-producers/ @mrsinghstation
  7. Source: http://singhstation.net/2015/03/why-depicting-sikh-gurus-in-movies-is-wrong/ Amid global controversy over depictions of Sikh Guru Sahibs in movies, an upcoming biopic of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s life is causing further controversy in the Sikh world. Nanak Shah Fakir, is an upcoming Punjabi movie depicting the life of Guru Nanak Sahib where though Guru Nanak Dev ji has been shown with use of graphics, Roles of Bebe Nanaki and Mata Sulakhni ji has been enacted by human characters. Sikhism rejects any form of idol worship including worship of pictures of the Gurus. but this is so str
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