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  1. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh- political assessment Here is mine, please share yours 1. Political trap was set by influenced by ujjal dosanjh, tarak fatah -(his daughter -works for cbc close with terry) terry meliswky to cbc terry meliwski to get questioning on Oct for jagmeet singh, very first interview- 126 k views- He failed miserably on his first day. It was fair line of questioning tbh despite of the backdrop influence as he is "NDP LEADER" and his past sikh activisim- canadians ought to know. He took the bait screwed up- it wasn't catch 22 suitation either. He should have said based on the inquiry and canadian judicial system - i condemn posters, and presented facts hardly any gurdwara has his poster along with that in the same breath he could have mentioned 1984 sikh genocide with saying- Hey terry since you asking me about this based on my past activism, i planned to have motion in future for 1984 sikh genocide, that would have burned their tragedy and blew up with plan on their face. Turned tricky interview into rightful condemnation and pro sikh stance- 1984 sikh genocide. Instead this is bad optics all around. To be fair -terry in this interview whilst having bit of condescending tone was fair asking him those questions at the end due to past singhs activism history, if that question was addressed to bains, harjit sajjan. I would have said it would have been racist but knowning singh activism in the past it was fair line of questioning which jagmeet singh himself admits last week-fair questions 2. Recent statements and video interview by jagmeet singh were spot on. I just really wished he would have done that sooner in the first interview and not fallen to the trap. 3. He has to be impartial as he representing all canadians not just sikhs. i am hoping he comes with more serious condemnation comes up with pr un harmful statement like- Fanaticism is global problem, no religion or groups are immune to it. I condemn all of them. If he doesn't media will go on witch haunt against him goin on and on. Conservative media will play with swing voters (liberal and ndp) underlining fears. If his plan is to grab swing voters from liberal back into ndp he has to do better job. I would advise him to get more swing votes from conservatives than liberals 4. He is yet to come up with actual framework platform of ndp for next election, so he should concentrate on that rather than too much on 1984 sikh genocide at this time, correct timing would be later this year when genocide occured in india where liberals will be compelled also to vote that motion as it may swing voters at this time liberals communication -gerald butts want nothing to do with more sikh controversy due to absolute pr/bad optics failed trip in india. Prior to that he should introduce another motion in june to honor victims of AIR INDIA BOMBING -worst canadian terrorist incident in canadian history- where 325 innocent lives were killed including 92 sikhs on that plane and condemn parmar more and more and more. 5. He needs to keep draw parallelism of sikh genocide with first nation genocide. People will understand more. 6. He needs to captalize idea of sikh seperatism with quebec seperatism, he will gain votes in quebec which he has already done. 7. Stop hanging around too much with jus reign, gangster videos. 8. Absolutely capitalize on sikh parade idea in khalsa parade, nagar kirtan should give him limitless time for path of peace and reconciliation message (with back drop malcom x-sant bhindranwale-che guevera picture) he genuinely beleives in peace between hindu and sikhs-bring hindu ndp supporters with him thats the only he can neutralize the bad pr disaster he is recovering. THIS IS GOLDEN CHANCE FOR JAGMEET SINGH TO COUNTER MOVE AGAINST GOI PLAN TO DIVIDE POLARIZE HINDU VOTES and minority INTO CONSERVATIVES. 9. His focus should be gaining hindu votes, jewish votes, not just dividing sikh votes from liberal. He needs to show his representing all canadians and minorities. He should totally endorse tamils, jewish, as they have been through same genocide as us. Endorse conservatives motion of israel as state. 10. He could never a PM in this country after massive misteps in political world-optics/perception is everything there is no recovery from this, faster he realize this harsh truth -better it is for him. In the back of his head-he should aim for offical ndp opposition in house of commons and not to sway votes from liberals but conservatives. At the end, sikhs have choice 10 sikh mps and -5 high sikh positions ministers - including harjit sajjan sikh defense minister of canada with trudeau with balleh balleh picture below or him. Be realistic - just get him in house of commons as opposition in by election dont vote for him at the election day at the expense of liberals loosing big time and conservatives winning majority.
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