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  1. As a Sikh we all should pay attention inside of us, but also our outside roop. Why? Well am sure the society does not want to see a turbaned man with beard in a disarray and no lips! Only stache falling over. For the beard it's simple if done this; Apply oil twice a month before ishnaan. Be sure to wash beard with soap at least twice a week. If not oil washing it with soap is essential! It's like, imagine not washing your hair with shampoo! Same principles. Older generations tend to tie their beards up. BUT YOU DON'T? WORRY NOT! You still need to make sure the beard (side burns to be precise) is neatly coming down and not curled upwards/ sticking outer direction. How to do this? Carry an extra Kanga around. Every once in a while be sure to take it out and comb the sides a few times. At home, work - wherever you are. YOU WILL GET INTO THE HABIT. NOW the moustache need to be on the sides, sitting above the lips. REALLY above so your lips show. THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT GEL, just like the beard, but it may take a while. Get a small cotton cloth. About 1.5" (inch) in width and longer in length. Before sleeping oil your moustache and use palm of hands to rub them to the side for a good few minutes. Add VERY little water and rub again keeping it upwards. Now get the cloth, start from around moustache and take both ends of cloth up your head, tie a knot. Not too light it needs to be firm so keep it just tight. Make sure your moustache's not being seen! The cloth needs to cover it fully, whilst your stache is kept flat back on your upper lips. This is keeping your stache in place for a good six hours or so. Next morning b4 Nitnem and after ishnaan, do the same for an extra 45 - 60 mins. THIS MUST BE DONE FREQUENTLY! It's a permanent thing as not doing it Moustache will start going below lips again. FINALLY... Like combing yer beard, it's important to use the palm of your hands to brush your Moustache back; left left side and right for right side, whether you're at home, work or Gurudwara, after every hour or two for a few seconds.
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