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  1. Sat Sri Akaal. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This video depicts and portrays the complications and hardships I've witnessed and experienced throughout my life. Moreover, I'm oblivious and wary about how majority of the sangat beholded and contemplated these issues during their schooling years and in a nutshell in life. I'm not solely the only one who underwent these problems and even in a working environment it is these prevalent situations where institutional racism occurs due to 9/11 attack on Twin Towers in a western nation. Therefore, this is just the commencing of my YouTube ventures which I will be willing to share publicly without any fear since I am direct and blunt personality. I would sincerely appreciate it with all gratitude if I can gain more Subscribers, Comments and share it widely to all your family, allies and relatives. For your interpretation to enjoy and view the video content. More videos will come soon. Who wants me to upload a Turban tutorial? As I am tactful and skillful in tying my joora without using the mirror by taking it an advantage or relying upon the mirror. Check out the video below: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Sat Sri Akaal to all the sangat. Stay tuned. God Bless.
  2. Meet Harry Singh - New York's billionaire gas station owner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgF5FG91s-g
  3. I am visiting New York this summer with family and planning to visit highlights like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade Center and Niagara Falls. I am curious about security policies at these places. Liberty park talks about airport security. Are Sikhs allowed to carry kirpan at these monuments? Also, is there any particular monument apart from these you are not allowed to carry the kirpan, one should be aware of?
  4. I was planning a trip to New york in March april time. Anyone know where you can get good hotels at reasonable prices? I checked online but everywhere seems quite pricey. I would preferably like to stay where there are apnay/Indians and visit some Gurdwaras.
  5. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR http://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=fd6f08ea5cdb38da&from=serp Media Coordinator http://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=9b025bd27b1d0a2e&from=serp
  6. Khan Foundation invites NYC 11th and 12th grade young women to attend our Free & Public Community Dialogue on the importance of Women of Color Leaders on Saturday September 24th, 2016 from 11:00am-2:00pm at the National Opera Center (330 7th Avenue New York, NY 10001)This Women in Leadership Event is to affirm & educate young women of color on the power of their dynamic leadership and how to best utilize it withThe Transformative Power of Women of Color: How Women of Color LeadTopics will includeLeaders as Role ModelsSurvive, Strive, Thrive: Leadership ToolsHow to Positively and Effectively LeadDiversifying Leadership RolesLeadership from Classroom to Community The Power of Mentorship Panelists Some of our confirmed panelists: Leydi Bautista - National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Diana Noriega - Education Director Big Brothers, Big Sisters NYC Jaslin Kaur - Human Rights Activist & UN Youth Delegate Janel Martinez - Entrepreneur & Multimedia Journalist Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 21, 2016. Source - https://www.facebook.com/events/206534643095932/
  7. **PLEASE SHARE** Troop K - The New York State Police in Rhinebeck are investigating an armed robbery at the Route 9 Mini Mart Citgo Station, 4912 Route 9 in Staatsburg, NY. On December 15, 2015, at approximately 8:00 p.m., a white male entered the gas station holding a shotgun. The suspect demanded money from the clerk. The clerk attempted to overpower the suspect and the suspect fled the store. A short struggle ensued outside of the store where the suspect fired a round from the shotgun striking the ground. The suspect is described as approximately 510 tall with a thin build, wearing a camouflage mask and clothing. The suspect fled the scene northbound on Route 9 in a dark colored vehicle with orange NY plates. Any person with information is requested to contact: Investigator Robert Torre at SP Rhinebeck (845) 876-4049, (845) 677-7300, or e-mail Robert.torre@troopers.ny.gov PLEASE DO NOT POST TIPS ON FACEBOOK https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=730942777007469&id=278150932286658
  8. Sikh delegations from USA and Canada meet PM Narendra Modi in New York http://www.deccanchronicle.com/140928/world-americas/article/sikh-delegations-usa-and-canada-meet-pm-narendra-modi-new-york Sikh-Americans ask Narendra Modi to resolve their passport, visa issues http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report-sikh-americans-ask-narendra-modi-to-resolve-their-passport-visa-issues-2022163
  9. OZONE PARK (WABC) -- After a terrifying minute and a half, married father of two, Sandeep Singh was nearly killed Wednesday morning outside of his office on 99th Street in Ozone Park. Sandeep is now in critical condition at the hospital. Baldey Singh was with Sandeep when he was hit by a pickup truck, and only talked to Eyewitness News. The two men were wrapping up their evening, had just finished dinner and were saying goodbye. As they were standing in the street, the driver of a white pickup pulls up. "We just crossed in front of his car, he then slowed down," says Baldey. Baldey says the drive then yelled a racial slur at him and his friends. Sandeep was annoyed, and with his hand, hit the truck. The driver pulled forward, stopped, and then got out of the vehicle, holding something in his hand. Baldey says that at that point, they were concerned, afraid, and felt threatened. More heated words were exchanged, and the driver got back in his truck. However, Sandeep didn't want to let it go, wanted the man to stop, and wanted to call police. The 29-year-old then stepped in front of the pickup truck. The driver hit the gas, and ran right over Sandeep. Sandeep was dragged roughly 30 feet down 101st Avenue. His body finally came loose from the truck, which kept on going. A man named Tony ran to help. "The fact that I see the way the guy dragged him, the guy has no heart, seriously - he's heartless," says Tony, "He was like 'I can't breathe,' he was all slashed up and cut - there was a lot of blood." Watch the video @ http://7online.com/news/father-run-over-outside-queens-office/230925/
  10. New York: A 29-year old Sikh man is in critical condition after he was hit by a pickup truck in New York and dragged nearly 30 feet following an argument with the driver who allegedly hurled a racist slur at his friend and him. Sandeep Singh, a father of two, was with his friend Baldey Singh when he was hit by a pickup truck late on Tuesday night. Sandeep was rushed to the hospital where he is in a critical condition. Rights group 'Sikh Coalition' has called for a hate crime investigation into the incident. Despite all this no action taken by the police.... Hate*
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