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Found 2 results

  1. Evening and nights. Yes, I understand that most people who work, work during the daytime. But the evening/night culture during which people go out to restaurants, nightclubs etc, why is it so popular and prevalent (well, in non pandemic times at least) ? Is it mainly related to alcohol consumption? Related to alcohol consumption and intoxication, hence then people go to bed ? Am I right to think that there was not such a thing in Punjab a few generations ago ? My understanding is people in the pind still/were going to bed quite early before 9pm? Even on weekends, and public holidays, most social events, and even media events like awards ceremonies will be in the evening Before everyone had electricity I would guess society went by natural light to regulate their day much more Is it fair to say that with/outwith influence of alcohol and drugs, that evening and night being linked to darkness, intrinsically attracts misdemenours and crime ? Even in (artificial light) I know in some Islamic countries, there is instead a shisha and/or coffee culture Why does society not start and finish the day earlier - e.g. in summer, schools and workplaces could easily start at 6 or 7am rather than at 8-9am I know I have not articulated very well, but sangat's views appreciated. Also, I am aware that Amrit Vela falls basically during darkness majority of the time
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    basically yesterday I was researching about Michael Jackson and when I went bed I feel asleep but cos it was hot, I woke up laying in bed flustered and I just thought of Michael! and basically I felt very sleepy like my eyes where closing on me and I felt hands crossed on my neck and my arm was shaking and I could hear faintly in yh yh in Michaels voice.. and each time I closed my eyes this would happen, then I quickly recited waheguru and tried to keep my eyes awake and just kept on thinking of waheguru talking to him to help me and yh. it felt as if my atma was going.. very scary! I don't know what to do. I don't believe in ghost but im scared, what could this be? all I could see is micheal face! like faint stuff... its hard to exactly explain :| it was disturbing :| I felt like screaming
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