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  1. Muslims have this expression, particularly amongst their dawah propagandists. They say one is an 'enemy of Allah ' If we are all the creation of Allah who is the supreme above all else how can we be enemies. Complete anthethis to Sikhi which expresses 'Ek Onkar ' and being 'Ek ' means you have no enemies and therefore Ek has nothing to fear or hate. Maharaj cannot be his own enemy and hate himself. It does not make sense. All that can be concluded is that is that Allah is a deity amongst many other other deities. All Muslims have done is to pick one and to get rid of the rest. It's the equivalent of a Hindu picking the devta like Indra and getting rid of the other 30 million devtas and avtars like Shiva, Vishnu, Parvati, Kali Ma etc. It is just re-packaged paganism. If Hindus did what I explained above then they would be mono-theists.
  2. sabko meet ham apna keena hum sabna ke saajan || I am yet to hear more a more beautiful rendition of guru's bani - and they are these kirtanis are offspring of yogi sikhs , whole point of our beautiful spiritual path called Sikhi is to look beyond mind created petty hate (on this forum I have seen venom against radha swamis/missionaries/3ho etc) Remember how Guru Amardas treated Datu when he kicked guru sahib ? Or how Guru Tegh Bahadur reacted to DhirMal's followers making an attempt on his life ? Also when a person does something evil he is still doing it in hukam - Lekhai bolan bolna , lekhai khana khau If you agree, reply to this thread with Guru's fateh avowing that you will make a conscious effort to overcome ego fueled us vs them hate and spite .
  3. A new Foundation has been launched recently! The website address is as follows: http://sarbatdabhala.ca Please read all of the information on the website, participate in the initiatives and spread the word through your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook. Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated!
  4. WJKK WJKF The Audio from last nights rainsbhai is being uploaded on soundcloud There is a link below for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha, Bhai Harinder Singh Ji which can also be downloaded directly from soundcloud More recordings from the night to follow shortly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For other NKJ recordings, please visit www.soundcloud.com/users/sarbatseva, but add digits 1-10 for other recordings e.g. www.soundcloud.com/users/sarbatseva6, www.soundcloud.com/users/sarbatseva7 etc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ATTENDED UK DIWAANS OF SANT DHADRIANWALE AND HUNDREDS RECEIVED AMRIT NIRVAIR KHALSA DAL CARS SMASHED IN UP 19th September 2011 Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale have left the UK to return to India on 15th September 2011 after the final Diwaan of their 2011 UK Visit for Gurmat Parchaar in which hundreds of people received Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Maharaj Ji’s Amrit over the organised 8 Amrit Sanchaars that took place in different towns and cities across the UK. These new Amritdhari’s were seen by all the Sangat (and often on live television broadcasts) coming out the Amrit Sanchaar led by the Panj Pyaare into the Diwaan Hall. Sant Dhadrianwale were accompanied by a Jatha of around 25-30 Sikh youths at all times while in the UK and were appreciated by UK Panthic Jathebandhia. Every Gurdwara Sahib where a Diwaan took place was overflowing with Sangat, be it weekend or weekday, and a truly amazing atmosphere was created in every Gurdwara Diwaan Hall. There was a large attendance by Sikh youth born and bred in the UK who find the Parchaar by Sant Dhadrianwale simple and straightforward to understand. These are trends that have been apparent every time Sant Dhadrianwale have been visiting the UK for Gurmat Parchaar since the year 2005. In the UK, Sant Dhadrianwale commended Sikhs who work in their own country to ensure the Satkaar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is upheld at any cost, for example, the UK’s Satkaar campaign was applauded, as well as Gurmat camps organised for young Sikhs by youth organisations and the hard unflinching work of the Panthic Jathebandhia over the years. Diwaans took place across the UK, including Wednesfield, Hayes, Derby, Leeds, Darlington, Newcastle, Smethwick, Bedford, Hitchin, West Bromwich, Walsall, Leicester, Coventry, Ilford, Gravesend, Willenhall, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Just before their return to India, Beadbi had happened to Guru Sahib Ji in Uttar Pradesh where Singh's of Nirvair Khalsa Dal sent by Sant Dhadrianwale and led by Jathedar Nirvair Singh of the Jathebandhi were in the forefront to assess and take control of the situation. The Jatha of Singh’s have been attacked in Uttar Pradesh by anti-Panthic miscreants and had their vehicles smashed. This was during the protests taking place as a result of the Beadbi, in which the Jathebandhi of Sant Dhadrianwale are taking the lead role.
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