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  1. I was asking this because I wanted to know why Vaheguru sometimes doesn't listen to Ardas? (And other times does) even though he can hear the Ardas and knows what's going on.
  2. I was wondering what the length of Rehras Sahib was especially since different people end it at different times.
  3. Jaap Sahib is the morning prayer of the Sikhs. The Prayer or Bani was composed by the tenth Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh. This Bani is one of 5 Banis that a Sikh must recite everyday and is recited by the Panj Pyare while preparing Amrit on the occasion of Amrit Sanchar (initiation), a ceremony held to admit initiates into the Khalsa. The Jaap Sahib is chronologically the first Bani (holy hymn of Guru) in the Dasam Granth, which is said to have been compiled by Bhai Mani Singh around the year 1734. The Jaap Sahib is reminiscent of Japji Sahib, and is chronologically recited at second, in the daily morning prayer of a Sikh. ਕਿ ਆਗੰਜ ਕਰਮੈ ॥ ਕਿ ਆਭੰਜ ਭਰਮੈ ॥੧੦੩॥ Ki Aaganja Karami ॥ Ki Aabhaanja Bharami ॥103॥ कि आगंज करमै ॥ कि आभंज भरमै ॥१०३॥ That Thou art beyond impact of Karmas. That Thou art free from doubts.103.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh I've spoken about me wanting to take Amrit at some point soon before in a previous post. I just wanted to know as I do 8am to 8pm is there anyone who does these kind of odd shifts and how do you do the Nitnem, especially around Amritvela. Do you guys feel tired? how so you cope? Also I need to lose weight as well so need to start exercising a bit cos I need to go Gurudwara and don't want to say Waheguru followed by ' OH GODAI DUKTDAI'.(Kknees are hurting) Because with shame, i used to avoid going at all cost and know I feel i need to be in sangat more often. Final Question what is the closest Gurudwara near the City (Bank, Tower hill etc) anyone go near here at all?
  5. Downloads - Nitnem and katha keertan - http://www.gurdwarananaksar.com/english/media_e.html nanaksar_events_pjb_2015.pdf nanaksar_events_eng_2015.pdf
  6. I have a panj granthi, it has nitnem banis with other banis . I want to know about those banis , which actually panj granthi have . Plz tell me name of banis of panj granthi , because main problem is , japji sahib and anand sahib is already in nitnem, I want to start panj granthi path with my nitnem , plz help
  7. Hi, After trying to get an app for Android to show nitnem prayers, I was very dissapointed to see some apps showing advertisements with prayers. This is very distracting for me and most likely other persons. I created apps for Android and Firefox mobile devices which can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.malton.nitnem&hl=en https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/nitnem-sikh-prayers?src=search Furthermore, because the firefox app is web based, I also deployed the website http://www.nitnem.net with the same texts. All texts are shown in similar format with gurmukhi, then transliteration and then translation. These texts are based on those found on http://fateh.sikhnet.com/s/DownloadBanis and http://www.gurbanifiles.org/pocket_pc/index.htm and required formatting to a text and then coding of java code to make it html based as well as javascript to render correctly with options such as Larger/Smaller Text and Night Reading Mode. Note that there are no advertisements or never will be any advertisements or any cost whatsoever. I am doing this completely for free. The texts included so far are the following: - Japjee Saahib (Japji Sahib) - Shabad Hazaaray (Shabad Hazare) - Jaapu Saahib (Jaap Sahib) - Tav Parsaad Svaye - Kabyo Bach Baynti Chaupai - Anand Saahib (Anand Sahib) - Rehraas Saahib (Rehras Sahib) - Ardas - Sohilaa (Sohila) - Baareh Maahaa - Sukhmani Sahib - Assa Dee Vaar (Asa Ki Vaar) - Sidh Gost - Artee - Lawa Please do advise your opinions on this matter. Also advise if any further texts should be included or any other improvements that could occur.
  8. WJKK WJKF, I am 14 years old, trying to become a real Sikh. I just wanted to know how other Gursikhs spend their day on Sikhi, such as the time they wake up and the banis they do and when they sleep and everything that happens in your day. I just wanted to see if I can model it. Please also provide the times, so that I know how much time it takes for each part of the schedule. Bul Chuk Maaf Kareo. Thank you very much.
  9. Hello, I wanted to ask how exactly does Nitnem change you? I used to feel something when I did paht, but now I don't feel like I have that experience anymore, I'm feeling discouraged.
  10. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh, Sorry for any of my mistakes. I am only 14 years old and I hear a lot about how simran is important and it helps us attain waheguru. But I don't know how to do it. Whenever I hear a katha, they always explain why we should do it, not how ot do it. Please tell me what I need to do. I tried listening many times to Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Sri Nagar Wale's Waheguru jaap kirtan because I like it but the problem is that after doing it, I don't feel anything. I don't even get that feeling like I did something. Please help me. Thank you very much.
  11. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe I am a basic Sikh girl who has a strong typical Indian family, began speaking to a guy on fb, he was a amritdhari Sikh from india it slowly went on whatsapp and falling in love. The problem was that my family firstly would disagree to me talking to boys online and secondly they would never agree on me getting married to a boy from India who is from a different caste. Okay so my family found out and took my phone away and told me to stop and i have agreed to stop. I have begun to realise that i know i do love him but not as much as i thought i think its more that i enjoyed the feeling of having that loving relationship, so now i have learnt to divert my attention to maharaj as i have also had very unexpected close family deaths recently, so i understand that everything here is materialistic and will not stay. Also now that my phone has gone the main barrier between me and sikhi has gone because i did not have time for anything else as most my time use to be on my phone I now do my - 5 baaniya at amritvela -wear a kashera -do other paat in the day if i can -read saakhiya of Guru Nanak Dev ji (which help me incredibly) but sometimes i end up thinking about him and from my fiends account (who he knew also) i message him as if i am my friend telling him that i'm really upset and miss him (which i do badly at times),,, please can anyone suggest anything to help me stop please? Because im planning to be a amritdhari soon so i want to live a honest life with no secrets or lies ! Also i have another query, basically when i do paat i always feel that my mind somehow no matter how much i try to stop it starts to wonder. This even happens at Amritvela and as i want to be amritdahri i really want to be proper because i do have family who is amritdhari but do not live strictly to the rehat such as sometimes lack out on getting gurbani done (i know im not perfect either but saad-sangat ji please i really want to be as good as possible. I do not want people to look at me and think that im in chardikala and feel guilty, i want to be as i appear - a true gursikh ) One last question i just wanted to know that sometimes i do paat and feel happy that i am doing paat and it does have a positive effect on me so i try to be calm all day and kind and giving towards everyone. This mostly means i do all the household chores because i know i have time in which i can do them and whereas the rest of my family is busy working or doing something or another. I do feel happy that i do this and sometimes i think and feel as if im really good and that i think not a lot of other people would do what i am. I am worried in case i get haumai and egoistic ? Like maharaj ji says haumai will defeat all the purpose of doing sewa! So please Guru pyareo any tips ? Lastly i am a young Sikh girl and soon want to start tying a dummalla any really good videos of medium sized dummale pleaaaassssssssssseeeee??? THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope Guru ji blesses each and every person as we say in the ardas "Nanak naam chardi kala tere bane sarbat da bhala " Waheguru ji :biggrin2:
  12. Guest

    Purest Nitnem Gutka Sahib Ji

    Wjkk wjkf Which is the nitnem gutka which was written by our gurus themself .today people are making changes to them as they wish and changing the meaning . Keddi nitnem saade guru ji ne aap likhi c .
  13. wjkk wjkf, does anyone have audio recordings of nitnem banis? I am after the recordings which show how each bani is suppposed to be recited i.e. using correct raag and rythmn I heard somewhere that Tav Prasad Swaiye is recited as if there are soldiers marching onto a battle field, similarly each chaand in sri jaap sahib should be recited according to a different rythmn and each with a different pentra. Could anyone help? wjkk wjkf
  14. Sangat ji, Does anyone know of any guru ghars that have Amritvela nitnem/simran sessions? I'd be grateful for you could share frequency/time/location details. VJKK VJKF
  15. Guest

    Advice Please

    i just wanted some advice . I do nitnem but i find it extremely difficult to focus my mind. Ill try to keep it still but before i Know it my minds off wondering and by the time i notice the baani is complete. I've recently been reading saakiya and listening to katha and the funny thing is its always happened to be about how important it is to focus the mind. Ive learnt that there's no point without focusing the mind as you may physically be doing baani but the mind and attention is elsewhere so you cannot achieve salvation, but i dont know how to stop this happening? I've tried and tried but i can't find an answer. I've had quite a bit happen recently and I've found peace at waheguru jis feet and i really dont want to loose it all now . sometimes i feel so upset i just want to cry and to be honest i dont know why i feel this. Sometimes it happens at random moments. When i cry i try to think about god and relate my tears to that but honestly i dont know the reason behind it. Am i sad upset or lonely or feeling peace? i just dont know I also feel very down when i argumentatively answer back to someone and feel as if all that i have gained is lost this also puts me down Im so worried as ive found the true Guru but just dont want to loose him again. I also have this problem of telling little harmless white lies . say i had the last choco in the box and someone asked did you have it ill just automatically say No. I know its no bigy but i know myself and i know all these little lies will built in confidence and devil in me to tell bigger lies. I do it so unintentionally and i just dont know how to stop it?
  16. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ I have a question about the Nitnem Steek from Damdami Taksal. It's written in the Steek that the in Christian believe it's written that the world is created in 7 days and on 8. day he did rest. But as far as I got told Christian believe that the world was created in 6 days and on the 7th days he did rest. Whats the sangats vichaar on that? The Steek is created by Bhai Avtaar Singh ji Badni Kala vale. (No Nindiya against Taksal or Bhai Avtaar Singh ji, just wanted to know on which base they say it) Bhul Chuk maaf karne. wjkk wjkf
  17. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh One time Sant Sundar Singh Ji Bhindranwale was taken to hospital with an illness. The Chief Khalsa Divan honorary secretary Dr. Diwan Singh Ji came to the hospital to have darshan of Mahapursh. Dr. Diwan Singh Ji had done darshan of many Brahmgyanis including Sant Baba Shaam Singh JI - the kirtani of Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib Ji. After exchanging Fateh with Santji he asked/did a benti to Santji to give a Bachan. Santji simply said I'm ill what Bachan can I possibly give? Santji then asked Dr. Diwan Singh Ji to examine him and begin some treatment. Dr. Diwan Singh Ji then proceeded to narrate an experience from his own life. He said to Santji that every time I switch on my car - from the engine itself I hear 'waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru'. Santji said you have a lot of bakhseesh and kirpa bestowed on you by Guru Sahib. Dr. Diwan Singh Ji then said I've told you about this kirpa now please give a Bachan. Santji smiled and said I will give Bachan but before that you are a doctor, please examine me and treat me. Hearing this Dr. Diwan Singh Ji took out his stethoscope and begin to examine Santji. Everywhere the stethoscope was placed only one thing was heard - Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. This is the Nishani of a Gursikh. Very loose translation from katha by Giani Ram Singh. How my ears and my stethoscope long to meet a patient like Santji. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh
  18. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Dear Sadh Sangat Ji, Thanks for helping me with my last gupt post....( Help! My Life, Naam Kamai And Gur Sikhi Prachar ) With the Grace of Guru Sahib ji , i have decided to do SEVA and help SIKHS living in Remote Areas of Rajasthan (Pakistan Border Area) India and SIKHS living along with Ghaghar River.... !!! PLEASE POST YOUR SUGGETION, COMMENTS about this Project !!! We will need Support and Fundraising help from Sikh Sangat. The Ghaghar River flows through Rajasthan's Sri Ganganagar District towards Pakistan. This river is named Ghaghar River because it was use to flow like A women wearing Skirt doing Whirly dance. Water spins very fast due to whirly effect and it starts cutting the soil/ shores and many kilometres long land will suddenly get sunk into river water. Story of this Area : It is said that one day Dasven Patshah Dhan Dhan Sti Guru Gobind Singh ji was going through this area with his Sikhs. Guru ji and sikhs started to cross the Ghaghar river in Bedis and 40 Sikhs of Guru ji stuck in the Ghumangheri (swirling water), sunk, and died. This happened between two places known as Malla Tibba and Jhanda Tibba. Guru ji then gave Shrap to the Ghaghar river that - O River You will Dry one day, my Sikhs will come here, they will Rip your chest and they will do khethi ( farming) on your chest. River asked in reply Sachhe patshah when i will flow again. Guru ji said you will flow very occasionally. Since after that many Sikhs settled in this area and started doing farming Inside and along the river. I was born and grown in this area. I have seen countless number of farms ( even many villages) are actually inside the river flow area ( or between both shores of the river) When heavy rain comes in Punjab , they put excessive water into Ghaghar river ( it happens 2-3 times in every 5-7 years) and it supplies minerals and water for farming properties in the river. This area is Mini Punjab of Rajasthan. Coz it gives a big amount of crops (Wheat, Cotton, Mustard, Pulses, etc.), fruits like orange, sugar cans and other things to Whole Rajasthan. Sadly - There is NO GOVERNMENT SUPPORT to this area, no facilities, not very good hospitals, not good education, bad roads, even not enough volume of water is supplied trough Farming Canals due to Politics of Rajasthan government. This area is self developed by local people. When farmers put their seeds in their fields, government cuts down the water supply form many days to months. About Sikhs living in the Area and common issues: Most Sikhs are farmer. There is no Gur Sikhi Prachar in the Area, Most Sikhs have forgotten their real Values and going on the path of Patit Puna. Don’t ask about Young Generation. There is Theka (bottle shop) in every small village. But this area is far away from big intoxications / drugs. Killing of Unborn Daughters in Sikh Families is very common in this area. Rude culture / DAWRY system - Grooms Family asking for Meat, Chickens, Branded Wines, Car/Motorbikes, Cash and arrangements of Female Dancers is very common. Needs: There is a big need of Gur Sikhi Prachar and to develop personal links with Sikhs in the area. There is a big demand for a good Hospital. Closet good hospital with emergency facilities PMB (prince bijaysingh memorial) hospital, Bikaner. Which is 163kms away from Gharsana, 186kms from Anupgarh. Distance calcution Source: http://www.distances...sana/164793/r3/ Sikh Awareness. Our project (currently on rough paper) : Stage #1 1. Starting a Good Hospital: Mothers & chalderns - priority Emergency facilities - priority Aged and Youth - secondary 2. Guru Ghar and Gurmat Prachar center: Organizing Gurmat Samagams and Amrit sanchars Build a team and organize personal link with Sikhs in area( hear problems and seek solutions) Preparing teams tyar bartyar Young Gur Sikhs for prachar Preparing Gur Sikhs to help in project Sikh Awareness – against Pakhandi Saaadhs/gurus, against intoxications, Sikh school & Taksaal ( inside Guru Ghar) for Gurmat Education, Santhya and kiratan learning for FREE Stage #2 3. Gurmat FM Radio Station: a. Setup a Gurmat FM Radio Station b. Broadcasting Gurbani, Kiratan , Katha and Katha done by Giani Thakur Singh ji ( DDT) and / or similar level katha to preach the message and values given by Guru ji c. distribute free FM radio receivers ( pre programed to receive only Gurmat Radio ) d. Sikh Awareness 4. Scheduled Monthly Samagams: Helping poor Sikh families and organizing Sikh marriage samagams Inviting various Raagi/keertani Jathas, Pracharks/kathavachaks , Dhadhi Jathas in every Samagam Amrit Sanchar & Naam Kamai, Gurmat Smagams Akhand Paaths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Stage #3 5. Helping locals facing Water and Irrigation problems: Helping locals by Organizing Underground Water bore wells. For areas with Salty and Undrinkable water : Organizing Free Akhand Paaths and or Sri Sukhamni Sahibs, doing Ardaas and then arranging Underground Water bore wells . 6. Free Surgery Camps: Free Surgeries such as Eye, Dental, etc... Camps. Location: Location will be either Gharsana or Anupgarh or in between (Sri Ganganagar District, Rajasthan, India) Covered Area: (Sri Ganganagar District) Gharsana and rural Anupgarah and rural Ramsingh pur Sri Vijaynagar and villages around Suratgarh and villages around Raisingh nagar and rural Padampur and surrounding area Some areas of Chhatargarh (Bikaner District) Cost: Approximate: US $ 450,000 Sources of Donation: Sikh sangat of USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA Local Sikh sangat Online donations (for hospital) Crowd funding DDT Money collected trough personal links, Gurmat samagam Special: There is good prasang I cant remember which Paatsahi ( i think Patsahi 6) had a group of 1000 Sikhs. Whenever a Sikh wanted to build a house , Guru ji and sadh sangat will go to that Sikh's house and sadh sangat will give him 1 rupee and 1 brick , thus that Sikh will have 1000 Rupees and 1000 bricks to build his house. So please help ! Send your comments, suggetions about this project. Tell us how we can improve and fundraise. Links: Tehsilwise Map: http://www.mapsofind...ganganagar.html Road Map: http://www.mapsofind.../ganganagar.htm Sex Ratio Map (See Sri Gaganagar District) http://www.mapsofind...-sex-ratio.html
  19. Ive always had a question in my mind say if a mona wakes up at amritvilla and starts doing nitnem then is he also getting kamai or phul out of it ! Or do you have to be amrit dhari to only get kamai ??? My cuzin asked me this question i thought it was the latter but not quite sure so plz do shed some light on this topic ! Thanks in advance...
  20. We all were happy that management committee of stockton showed wisdom in cancelling dhundha's programme. Buth that was a mere deception. They cancelled his programme fearing a massive backlash of local sangat that is pro panth. Comimittee is managed by ex sikh youth america a rogue group that has godfathers like pritpal singh of dummy AGPC ( committee without any Gurudwara)a tout of sarna.Sarna being defeated and dhundha shown the door at stockton they showed their rogue face by cancelling two banis of morning nitnem. There sre five banis in morning nitnem and all these fives also read at the time of amrit sanchar, this is the extent to which these unethical people go to tarnish sikh maryada. PLease write to akal takhat jathedar and sgpc head in massive numbers so that such nefarious people do not do such acts somewhere else.
  21. Want to increase my nitnem from 5 Banis to more but want to recite Bir-Rass Banis. Can anyone suggest Bir-Rass Banis.
  22. if you want to listen to full video its good and if you hear around 40:00, you will hear what he has to say about simran
  23. I was wondering if it is deemed ok to fasten the speed of nitnem when your listening to it? I feel that if it is slow my concentration tends to go quite quickly, any views? I can change it by just increasing the tempo using a music program thanks
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