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Found 12 results

  1. For a long time allegations of homosexual abuse were made against bhai Sukha singh Uk, despite denying it for many years he has now left sikhi suddenly , cut his hair and announced he is actually gay. See photos attached.
  2. Where’s all the threads about NKJ / Dhadrianwale allegations and anti Gurmat parchar? What’s happening with this situation currently?
  3. Just in case Harinder Singh and his NKJ read this, some honest questions : 1) You (the Nirvair Khalsa Jatha) were already registered at Companies House as a charity, which is totally right in accordance with the 'seva' you are performing....so why did NKJ register a separate profit making company at Companies House at the end of October 2017 ? 2) You (Harinder Singh) have yourself listed at Companies House as 'unemployed' and so, in your twenties and without a job, how did you manage to buy that £500,000 (£1.5 million in London prices) house Companies House has you as living in without the need for a mortgage.....i.e cash.......i.e. where did the money come from ? 3) A further check of the electoral roll reveals that just a ' Harinder Hayre' and another 20 something male live at that address. With Sikhi advocating a normal married lifestyle for all Sikhs and a hundred thousand daughters of the shaheeds of 1984 living destitute lives without saviour husbands why is the main man of NKJ living with a mystery 20 something year old male ? 4) While NKJ come to Sikh areas to lecture why is it that Companies House shows every member of NKJ living in all-white towns way from traditional areas with the leader living in a remote all-white village ? 5) Why does NKJ lecture everyone about using the name 'Singh' rather than what they call 'caste surnames' and yet Companies House, the Electoral Roll and every official entity has Harinder Singh using the name Harinder Hayre in everything he does away from his sermons to us and the rest of the group also do the same ? and, finally.......... 6) Why does the Director's business interests search through Companies House reveal that the main source of income of 2 of the NKJ group is.....'predominately Tobacco' ?
  4. Is this all true NKJ has been excommunicated from the Panth? Just saw a video from Akaal Takhat Jathedar... anyone else seen it? Your thoughts?
  5. this has been going around on wats app about nkj guy Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Bhaji! I trust you are in chardikala. I hope vaheguru ji gives you clear vision when taking a look at the evidence, may our pyaare shaheed singhs ji grant justice for the poor victims, one of whom I know personally. How the victim met ? when harinder approached the victim at aston university and told the victim (who is a mona) that he is very special and he said we need to meet up and talk. They did NOT exchange numbers , just the victim gave his name. Then later the victim was contacted via instagram by nkj saying that harinder really needs to see him so the victim gave his number to harinder and from that day they hung around eachother everyday all day, the victim put all his uni work off as he was getting into sikhi via harinders sangat. Harinder would buy the victim stuff and pay for everything, the victim comes from a broken home so has never received so much love and attention so he was very happy. The victim even started going to all of harinders programmes with him and doing paath. things then took a turn for the worst. One night in Feb 2015, a boy complained to some panthic singhs that he had been hanging around a self proclaimed santh, named Harinder Singh of Nirvair Khalsa Jatha for the past 6 weeks, and that he had just been sexually assaulted by him at a home kirtan programme when it was time to sleep. He literally left harinder in the bed middle of the night when the coast was clear, he was in a town he did not know and somehow made it back to his own area, soon as he got home he called some singhs he knew of. The panthic singhs warned that no one will believe this and he will need to prove itso they told him to go back on the phone and play dumb and act like his is not against what he did, then harinder fell for it and started justifying why he kissed him, he said it is mouth to mouth simran and that no one apart from gursikhs do this so not to tell anyone. when the victim asked who did it to harinder, he said baba ranjeet singh (dhadrianwala) ,,,when these calls were taken to the big sikh organisations they brushed in under the carpet and said that being gay is wrong (totally ignoring that it was abuse) and told harinder he needs to take pesh from panj pyare as he was exposed this way, harinder tried to get his drug dealing cousin manny hayre to get these people shot (the singhs family who exposed him) and it all exploded on line, only some listened to the calls and learnt the truth, the rest just fell for this celebrity santh and were in denial...however calls and other victims started comin forward and tellin what he did to them also.... check out mohan singh of sikh awareness society, amazing sevadaar for abused victims, they reached out to him but are scared to come forward as per besthi, he is making a documentary about it soon, count is around 18/19 just in UK! In between this time the police were informed and arrested harinder and even the lead detective said that it is obvious harinder has done the assault (off record) but there was no evidence as no penetration and js fondling and kissing, they said the calls only proved they had a sexual encounter but not an assault, they did not care that the victim was told to (by the singhs who wanted proof) to go back in contact with harinder to get him admitting sexual stuff he did to him on recordings, they said that is a community matter. should have gone straight to police in hindsight i guess, but tbh they can't prove much without penetration, his word against harinders, at least he got exposed to sangat and kids were saved and also gave a platform for other victims to come forward..they are too embarrassed to go public as it is besthi and which girl would marry them after being shamed that way, but if they all went to police harinder would definitely get prosecuted just for the sheer numbers! harinder even made a response to the allegations on utube and he completely fabricated a story about playing kabaddi and how he accidentally touched the victims privates and that is why the victim went off on one and then that the victim tried to kiss him ??? lol <banned word filter activated> kind of excuse is that, he was better off just outright denying it, that was when sangat realised he is lying as per the far fetched story to in response... his PR is amazing too. all too much like a celeb Then the sikh organisations ended up temporarily banning him from gurdwareh while they got these calls tested by professionals and that is why he opened hos own gurdwara, so he can do whatever he likes, and now as it has been verified the calls are 100 percent real, and on top of it he is doing misleading parchar (deliberately) thus he is banned permanently from all ok UK along with Dhadrianwala ... ask yourself why they have banned dhardrianwala if it was just harinders comments that were the cause for this ban???? here are the calls, after that please read the forensic report to see the proof with ur own eyes bhaji. let keep our kids safe from this cult RSS who are first luring in sangat by doing good parchar but then that parchar quickly turns sinister when they have got everyone hooked and a fan - now that is what u call dark psychology bhaji 1) This is a summary of the calls please watch and then below you will find the full original long unedited calls. Which we hold MP3 files for. The 3rd link is the call between victim and harinder https://youtu.be/-__6R6Jhtrg 2) Original call 1 https://youtu.be/7XCHoMLVpf0 3) Orginal Call 2 (Much clearer and longer than call 1) DO NOT IGNORE -THIS IS THE CALL!! https://youtu.be/QPo1UqONs8c 4) CCTV footage from young boys bedroom: https://youtu.be/CCChRGte37g in a separate incident harinder makes fun of a fellow singh and jokes about eating Male private parts 5) Short clip of Harinder telling victim to delete a incriminating text message https://youtu.be/sbp8SnhswQI ANYONE WHO WANTS MP3 files to Test ETC CONTACT US. FORENSIC AUDIO REPORT ALREADY CONFIRMS AUTHENTICITY WIDELY AVAILABLE. IF YOU HAVE A DOUBT GET IT TESTED YOURSELF. Here is the audio forensic report, i copied and pasted this off one of the singhs fb wall (he was the one the victim first came to for help straight after abuse) a year ago some singhs contacted me from slough, they had 5 more youths accusing nkj harinder singh of sexual abuse, the singhs asked me for the audio (the same audio my kids lives were threatened over as harinder tried to get a hit done as per being exposed) so they could get it examined, here is what the sound forensic report said..... dont have blind faith if you doubt recording contact the company or get them tested yourself, nkj lot are milking rich sangat members, your seva is better of helping poor , not feeding a sexual groomer. password for file is 84844fr https://www.sendspace.com/file/meyyf3 THIS IS AUDIO FORENSIC REPORT Also here I have attached the call transcript (MUST SEE) to this email if u would like to read along with the audio recording, all this stuff can be searched on utube, also realsikhtalkofficialuk and mal singh and amarjeet singh and bhupinder singh, all singhs on facebook who were involved in investigation Thank You VJKK VJKF Admin Note - Topic title edited by us.
  6. Just thought I’d let everyone know NKJ has been thrown out of Sikh Panth now by Akaal Takhat https://youtu.be/SQL1iwDhCNg
  7. From going recently to see the Gudwara in Coventry, I have to say that the main aspect of respect for of SGGSJ is at the highest. For whatever the allegations are about them it is what it is.. it is a shame as Sikhs we have to have soo many GuruGhar though. Waheguru
  8. Guest


    So I see NKJ are back on the seen. Does anyone know if JN Dairies in Wolverhampton still support them and Dhadrianwale as they’re the ones who used to sponsor him to come to the UK? I know they were in full support of NKJ as well.
  9. Guest

    NKJ what’s going on?

    So as it appears, NKJ have been banned nationwide in the UK. But now they wish to open their own Gurdwara under the guise of “Sikh learning centre”. However, they themselves follow a Dhadrianism (Dhadrianwale Manmat) so what’s everyone’s thoughts on this? They are trying to raise 300k.
  10. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ Daas, has heard credible news that a behind the scenes mission is currently going on led by a SAS and a gupt singh who had recently within the last few weeks donated a sum of money for the issue of the “NKJ Misconduct” allegations to be put to rest by paying a professional audio forensic investigation team near enough £2,900 to authenticate or invalidate the audio recordings we have all seen ciculating our WhatsApp’s and internet social media pages. Well audio and video evidence that has now been authenticated has come to the attention of the sangat over the last few years or so. The evidence is in the form of a conversation between Harry, of Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK, and one of the many alleged victims (now estimated to be over 10). The evidence: i) Harry talks of touching (molesting) the victim and other members of the jatha in their private area + using a stick to beat other members of the Jatha and justifies it under the guise of a warped Sikh ideology. ii) Harry states that only those individuals who are at a particular state of meditation can start another person’s meditation with 5 blows in their mouth (kissing). iii) Harry states “Baba” Ranjit Singh Ji Dandriwala did this to him. iv) Harry mentions what whatever took place between him and the victim in this instance also occurred with Suraj and Ajaib, as well as “the jatha”. v) In the video evidence Harry can be quoted as saying, “feeding us willies”. He says this on numerous occasions. First, none of the evidence is edited. Anyone with a real life understanding of music/voice software will know that to create all of the audio and video evidence that has come to everyone’s attention would be neigh impossible as already proved. The amount of time, expertise and money required would be phenomenal. What would someone gain from going through such an arduous task wish to gain from this? Especially a kid. Second, it is not a setup. Why would someone go to such an extent to make these claims, create the evidence and have it go to the police just for it to be a setup. Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others. It came about due to the allegations of sexual abuse, although mostly minors, against Jimmy Saville after his death. Most allegations were not reported to authorities before his death with victims stating reasons of fear of disbelief or distrust of the judicial system and so they would be considering the allegations now of politicians being implicated in the sex abuse. Read the findings of the Jimmy Savile Report. Third, the Sangat is waiting for an explanation from “Baba” Ranjit Singh Dandriawala. The evidence clearly shows that not only does Harry use a warped Sikhi understanding to justify his actions. Perhaps he was groomed by others; the evidence seems to suggest so. Fourth, so what if he’s gay? That’s not even the point. What we need to understand is that, if true, the case does not arise from the possibility that he may be homosexual. It will spring from the fact that he is a predator and abuser. Jimmy Saville was a sexual abuser of men and women and was therefore not just a sexual abuser but was also a bi-sexual child abuser. In this instance, given the evidence at hand, Harry seem’s to be a homosexual sex abuser. In short, the issue is not homosexuality but the fact that he physically abused and assaulted another individual. Harry can be a happy homosexual but do it the honest way and without having to resort to such distorted and twisted measures. Fifth, Harry states it’s wrong to kiss boys and/or kiss girls. The poor lad does not even make sense. He himself is most likely a victim of sexual abuse or he’s a homosexual who justifies it as a “lust test”. In the latter scenario that is fine but imposing that practice upon others under the guise of a distorted Sikhi ideology is dangerous and the trait of a sexual predator. Sixth, Who else is involved in this? Perhaps Harry is just one of many. Think about if someone inappropriately touched your brother, or sister, or even your son or your daughter. You would certainly want that individual to be held accountable and punished. We as the Sangat need to ensure everyone is rooted out. Seventh, we could write on and on about piecing together the evidence on facebook but one of the most important points is that Harry is trying to justify his practices under the label of Sikhism. Are we going to let this happen? Eighth, if anyone really has a huge issue with this go read a damn book. Blindly following “leaders” or “celebrities” ensured the victims of Jimmy Saville felt they would not be believed also it ensured the rise of Nazi Germany. Severe examples I do admit but the point is don’t get caught up in mind-religion and God-men. The video “statements” that Nirvair Khalsa Jatha have released are a blatant and horrific attempt to try and cover up the evidence with ludicrous suggestions. So we still await Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK and “Baba” Ranjit Singh Dadriawala to explain as till date, they have not been able too. What’s people’s thoughts?
  11. http://dailysikhupdates.com/uk-police-dismisses-charges-against-bhai-harinder-singh-after-investigation/ Well that settles that.
  12. I know Mods don't want Any Discussion of this. So go ahead lock it, but I feel the information should be out.
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