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  1. What we already know is now so official even the Hindus can't deny it although the India loving Sikhs will still erase it from their mind. Some of them (India supporting Sikhs) still hang on to outdated notions of the position of a Sikh, not realising what the reality actually is. For example, they often like to quote these 3 misconcptions: Misconception: Punjab is the richest state in India. We're doing great there. Fact: Punjab stopped being the richest state in India many many years ago. Over the last 5 or 6 years it has been slipping lower and lower at an alarming rate and is now at a danger of slipping into the lower half of the table. Misconception: Sikhs have respect in India. The dastar has respect in India. Fact: Sikhs, are the national joke. That 'fact' is so inbedded and into the culture of India that it is absolutely 100% ok for children, TV stars, news, work managers etc to make these remarks about "how thick in the brain dept the sikh is". If thats 'respect', then please god give me disrespect anyday. Misconception: India is a free secular country in which Sikhs are equal 1st class citizens. Fact; Officially wrong !!! The following was published in India a couple of days ago. It shows that Sikhs in India suffer from exactly the same institutionalised prejudice within the system that blacks in America suffer from. Exactly the same. Now, bearing in mind how a Sikh is far less likely than a Hindu to be a member of a criminal tribe, far less likely than a Hindu to be homeless and thus desperate to steal etc the following results are absolutely startling. There are many institutions and over the years we, as Sikhs, have been handed example after example of how that institution sees Sikhs as little more than animals. For example within education the Indians keep telling us how much they dislike us in the way that they send our kids home from exams for wearing the 5 k's, send kids home for wearing the dastar etc. It keeps happening but we've remained asleep. But the recently released statistics about the Indian criminal justice system are damning beyond words. The stats show clearly what kind of a life, freedom and future a Sikh and his children have in India. The stats show clearly what India officialy thinks of his and his children's value as a human being. From arrest, to charge, to trial, to imprisonment.....the official Indian stats show clearly how the Sikhs are most persecuted community in India. The community MOST likely to have his freedom taken away from him and 3 times more likely to be imprisoned than a Hindu !!!!!!!! http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/hindus-least-likely-to-be-jailed-sikhs-christians-most-likely/story-Og4PhnhYsPlVLJglKyeOKL.html
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