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Found 4 results

  1. Nri Sikhs gave millions of dollars/pounds to kejriwal. Kejriwal used all that money on Delhi instead of punjab. Baba jaswant Singh told nri Sikhs that he will open dental college for poor sikh students. He got lots of money from nri Sikhs. My sister studied in that college. It's all about money there and no poor Sikhs study there. Even Hindu girls who can offer good money study there. So many people on the name of khalistan got loads of money from nri Sikhs. Where that money went nobody knows. Why nri Sikhs give so much money to people without checking/enquiring where that money gets used?
  2. I know its Pakistan but the situation is identical in Punjab, India. Looking at his documentary i couldn't help but think what a waste of money. Pathetic. The worst part is when he says when the parents die the first thing the kids do is sell the building and take the money for themselves.
  3. While I am glad that our Bibian are organising to support abandoned wives , why is it only sikh wives who seem to be highlighted by this article when I'm sure it is happening throughout India especially in neighbouring Haryana too? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-39058436
  4. I've not been on the forum for a while but that's because I have been to Punjab. I go every couple of years mainly because someone is getting married. One of the things you always hear people say is "It's getting more advanced you know, it's more advanced than England". That always made be chuckle. Yes there has been great changes made in Punjab. For the past twenty years odd years that I have been going, I have seen people switch from big flair trousers and punjabi suits to wearing jeans. Motorbikes to cars, squat latrines to sit down flush toilets. You cannot go around anywhere without yet another "palace" built. Everyone has the latest phone, the latest trendy hair-do , designer clothes and with all the latest advertising boards promoting "Study in Australia" or whatever student visa that is available for any particular country in the Anglospere. What has dawned on me that Punjab has advanced but it has advanced in consumerism and materialism. I see better standard of cars with Audis, Mercs and BMWs driven, the weddings have got more extravagant. But the infrastructure (as with most of India) is rubbish, the roads are rubbish (even though they have been recently built, there is no effort to maintain them). What is the point of buying flashy cars when the roads are not up to scratch. I have seen palaces of weddings I have attended lose their lustre after a couple of years. It's amazing how something that has been built a couple of years ago look like it was built over 50 years ago with lack of maintenance. Materially Punjab has never had it so good but the Punjabis/Sikhs still want to get out. What it is that they think they are going get in pardesi land that they can't get at home. When people where moving out of Punjab to Canada during the 1980s, it was understandable. But the emigration out of Punjab has escalated exponentially since the millenium and it is not like the 1980s. It seems that Punjab with all it's troubles in the 1980s was more of a content place, it is now not so much. I married in Punjab and I have seen great changes in my wife's family. As a fourth generation Sikh with most of family abroad it was quite refreshing to see my in-laws (who never ventured out of the subcontinent ) who lived together with cousins/uncles in multiple generational households, very close-knit. But over the years, I am seeing the same kind of patterns emerging with less closeness, more individuality and they are now emigrating in their droves. It is quite sad to see. It seems all the new emigration out of Punjab is pointing towards Australia.Sorry Canada, you are no longer the country of preference. What is really funny when you converse with recently emigrated Punjabis is if their children speak Punjabi, it's the same old conversations you hear when you were kids thirty odd years ago. History seems to repeat itself time and time again. These are just my opinions, you may agree or disagree if you wish.
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