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Found 5 results

  1. In order to get ANYWHERE in your Jeevan it is vital to take out 2.5 hours for Akaal Purakh, on top of the 7 Daily prayers we all fondly and dutly do. 2.5 hours can be Mool mantar, Gurmantar (1.15 hour on each) or Gurmantar followed by one Sukhmani Sahib (this prayer takes an hour) or three Baanias from Dasam Granth (which could take an hour) followed by going Gurudwara for 1.5 hours of Simran, Seva and Sangat. In short no Matter what u select it should be 2.5 hours minimum, time excluded from 7 Baanias. Now, there are two dangers here. First, "I can't concentrate so I won't do it..." This is something I call Jargon. It's jargon because as soon as we think "Concentrate" we forget about the MAIN MAIN task at hand completely... Which is to do the Naam Simran or selected prayers. "I will do 30 mins woth focus then buold it up..." WRONG! Just do 2.5 straight, focus will come to u slowly. Second danger, "I don't have time" this is an excuse! You have 24 hours for 2.3 hours of Prayers. If u work from 8am you have all the time in Amritvela. To conclude, if u wish for your mann chanchalas to stop, jeevan to succeed, understand God's Hukam, be liberated, 2.5 is just the start.
  2. simran345


    Before this time i was doing simran, listening shabads n paat, like feeling wanting to get close with Sikhi and even thou i was not healthy got to a stage being able to cope with gods hukam. Now last two months had lost my faith, not matter how hard trying to console myself its not comin back. So i thought ok maybe depression, but i am very weak physically so put it down to that too not being able to do much. So not wanting to do paat, when put it on like can't stand it, like its too much pressure for me. And when am trying to do bits, my brain is not accepting it. Again i am thinkin its weakness. Going for tests but i dont know why i cannot stop thinkin the worst. It won't stop. Anyways my faith has fully gone n said god leave it to you, as am trying and nothin happening. Then all of sudden last night i felt it coming back k bit, so i started doin as much paat i could manage, like i am freaking out i won't get the chance again. And then last night my body went thru so much hell, not being able to sleep, everytime i tried to say Waheguru like not being able to and not relaxin. So went bathroom tried again and again to get to sleep. But my body was hurting more n more. Husband says its coz my system is messed up and i use the phne before i sleep that's why. Hope its that and nothin else. But before i went to bed, took video of my room in the dark with flash on. Thinkin to myself if its anything paranormal, will catch it, although should not be doing this. But in past used to hear footsteps and like being attacked physically. Nothin happen at first then the view goes completely black and freaked me out. But thought its the metering of the phne, still think that as played it back again, and seems to happen when i was zoom in but only when i zoomed at the window there is little mirror there, not when i zoomed nywhere else. Then a light was peepin thru one blind, me thinkin its a street light or reflection. But now i looked outside no lights near the window. Ok so now i gone paranoid i am possessed or somethin after me thinkin this is why i am so ill now. I went thru this in all the houses i lived. And we are doing paat again more its happening more. But only i feel it nobody else. Have i gone mad? I can't be as i can't physically move, and then go unconscious due to weakness. I am not going to think about it as no energy but anybody any idea Wats going on? Is it my health or somethin else? Waheguru.
  3. Guest


    I want to start praying but im confused ... I know the ideal prayers you should do daily are 'japji sahib', 'rehrass sahib' and 'kirtan sohila'. When I wake up im tired, its too cold to change yet alone have a shower.. so how do I do japji sahib? * I wash when I come back home, and that's when I do rehrass but im not constant with it.. kirtan sohila I don't do I wanna do all three but like is it ideal you wash? and I am a meat eater, sometimes I eat meat sometimes I don't? what do I do if I ate meat on that day? PLEASE CAN YOU TELL ME HOW'D YOU FIX UR LIFE ROUND ROUTINE WITHIN SIKHI. im a teenager.
  4. Guest

    Confused To Do Paat?

    Well i've got this urge of doing paat! - i wanna do it and feel like doing it to refresh the mind and get closer to God. I eat meat/fish (whenever), me and my family buy meat/fish and we have acohol in the house. I wanna try and set days of consuming meat/fish, i do wanna (in time) stop eating meat..fish maybe. Anywho, we have Gutkeh in our house in the top room, we cleaned our house and moved things.. and we had acohol in that room and we moved it in my room ( we had a wedding! ) And in the back of my mind it sprung to me that when i do Kirtan Sohila ( you do it just before u go sleep, in bed ) that i have acohol in my room. I dont want this to set me back, as i wanted to do paat ages before but issues and feelings have took over the situation dissapointed to say! I wanna try and wake up before i need to leave the house and do Japji Sahib..do it before breakfast. Question's - Say if its too cold and i cant be asked to have a shower and choose to do paat is that forbidden? - Is it ok to do it a 7.00am? 7.30am? - Am i suppose to do Ardass after? When i comeback i wanna do Rehrass, my mum listens to it on telly, but i wanna try and read it. Question's - what time are you suppose to do it? - what if i eat fish/meat outside, can i still do it? -Am i suppose to do Ardass after? ^.^ Japji Sahib and Rehrass i would be doing in the top room..which leave's Kirtan Sohila?? btw we keep shoes in the top room we dont want, so we can give them to charity, is that a sin? ( as we keep the Gutkeh there ) btw does anyone know a really good websites that do Kirtan Sohila, Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib, Ardass translations on posters? Also what is the difference between Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib and Ardass and when is the best time to do Chaupi Sahib and Mool Mantar?? Thankyou, please help me expand my knowledge in paat.
  5. Guest

    Help! Please :)

    I've come across lots of discussions whether to eat before doing paat or not. now i am not a holy person, but i want to start doing paat and i think i owe it to Waheguru ji. :waheguru: any who, apparently you should not eat before doing Jaapji sahib.. Rehrass sahib. apparently if you do so, you should eat an hour before or wait an hour after. more so, it is written in gurbani. :? if this is so, my mind set would be very aargh cos i cant concentrate on an empty stomach. lol. and take cold showers, unless its hot but in Britain it isn't so :| Also other questions being.. 1) when doing Rehrass sahib do you need to do Chaupi sahib after or just Ardass or both ? 2) when doing Jaapji sahib do you do ardass after or Chaupi sahib or niether ? 3)when doing Kirtan sohila, do you need to do anything else like Ardass or Chaupi sahib? also if i wake up early have an shower, do Jaapji sahib and go on by my day and eat meat at lunch is it ok for me to do Rehrass paat? im new to praying >.< and dont wanna be worst off, by doing it wrong. i eat meat, im trying to cut that out and go veggie! but i heard sikhs can eat meat ... but thats leading to something else. Also wondering is there any websites or stalls that sell kirtan sohila and chaupi sahib posters in english translation .. (meaning.) Also doing Jaapji sahib or Rehrass sahib what are the meanings of doing them, like doing kirtan sohila protects you from evil that can convey when you sleep. Also whats the best time to do Hukanama, and where does Hukanama come from? is it simliar to christainity .. verse of the day. Lastly, i dont believe in cast. i think it should be abolished and its stupid.. more so of the people that big there cast up.! :stupidme: :angry2: :pissed: but what does 'soggi' belong to? And does cast = your family name?? Thankyou SINGHS :strong: and KAURS. :luv: :khalsa2: btw these emotions are wow. :cool2: :feelingfree: :mushybounce: :wub22: :bl:
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