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Found 5 results

  1. In order to get ANYWHERE in your Jeevan it is vital to take out 2.5 hours for Akaal Purakh, on top of the 7 Daily prayers we all fondly and dutly do. 2.5 hours can be Mool mantar, Gurmantar (1.15 hour on each) or Gurmantar followed by one Sukhmani Sahib (this prayer takes an hour) or three Baanias from Dasam Granth (which could take an hour) followed by going Gurudwara for 1.5 hours of Simran, Seva and Sangat. In short no Matter what u select it should be 2.5 hours minimum, time excluded from 7 Baanias. Now, there are two dangers here. First, "I can't concentrate so I won't do it..
  2. Guest

    Confused To Do Paat?

    Well i've got this urge of doing paat! - i wanna do it and feel like doing it to refresh the mind and get closer to God. I eat meat/fish (whenever), me and my family buy meat/fish and we have acohol in the house. I wanna try and set days of consuming meat/fish, i do wanna (in time) stop eating meat..fish maybe. Anywho, we have Gutkeh in our house in the top room, we cleaned our house and moved things.. and we had acohol in that room and we moved it in my room ( we had a wedding! ) And in the back of my mind it sprung to me that when i do Kirtan Sohila ( you do it just before u go sleep, in be
  3. Guest

    Help! Please :)

    I've come across lots of discussions whether to eat before doing paat or not. now i am not a holy person, but i want to start doing paat and i think i owe it to Waheguru ji. :waheguru: any who, apparently you should not eat before doing Jaapji sahib.. Rehrass sahib. apparently if you do so, you should eat an hour before or wait an hour after. more so, it is written in gurbani. :? if this is so, my mind set would be very aargh cos i cant concentrate on an empty stomach. lol. and take cold showers, unless its hot but in Britain it isn't so :| Also other questions being.. 1) when doing R
  4. Guest


    I want to start praying but im confused ... I know the ideal prayers you should do daily are 'japji sahib', 'rehrass sahib' and 'kirtan sohila'. When I wake up im tired, its too cold to change yet alone have a shower.. so how do I do japji sahib? * I wash when I come back home, and that's when I do rehrass but im not constant with it.. kirtan sohila I don't do I wanna do all three but like is it ideal you wash? and I am a meat eater, sometimes I eat meat sometimes I don't? what do I do if I ate meat on that day? PLEASE CAN YOU TELL ME HOW'D YOU FIX UR LIFE ROUND ROUTINE WITHIN SIKHI.
  5. Before this time i was doing simran, listening shabads n paat, like feeling wanting to get close with Sikhi and even thou i was not healthy got to a stage being able to cope with gods hukam. Now last two months had lost my faith, not matter how hard trying to console myself its not comin back. So i thought ok maybe depression, but i am very weak physically so put it down to that too not being able to do much. So not wanting to do paat, when put it on like can't stand it, like its too much pressure for me. And when am trying to do bits, my brain is not accepting it. Again i am thinkin its w
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