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Found 2 results

  1. So I’m new to tying a pagg, and a lot of my relatives tie them (particularly the uk/Kenyan style or normal Wattan wali pagh). I am a school student in the uk but I don’t have enough time every morning to tie a perfect looking Dastar, and if my turban (which is my crown and pride) doesn’t look it’s best, then I cannot perform my day to day tasks (including school work) effectively and will not have confidence. They all starch their Turbans to save time, and they look very nice on the Uk/Kenyan style Paags. Please could someone tell me how to do this? I know some Sikhs are against the idea of starching turbans and label them as “topis” or “against rehat”, but please only respond to this question with information regarding HOW TO STARCH A PAGG. (Detailed instructions preferred). I’d like to know how to starch the turban, how to wash the turban later after I starch it and also how to care for a starched turban. I use Mal Mal and full voile (and occasionally Rubia voile). Many thanks, WJKK WJKF
  2. I've recently started to wear a Pagh after 20 years of cutting my hair, I felt that there was always something missing and knew that one day I would start to grow my hair and start to wear a pagh again. The time came about 4 weeks ago and I'm feeling so much happier and closer to Sikhi than I ever was. I've started to tie a fresh pagh every day rather than have one made with mandi, which I did to when I was a teenager. I don't like the idea of a mandi pagh and I think that a fresh tied pagh looks best. I'm getting quite good at tying it now, i;ve watched quite a lot of youtube videos. I've got a few questions that I'm sure someone will be able to answer. What kind of material is best use when tying every day? Currently i'm using Mal Mal which I bought from the local punjabi clothes shop, but I feel that it's not right, it feels too light and the larh are quite small, probably about 5 or 6 cm wide. How do you keep your pagh from staying tight all day? by the afternoon mines feels a bit loose and I really would like to tie it again but there is no where at work to do that., Does anyone have any experience of growing your hair, mine was pretty short, its getting longer now but its difficult to manage. I can't wait until I can tie my hair into a joora. By the end of the day it hurts because I keep push it in with my salai, but I can live with that, it's my own fault! Should you wear something underneath your pagh? like a bandana? the style I tie is like a kenya/african/british style. Do most people remove their paghs when they get home? what should you wear instead? I know it's a personal choice, at the moment I just wear a bit of cloth that I've cut from when I tied my pagh but it looks a bit untidy. Many thanks in advance, I'll keep you updated on my journey.
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