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Found 4 results

  1. Randomly stumbled across this account today. Similar to the Suraj Podcast, this brother is basically making a series for Panth Parkash. Definitely check it out.
  2. Ko kise ko raaj na de hai, jo le hai nijj ball se le hai The above tukk is used by many parcharaks but nobody tells its source. Gurwinder Singh nangli(contact no. +91 9914647591) has an edition of panth parkash of Giani gyan Singh which has this tukk with slight variation.
  3. I will be reading panth parkash by Rattan singh Bhangu and summarizing what I have read here. To keep myself accountable. All comments, suggestions, analysis welcome. The version im reading has the teeka/ exegesis done by singh sahib Baba Sant Singh Akali, who used to be jathedaar of Budha dal. To be honest, its a written version of his katha recordings. When i am reading it feels like listening to katha too. Although Panth Patkash is written in understandable panjabi, but i still read the teeka part. So far it starts off with how a Maratha King had hired a firangii (frenchmen) names Deloney to protect his borders. The frenchmen wants to retire and go back to his homeland. So he sells what he can but what he cant like his mini army, he gives to his sisters son. The nephew, Pierre grows the army 3x bigger and wins all of Agra and Delhi. The Maratha king gets worried that his french military commander is getting too powerful and starts thinking of ways to wrest control back or kill Pierre. Pierre realizes he is in danger and sells everything to the East English Tea company and flees to France. The Maratha king is mad, all his gold and effort that went into the army is wasted. But we never hear abt him again. Just as the English reach Delhi to claim it, singhs attack and chase them off. The english are nonplussed. And ask the mughal emperor who are these singhs? And what right do they have over Delhi. The mughal emperor lies and says, these are not rulers but my subjects who have rebelled. They have no right. And the english write this down and send it to London. Then it is emphasized that there is always an enemity between hindus and muslims. And muslims will do anything to hurt hindus. And they lied to the British so that they can fight the Sikhs, and either both will weaken or atoeast sikhs destroyed. As this was going on, Maharaaja Ranjeet singh becomes greedy and decides to attack his fellow sikhs in the patiala region. Those patiala sikhs then ask the British to join them to fight him off. This scares him away. There is a big rant about how if Ranjit Singh hadnt been so selfish, the sikhs would've stayed united and not lost their Raaj. So in ludhiana, capital of the Patiala side of kings, english and sikhs start tk mingle. And Rattan Singh Bhangu hears of a English Captain asking about the Sikh origin story. And he again asks another muslim,.this time a maulavi about the sikhs. Rattan Singh decides to set him straight and tells him you wont get any truth that way. And the Captain gets permission to let a lietenent Murray interview Bhangu to get the full truth. Bhangu basically says we Sikhs have every right to be rulers here. Murray asks who gave you this right? A king. Bhangu replies the True King of Kings. And who is this Murray asks. And Bhangu says Guru Nanak dev ji, and since Murray has never heard of him, starts to tell about Guru Nanak Dev ji This is where it gets interesting. It mentions that Guru Nanaks parents,.were form the glorius bedi kul. Who have always had an avataar of each jug born into their kul. And goes into how holy and great it is. Then it also.says Mehta Kalu Ji and Mata Tripta used to be royals. Who gave ul their kingdom. Cuz akaash bani (prophecy?) Said if u want me to grant ur wish of having the avtaar of this jug born into ur family, u must give up ur kingdom. So they do. And the parents become servants of Rai Bular in Talwandi. I had never heard this version before. Then it goes into the childhood sakhis of Guru Nanak. Which I will continue reading soon.
  4. What are your opinions of Panth Parkash by Rattan Singh Bangoo? I'm jumping into more detailed Sikh History and have found this awesome resource... Has anyone read it? What do you think? Is it the most accurate account we have?
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