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  1. Guest

    Dual Identity (Sikh/Hindu)

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I come from a Hindu family, but have never been very attached to Hinduism. I was born and raised in India, and I lived in Punjab through my childhood and adolescence. Since I was in Punjab, I was surrounded by Sikh people. Naturally, I also learned Punjabi during those years. Over the years, I gradually got more and more fascinated by the Sikh faith. I really liked the Sikhi ideas of equality and sharing with everyone regardless of their background. I would watch my neighbor tying his patka; I would watch another neighbor tying his turban, so that I could learn to tie them myself. I even borrowed (technically, stole) a patka from my landlord's son, so that I could tie it on myself (I know I shouldn't have done that, but I just wanted to put to practice what I had been learning). The point is, my connection to Sikhi grew stronger as I went on. Naturally, my family never knew about all this, so it was all a secret exercise. Four years ago, I moved to Germany for my studies. In the beginning, I forgot much about Sikhi, but in the last few months, the connection has been stronger than ever before. Since I had my privacy, I ordered 2 patkas, turbans and a kara online to start to tie them. I'm still learning to tie a turban (watching someone tie a turban and actually tying it are two very different things). But in the meantime, I am trying to wear a patka every day when I'm home. When I'm outside, I'm my original self -- the guy with cut hair who has a job, but at home, it's like I'm another person -- I have a patka on (with a fake joora, but I love the feeling of having virtual hair on my head). I go to sleep in a patka but I'll be learning how to tie a keski. I am also learning turban tying on the weekends and am learning Japji Sahib, so that I can chant the Guru's name every day. I have also chosen an alternative Sikh name for myself - Amritpal Singh. Deep within, I feel like Waheguru has been leading me to get closer to him through all these experiences. It's just that I have two lives -- one where I am Sikh, and the other where I am a not-so-religious Hindu. My question is: What can I do to be a better Sikh while I am a Sikh? I know I am not a baptized Sikh and don't keep the 5 Ks, but I do respect Sikhi and try to follow it seriously in my private time. If you have any other general comments, I'd be glad to hear them and take them into account. Thanks for your help! Amritpal Singh
  2. v j k k v j k f sorry i have deleted this post because i am scared of the person its about finding out please email me at guptsinghsvalakh@gmail.com v j k k v j k f
  3. Vjkk vjkf ji! Sangat ji, I had a few questions about the hukamnama that is normally written at the gurdwara sahib daily. I know that is the hukam guru maharaj has given the sangat, but is that a hukam by which an individual can act upon or act accordingly in life. There are some days when I read the hukamnama sahib and I feel like guru maharaj is totally speaking to me because it's so relevant to my life. And then on down days,like today, where my sikhi is not going as well as I wish or I've only done half my nitnem and I feel bad but the hukamnama was saying you are in maharaj's sharan and everything in this life and the next life will be taken care of.......I feel like this cant be for me.....no matter how much I wish it was, I'm not that good of a gursikh. So the hukamnama posted daily at the gurudwara sahib. How do we take that? As a direct message guru maharaj meant for me? Maharaj brought the people to this gurughar and this is maharajs hukam for those that read it? Or only for those present during ardas/hukamnama? Anyone that can shed some light on this topic would be much appreciated!
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I made this thread as a way to give my own personal tips on how someone can limit the influences of massive increase in Kaam, these being pornography and masturbation, (Note: not doing these 2 does NOT mean you beat Kaam, but that's where the problem is started.) This is also the male version of the problems, I don't know the causes of females going towards these things, so I won't discuss too much on it, but; hopefully I can assist them as well. Also I'm not an expert on any of this stuff, just felt the need since it's a big topic to provide legit assistance. I will be adding more on, the first post is just intro. Some important things to note: 1. Why does someone have Kaam? Since the beginning of time, you have been carrying the power of Haumai, and from Haumai comes the 5 evils, one of these being Kaam and Kaam especially effects us, because of we have usually wanted to stay productive with reproduction and so in possibly many animal lives, we've been having sex like crazy people, these traits carried on till we became human, (which in a way tells us why some people have crazy fetishes). 2. Is Masturbation and Pornography related? My experience on this has been that they are only slightly related, but the reasons for them are different. Porn acts as a depresent; which means it's meant to take something from you; while masturbation happens due to circumstance-based. You can do both exclusively, but due to the nature of porn both usually go together. 3. Is there hope? This is the good news, and something we can be grateful for. That is the blessing of the greatest Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji holding our hands and freeing us from all our past deeds, and gives our life true meaning instead of being Ghulamis to our own problems. The greatness of being a Sikh can not be comprehended into normal thoughts or words, and even Kaam himself surrenders at the name of the blessed Guru. This is just a tiny intro on the basis of the issue, I plan to delve further into it, what my experience has been, why it's not going to be easy, and why there is hope for anyone if there can be hope for someone like me.
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