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Found 4 results

  1. I thought I would start a thread for people to share pictures of different sikhs across the world. This has nothing to do with caste, so dont show pictures of people from different castes. This is just to show the beauty of our faith and the different colours and cultures who follow it from a variety of regions. :biggrin2:
  2. vjkk vjkf jee recently i've wanted to redesign the darbar in my house for guru ji but it want it to be beautiful and look amazing but i dont have many ideas... can anyone help by posting the most amazing pictures they've seen of any darbars?
  3. Guru nanak was stuanchly against pictures / idols but irony is today we have pictures of guru nanak created purely through imagination and people standing before them with folded hands - babaji solve my this problem or that , His core message was never ask for anything matereliastic and live through good and bad times with equanimity , if anything hard times are what get us closer to waheguru (dukh daroo sukh rog bhaya , ja sukh taam na hoye) Nanak bolan jhakna dukh chad m...angiye sukh || dukh sukh doye dar kapre pehre jaye manukh || Jithe bolan hariye tithe changi chup || Instead of focusing on guru ji's message we have reduced him to a mere Devta - devi deva poojiye kya mango kya dey . He did the very hard udasis risking his life, sacrificing time that he could have spent in comfort with his family to teach us how to live, but we are only interested in some miraculous favor out of his pictures - the message is too boring for us - we are too busy with facebook, tv, gossip, internet , movies etc - Mat vich ratan jawahar manik je ek gur ki sikh sunee
  4. An interesting question which popped in my head after seeing the below picture, do we have any pictures of our Gurus which are historical and from a Sikh perspective? It seems pictures made by other non-Sikh individuals are now being used to eradicate the uniqueness of Sikhi. Heres an example. This is what I am talking about.
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