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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Need Help with my life.

    WaheGuruji ka khalsa WaheGuruji ki Fateh WaheGuruji recently Blessed me with Amrit and by his grace, i have been reciting and learning Gurbani and kirtan since the age of 5 (22 now) but my life is filled with problems, i have not recieved any happiness until now. I got anxiety and depression due to overthinking. I am afraid that my faith will start to shiver this way what do i do ? I do path by his grace whenever I have time (besides my daily nitnem) Maharaj ji takes kirtan seva from me as well. But i am still suffering from so many Financial problems. I don't know if i would be able to survive with this mind. Chint bhavan man paryo humara
  2. This applies to Punjabi’s too. why is lying compulsively and being dishonest and integral part of our culture. We consistently lie about everything from the trivial little lies to big white lies. The whole indoctrination of being “tej” from the other person by our parents, only a nicer way of saying how we should strive to be so dishonest and deceptive to get our “matlab” from someone rather than creating some actual value and having something good to offer. I came to Canada as an international student and just as any other student I’m currently on my work permit and at a mercy of a crooked employer for my PR, and being bled dry for it. He’s a “sayana” for which I thought he’d be not be as bad, but is crooked to the core. Its been driving me nuts and giving me really bad anxiety. I’ve met many monays, gursikhs, hindus, and I’ve seen that behavior listed above manifest in every single one of them. I’ve yet to come across a single person who I can say could be a good role model. From what I’ve seen, here are the stereotypes I’ve formed regarding people in our diaspora: punjabi: tend to be overt in exploitation, don’t hide it at all. Lie to your face. Know they can do it and get away with it. I rented a room with this guy from which I had to leave half way through the month cause apparently the Punjabi family that lived there didn’t own the house and they didn’t tell me that and the true owners didn’t approve of me staying there, I paid rent in full and since I had leave half way through the month when the real owners found out so I asked for the half back and I didn’t get it. Typical “de dangey” everytime for months until I gave up. gujaratis: worst of them all, very cunning and the absolute true consmen. They can’t get enough of playing stupid little games. Telling others people stuff to others, and just causing unnecessary drama all the <banned word filter activated> time. Literally, they don’t get tired of it. That’s where the “scammer indian” stereotype comes from I guess. I’d like to know what’s all y’all opinion about what I just shared. Where do y’all think we went wrong? How did it all started and our values deteriorated and we landed ourselves in the mess that we are in. especially for us sikhs, where our gurus have set countless examples through their actions as to how to maintain integrity and manifest a strong moral fiber in the face of a torturous death. thank you for reading. also, when I mention Punjabi’s I’m referring to both sikh and Hindus.
  3. Guest

    Bibi sangat

    Vaheguru jio I have an issue. I'm a bibi who has a another friend obv another bibi. We were both about to get and get blessed with amrit and then a few months before she fell off the path and now she's doing stupid kinds of things. Now she saying she wants to take amrit but only when she's ready and I'm thinking in my head like how are you ever gonna be ready if you're not doing anything towards it and I really don't understand her. I really need your help here what do I do I need her to take amrit with me I've done ardaas and everything help me.
  4. Guest

    New to Australia

    Hello Everyone, I don't know, how many of you here are from Australia but I just want to share recent experience with you all after coming to this place. I landed in Brisbane, Australia a month back for my masters in IT, I am an IT Graduate and having years of experience in the same field. I am married but came alone as my husband is well educated and having a good business in India. Right now he is not planning to come here. I am sikh but I dont hail from Punjab. So after a week I started to search for some part time work, I got one through reference in Indian Restaurant as It is really hard to get a part time work in IT, so I need to work somewhere not even for my expenses but for the days I am free. The owner of that Restaurant was Jatt, I was happy to work with our people, but after working there for 2 days, he started asking for a date(to go out with him on weekend) and to my surprise he was knowing I am married than also he said this. I just did not go there on the next day and left the job. Then i contacted one more person through some job sites, where he had posted the job for his grocery shop, and the same kind of thing happened, he was also punjabi asking me to stay near his house so that whenever required we can meet and hangout. I am not that good looking, i am Ok kind of innocent person. Yes people do say that I speak very softly and gently but I don't know why this kind to thing is happening to me. I am staying with Punjabi people who are more than selfish, They are like very different. punjabis are so unfair here, they pay less wages to students working with them, exploiting them. From all this and discussing this matter with some of my friends I came to know that punjabi girls for the sake of money just go along with anyone and everyone, that's why people here don't think before asking about going out with them and secondly, there are so many girls who just at the age of 18 or 19 gets married, so that the husband can finance her and both can come and settle abroad and after sometime they get divorced, means a kind of contract marriage. Well I just don't bother about what people do, but I actually don't know to how to apply for a good part time job in Brisbane, where I would not face these kinds of issues. i am actually afraid of my own community. Thankyou
  5. Guest

    paath problems

    WGJkKWGJKF. This may seem trivial but it's actually a lot deeper that it seems. I have a friend who I'm very close with literally family and they were treated quite badly (indirectly) by this other person. Now me and this other person don't talk as much now - we used to talk before but I just started changing my sangat when Maharaj blessed me into Sikhi so I dont talk to them as much anymore. Out of the blue, they asked me to attend a Sukhmani Sahib paath for their birthday. I don't know whether I should go. Part of me says yes because I really enjoy Sukhmani Sahib and I've never been to a paath and appreciated it or understood it since Maharaj blessed me into Sikhi and just being with Maharaj and how beautiful Sukhmani Sahib is really is making me want to go. However, they weren't nice to my friend and even now aren't very nice to them so I don't know whether going their with negative energy would be a good thing. Saadhsangat will have an answer - Guru Ji resides in saadhsangat so whatever you guys say I will do. WGJKKWGJKF.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=862201207267874&id=118779754943360&__tn__=*s*s-R
  7. Guest

    Saas giras simran help!!

    When i do saas giras simran, i feel as if there is no body any more and i get scared when i lose the senses for a few moments. I feel only sound and thats it. Once i open my eyes i have to feel my surroundings because i have to get back into the other senses of the body and try to become aware of the world again and if i am here. i get depersonalisation. Can someone help. What is happening to me and what do i do??
  8. So as you can see from topic title, I am struggling between sikhism and christianity atm. I have raised in christian family and everytime I try to "connect" with guru I remember things from my past what father have said about other religions: "you will never find peace from any other religion, they are from satan..." etc.... It haunts me SO much. Only thing I "desire" in this life is Love and happiness, thats all. For example when I chant shabads I can almost feel the presence of guru, when im starting to feel gurus love and joy etc. That moment is ruined by my fathers thoughts what he have said to me.... "Other religions are from satan, only christianity will bring you true peace" - yet I havent felt anything spiritual in christianity..... even I have been in church countless times. How to get rid off past religious beliefs? how I am going to find happiness as sikh? It is so frustrating when I am doing even small amount of progress to my path of sikhism and then my fathers "seed of hate and hesitation" starts to affect in my mind. EDIT: My mind is also strongly haunted by my father "dreams from god". He once saw a dream where Jesus said to him that I am lost case - that my soul is condemned to hell aldready, for worshipping other/"false" gods (waheguru, krishna etc.) This is one of thought that I cant get rid off... ----- offtopic: I have also been struggling alot with Question "what is meaning of my life". I feel so useless and worthless. I have asked it and tried to find it trought many religious point of view but I still cant see it. I have heard and read alot meaning of life in "common" like live in peace and love etc.... but how I am able to live in peace and love, without getting peace and love from god himself? its imbossible to spread it if you dont have it.
  9. Sat Shri Akal Sariya nu. I am a sikh and i met a girl(sikh) a month ago and i love her and so does she. we are kinda great match n similar in many aspects. we understand each other so well. Everything was going well and i told her once to tell her mom about me because i did not wanted that she should meet me by lying to her mom n come hiding every time to meet me. Basically i didn't wanted that she looses her mothers faith in her(thats whats most important in a daughter and mothers relationship). So she did tell her mom and first everything was okay and her mom told her after knowing my caste and i am not a PR of Canada that just end it right here with me and no more meeting,talking,texting. I really love her and respect that she cant go against her mother because her mother has gone through a lot in the family just because of her kids, so she doesn't want to take any step which will go against her mother from relatives sides. I respect and understand her decision of obeying her mom but why is this caste system causing problem?? I thought sikhs are either 'Singh' and 'Kaur' and guru nanak dev ji apposed the caste system then why are many sikh family still into this caste thing? She will not see me coz her mom told her to focus on studies for 3 years and its not the right time n moreover i m from different caste. I and she didn't wanted to get married until we both completed our studies and become something in life but just coz of this caste thing she cant see me or hangout with me. She talks to me thou. I told her to tell her mom that i wanted to talk to her so that i could sit and explain her how much i love her daughter and i m not marrying her or crossing my limits with her before marriage. I also wanted to tell her that we are not getting married until we finish our studies and become what we want to but she refused to talk to me. I and her our suffering coz her mom thinks that if her daughter gets married to me then their families respect is finished forever and society and relatives will trouble them and taunt them every time about her daughter marrying a guy of different caste. What the hell is all this? Even in this century people r thinking like this? I understand this might not be the right age but why cant we see each other or hang out? Its hard not the see the girl you love the most. Does anyone can help me in this that how should i take my next step or tell me your opinion?
  10. WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, I don´t want to sound like a pansy, so please try to undersand me... I am 17 year old keshdhari boy liviing outside UK, canada( outside Sikh populated country)... I am the only Sikh boy at my school and locally.. In my live I only almost had Gore/ arabic/ turkey friends etc.. not really sikh firends.. and everything was fine until 3years ago .. I had many friends at my school and in my class and stuff.. we all were close and had lot of fun until e graduate and splitted up.. After that all got worse.. I often felt lonely.. and noone could really understand me.. I don´t know it was like the happiness in my life was gone.. So I come closer to Sikhi - and after some time this happiness come back.. I did many of researcha and stuff... And I almost agreed with everythin in Sikhi.. But sincec last -4 months this happiness is gone again.. I often feel lonely .. and like I have no real/true friends that understand me and that I can talk to.. I have some close friends but we rarely meet.. only 1- 2 x in a month.. and if we meet we just watch a movie or stuff... but don´t talk about deeper things like we did before.. It is like we drift apart.. I knew them for about 7-8 years know.. and since we split up after school.. we rarely met.. and so we drifted apart... It is like.. I want a person I can share my thoughts view and feelings with and have lots of fun...I am usually a crazy funny guy.. but in the last years my mood was very depressive... I never went out... only 2-3 in a months... I am just sitting in front of the computer.. and surfing web and all the stuff.. So I thought I can mae some friends in the Gurudwara.. maybe they feel like me .. Although we are a small community here... I think they must went´some other brothers must went through this as well... So I started having some conversation with other sikh boys.. The problem is that there aren´t many.. and if there are some they have already friends.. I mean they are all close to each other , like they are in a clique or something ( the sikh boys in gurudwara).. So I tried having some good time etc.. and I had some great laughs with them.. that go on for some time about 3-4 months... But no one really wanted to meet with me... I don´t understand why.. I am not douchebag or something.. It is just like I am the fifth wheel... And they don´t want to have some one more in their "group/clique" whatever.. So I am in kinda dilemma... I have no real friends... I can met at 7 pm and relaxx out, having a conversation about life and stuff.... or something.. My mone /gore friends... become moer domestic as well.. they don´t want to meet and stuff... They rather want to play Playstation/Xbox and stuff.. So I am only at home.. and I don´t want to go out alone... I don´t know what should I do.. this makes me really upset.. I know Waheugur is everywhere... and stuf... but do you understand what I mean? Please help... I am grateful for all responses... thanks....
  11. Guest

    Beard Not Coming

    i am 21 years old and i still dont have beard and moustache,,there is a bit of it below chin though.. i feel very ashamed when i see singhs of below my age with heavy beard and moustache...........is there any solution to it plzz help
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