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Found 2 results

  1. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Monday admitted some Congress members were probably involved in the 1984 riots, in which innocent people had died. "Some Congressmen were probably involved...There is a legal process through which they have gone through... Some Congressmen have been punished for it," he said in an interview to Times Now news channel. Referring to his grandmother and late prime minister Indira Gandhi's loss in 1977 Lok Sabha elections, he said: "The people who came with my grandmother, those people who stood by my grandmother, were Sikhs." "Pretty much everyone had deserted my grandmother but the Sikhs were standing with my grandmother. I think the Sikhs are probably one of the industrious people in this country. I admire them; we have a PM who is a Sikh," Gandhi said, referring to Manmohan Singh. Gandhi said he did not have the same world view as opposition parties. "What those two people did to my grandmother, was two individuals, I don't turn around and take my anger which existed then, frankly, it doesn't exist now and brush it onto an entire community, that's just not me," he said. "I do not take my anger which existed on two individuals who did something evil and wrong and overlay it on millions of people. I think that's criminal. Did the Sikh riots take place in Delhi? Absolutely. Were they completely wrong? Absolutely," Gandhi said. Asked why does he not apologise for 1984 riots, Gandhi said: "Innocent people died in 1984 and innocent people dying is a horrible thing and should not happen." http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/Some-Congressmen-Probably-Involved-in-1984-Riots-says-Rahul/2014/01/27/article2023006.ece The Narendra Modi government was responsible for "abetting and pushing" the 2002 Gujarat riots while the Congress government tried to stop the 1984 riots, Rahul Gandhi said in his first sit-down television interview without apologizing for the anti-Sikh violence following assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh guard. Pitted against Modi in a virtual presidential-style contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi said he was not scared of him and claimed that the Congress would defeat the BJP. Making a direct attack on Modi, he said, "The fact of the matter is that innocent people died in 1984 and innocent people dying is a horrible thing and should not happen. The difference between Gujarat and 1984 was that the government of Gujarat was involved in the riots." Asked in an interview on Times Now how he could say that when Modi has been given a clean chit by the courts, Gandhi said, "...he was the chief minister when the Gujarat riots happened... The government in Gujarat was actually abetting and pushing the riots further." Seeking to differentiate the role of governments during the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and 2002 in Gujarat, he said, "The simple difference is that in 1984, the government was not involved in the massacre of people. In Gujarat it was." Asked if he would apologize for the 1984 riots, Gandhi said, "First of all, I wasn't involved in the riots at all. It wasn't that I was a part of it." At the same time, he admitted that "some Congress men were probably involved. http://www.indiawest.com/news/16505-rahul-gandhi-declines-to-apologize-for-1984-anti-sikh-riots.html
  2. http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/i-don-t-care-if-i-m-killed-one-day-like-my-grandmother-and-father-rahul-gandhi/295375?ndtv_rhs Possibly all of India is laughing at his childish comments such as Beant Singh used to play Badminton with me, foolish speeches such as 25,000 mosquitoes bite me etc. etc. Why is he doing so, probably even he does not know, I don't think he has any agenda, he just comments whatever comes without even thinking.
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