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Found 3 results

  1. In other thread, while the sikhs were busy waiting about the coming back of Kalki (vishnu 10th avatar) to come and save them --perhaps because the kirpan our dasam pita gave us has rusted , hence we rather wait for the dasam vishnu (kalki) , the rss has launched a fresh attack on sikhi by its usual tactic -- distorting history and assimilation of sikhs into hindu fold. In the new hindu textbooks launched by RSS , Guru Arjan dev ji sahib is called a "Gau bhakt" (cow worshipper) and encourages all hindus to "become" like Guru Gobind Singh , as if Guru Gobind Singh ji were an ordinary mortal . Guru Arjan dev shahadat was a sacrifice for 'Sampoorna Hindu Samaj'. There are also objections to some historical facts represented in these books. Then there're books named 'Guruputra Fateh Singh Zorawar Singh', 'Guru Tegh Bahadur' and 'Guru Gobind Singh' in particular, about whose content there is unrest. Guru Gobind Singh ji , which to us is a guru/prophet has been compared to an ordinary mortal , Shivaji , the founder of maratha empire. This is blasphemy to another level. Sikhi and Khalsa has been reduced to "Hindu power house" (against invaders) in these books Now will you still say "hindus and sikhs have close brotherly relationship" ? "nau maas da rishta" my foot ! Even the author , a hindu brother himself is appaled by the kind of evil agenda and craap in these books . WAKE UP SIKHS ! WAKE UP ! they want to slowly hinduize the coming sikh generations by such education source :http://www.catchnews.com/india-news/how-hindutva-groups-are-provoking-sikhs-by-meddling-in-their-community-affairs-112771.html
  2. Cyber sangat, I rarely come to this forum any more, because of time and stuff, but there is something important I would like to share with the admins and posters on this site. I have made this topic to make you aware of this rat who goes under the tag "DTF". He has also used the tag "UKlondonsikh" and "1699gupt" or something or the other. I have been told he is sunnybond. He is a major supporter of the missionaries and promotes their lies as much as he can. This rat has been peddling lies on Sikhawareness and when questioned on them has left and I tried to contact him here via pm but the rat doesnt reply. He has made allegations against Sri Dasam Granth (usual stock arguments of the missionairies), made allegations against Damdami Taksal, Sant Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale etc. Ask him to provide evidence and he runs, but the damage is left there for everyone to see. I would like to ask the mods, (is Mehtab Singh still the main mod/admin here?) to keep an eye on this guy and not let him create any mischief here, and delete any posts that he makes that he cannot substantiate.
  3. There are rats which usually come at right in my kitchen. I got the RAT TRap from supermarket. There is a bait which then kills it. I feel sad when RAT gets killed but i have no other option. There are RATS which i am afraid can cause food contamination. Is it right to kill them.
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