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Found 11 results

  1. I've just recently gotten into Sikhi, and need help dealing with a problem at home. I don't know what to do. My brother recently had his "gf" move into our home. She is not an apne, she is Muslim. She always makes rude remarks towards me, if I tell her to do one simple thing she will over exaggerate everything to my brother who will then yell at me, and sometimes even resort to violence. I barely talk now a days. She also steals my clothes and shoes, because she knows I can't do anything about it. I told my parents about it and they don't care. It just saddens me, and ever since she came I hav
  2. As you all are probably aware that I am engaged to this girl . However lately I am feeling gloomy since yesterday i think because for some reason I feel sad that I am marrying for lifetime to someone who I am not attracted to . I feel a big void in my life and as if in that void there can't be anything except pain and sorrow. Whenever me and my fiance talk to each other over phone, I never feel like intimacy , I feel like when will this call end , because it gets so odd and I don't know what to talk next. I feel like I fool myself into believing i like talking to her , however perhaps I
  3. Hi eveyone, Please take sometime to read my post and advise accordingly...thank you Im a sikh living in foreign country who has been speaking with a girl in india for nearly 8 months. Everytime i call, i say and ask everything. She tells me everything i ask but has never asked me about my hobbies, interests, job etc. Her mom always tell me and my parents my daughter speaks very little, is too nice and very shy and once she comes here, she will open up. I speak with her 3 times every week for nearly an hr and i do the talking, she listen...replies to me but doesnt ask me anything
  4. Guest

    Single and Sad

    I'm a very simple, shy girl. I am not a strict Sikh but I believe in and trust Waheguru. Im turning 30 this year and I want to find the right man to share my life with and start a family with. I never dated and I've always been socially shy. I dont have any friends or family who I can rely on to arrange a rishta for me. The loneliness never affected me before but I am feeling it now. I have tried online dating and met a few guys. But they all lose interest in me because going out partying and drinking isn't my cup of tea. I feel lost and I dont know where to meet my partner. I am afraid I will
  5. We have youth in punjab cutting there hair an turning there back on sikhi an turning to drugs Do you believe another bhindranwale will be born who will turn people away from drugs back to sikhi an being proud sardars
  6. Guest

    Being Sikh/punjabi

    Hello everyone im in the united states marine corps and i am a punjabi and my religion sikh and there isn't a lot of us in the marines ha im making this topic cause im sad for punjabi's and also sikhs i say this cause im orginally from NY and theres alot of us there but what im saying to you i believe isnt what everyone thinks its just me so ill leave us and ours out of this. i have never been on this forum or even try to look for something like this but i want to see if there is anyone else that believes what i believe about what i have to say and i apologize before hand in what i have to say
  7. Guest

    Sad Tale To My Story

    Dear Sadh Sangat Ji, I ended up in a situation, which I am quite disheartened and confused. I was dating a Sikh girl, for the past 6 months, and felt like she was someone right for me. Unfortunately, my parents didn't agree with the marriage, even though there was nothing wrong with the girl. My parents told me to try going to India, even though I didn't want to, my parents said, maybe you'll find someone right for you there, I agreed after my parents said that if you dont find anyone, you can marry the girl. I went to India, they showed me 7 girls, all of them honesty I wasn't personally at
  8. Guest

    weird feelings

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. This has been happening for ages now. i'll be happy one minute then suddenly it just hits on me and i feel extremeley down. I tr yand try to look happy and i think of happy things, but then i just give up and am back to my normal self. almost depressed. I just start missing people suddenly, not anyone, but gursikhs that i've met, like really good raagis and chardikala people, then i dont know i just cry and listen to kirtan all night. I'm an amritdhari girl, in high school starting collenge next year but i don't even want to. I mean, what if you die
  9. Guest

    Dont Know What To Do?

    Well I grew my hair for 17 years.. and I feel like cutting it. I grew it long because of my mum and dad and cos they don't want me doing fashion or anything .. my dad cuts his hair, my mum grew her hair but because of age its not as long as mine. I cant paint my nails, do makeup, wear dresses/skirts. when I was young I could but as I grew up.. in yr6 things changed. I don't care about dresses or skirts or makeup. I feel like cutting my hair as its too long and cos im not religious im confused. my siblings had long hair but my bro and sis cut theres cos my bro couldn't handle his so my dad
  10. Guest

    psychiatric help

    waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh is it improper for an amritdharee to seek psychiatric help? i know we are supposed to take refuge in gurujee alone, but lets say someone needs some sort of psychiatric help. would it be considered a weakness in the person's sikhee just because they chose to go to a psychiatrist? thank you for reading waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh
  11. Dear Sangat ji, One thing I have realized is the whole world is obsessed with sex, posters on this forum are obsessed by the fact that they are addicted to pornography or are obsessed with kaam or maybe they have had sexual relationships already. I was always interested in getting married when I was younger, in fact as a young man, I was hoping that I would be married off when I was 24, it never happend. I never decided to have sex even at that early stage, because I believed in the notion of waiting till marriage. I think these these days, no one does, and the fallacy of expecting your wife
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