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Found 9 results

  1. A reminder to those outside and inside the Paanth both In 1975, a Hindu man came to Bhai Fauja Singh desperately begging for help. His wife had been picked up by the police and they were gang raping her. Bhai Fauja Singh went to the police station, freed the woman and punished the police officers. He was sent to jail for his actions. Throughout his time as a leader in the Dharm Yudh Morcha, Baba Jarnail Singh ensured that those who attacked and assaulted women were dealt with severely, and that any woman who was being assaulted were freed.
  2. all saints are celebrities, agree or disagree? Is a saint someone who has unique talents, and does well for the world? so why cant Ronaldo be a saint? if anyone knows him personally and would like to comment, please do
  3. Waheguru Ji ka khalsa waheguru Ji Ki FATEH JI, ji mahapurash apne bachan wapas leh sakde ne jere kite hon? Can a Mahapurash take bachans back. For example if we pray and do ardas for Mahapurash to take back what they said to us about our wish and make it happen? Turn their no to yes?
  4. Sant Baba Bhagwan Singh Ji Rara Sahib Begowal on gian of sadhus
  5. I am going to India for a vacation in a few days but in truth i wanna get fixed inside, like i have a spiritual problem but i dont know how to fix i have tried doing simran, seva nitem, kirtan, listening to katha, listening to stories of saints, etc and basically this is what happens i start doing it for example one day i will have a burning desire to meditate on god the whole day like i dont care if i die as long as i can taste god naam and experience it but this happens to me a few times in a month then i lose my hunger or thrist for mediation and the experience i feel for some reason then this repeats and has been happening for 6 years I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING WRONG BUT I DO KNOW I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG. like also if i dont meditate on god name i go crazy like i dont sleep that much/ dont feel like eating, do work or anything, basically i feel like not living anymore when i dont meditate and then i get some meditation so i get a small taste of what can come then it goes away like i dont know whats wrong but i hope to seek help and fix it. i will like a dark hole with nothing to fill but i know meditation will help me but then i keep stopping i know there is something i am doing something wrong. So my plan is to vist saints/Gurusikh's and ask them since they are closer to waheuguru and they probably can see what is going inside of me, like can anyone know of some saint, brahm giani, high spiritual gurusikh's becuase i will could like to do there sangat, and learn from them how to be a gurusikh and what my problem is and how to fix it. I know that gurusikh's that are high spirtual probally dont wanna talk since they in love with waheguru and in eternal Anand. this is a benti to the sat sangat i am like a lost child and i beg of the sat guru's sangat to help me find the gurusikh's/saint's/Brahmgiani's becuase i am stuck and if i dont get this problem fixed i am going to go crazy, i dont wanna waste this precious life guru gave me in the sikh spirtual path and i dont wanna waste my life doing nothing and then going to God's court to be born and die again and again i was be free from this life/Maya, this is my last leg like i dont know what else to do other then ask the guru's sangat. you can private message me if you dont feel comfortable talking in public post. I have tried everything my small mind and understanding of sikhi could do now i seek help of the ones that are further on there spiritual path to help a sikh that has fallen of the path and is trying to get back up. thank you for taking time to read this post may Sat Guru bless you all Jan Nānak ḏẖūṛ mangai ṯis gursikẖ kī jo āp japai avrah nām japāvai. ||2||Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that GurSikh, who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. This a list of gurumukh's i have researched, anyone know anymore? Sant Giani Inderjit Singh Raqbe Wale Sant Mohan Singh ji Bhindran Wale Sant Manjit Singh ji Harkhowal Wale Sant Darshan Singh Ji Dhakki Sahib Wale Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj Sant Baba Sukha Singh Ji Baba Hari Singh Ji Singh Sahib Jathedar Akali Baba Prem Singh Nihang 96 Crori
  6. Jogi Mauj Ali Awaisi with his dogs
  7. Saw this n like it. Can't find any shabads on them, anybody help?
  8. WJK WJF, in the title, if you were to meet a Saint, what things would you say that would be pleasing to them, how would you show your love for them, how would you speak?
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