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  1. A collection of Sakhis from SikhismGuide.net https://www.sikhismguide.net/sakhis-of-the-gurus-moral-stories/ A Sakhi is a parable usually from the era during the times of the Gurus. However, many sakhis do exist from the period before and after the times of the Ten Gurus. Most Sakhis have a simple moral lesson and highlight important Sikh principles. Below is the list of important Sakhis with a message for Sikhs. Revival of Manak Chand Guru Amar Das Ji, the third Guru of Sikhs purchased some land in Goindwal and laid the foundation of a Bawli (a well with descending steps) in 1559. All Sikhs joined in the work of digging the Bawli. There was great activity throughout the construction of the Bawli. After digging very deep, they found large stones which hindered the progress. The underwater reserve was just below the stones. The Guru asked the Sikhs if there was any one who would be courageous to drive a peg into the base to remove the obstruction. He, however, warned that the operation had great danger because if the person could not avert the gush of water, he might drown.All Sikhs remained silent and no one came forward to take such a risk. At last, Manak Chand of Vairowal, who was married to a niece of Guru Ji, offered his services. Manak Chand, invoking God’s name and through the grace of the Guru, was able to wedge through the stone and the stream of water immediately overflowed the Bawli. He was overtaken by the gush of water and drowned. However, by the grace of the Guru, his body came to the top of the water from where he was taken out by Sikhs. He was then brought back to life by Guru Amar Das Ji with the grace of God. Therefore, he was called ‘Marjiwra’ (revived after death).The Bawli when finished yielded fresh drinkable water. The Sikhs rejoiced at the successful completion of their labor. Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled to a number of places, including Saidpur, now known as Eminabad. Before Guru Ji arrived at Saidpur, the word has spread in the whole city that a holy man is going to visit their town. Malik Bhago was the chief of the town. He was a corrupt person and who had earned a lot of wealth through unfair means. He would charge extra tax to the poor farmers and would take most of their crop, leaving them hungry. He had become a wealthy person by taking other’s belongings. When Malik heard the news of Guru Ji’s arrival, he started preparing for Guru’s stay at his house. https://www.sikhismguide.net/sakhis-of-the-gurus-moral-stories/
  2. Guest

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Marriage

    where did ik onkar come from? because i thought it came from when Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to meet Vaheguru when they went missing in the river for some days, but then wasn't Guru Nanak Dev Ji married before that, and didn't they get married around a piece of paper with ik onkar written on it?
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    Share sakhi's and kirtan.

    VJKK VJKF I thought it would be beneficial if I started a thread where everyone could share sakhi's and kirtan. It is important that we know sakhi's and we listen to kirtan. Not only will it benefit everyone else but it will benefit us, we will get closer to Guruji. So everyone please do feel free to share any kirtan or sakhi's on this thread. VJKK VJKF
  4. Sakhi from the life of Sant Harnam Singh Ji. It is worth mentioning another incident concerning Dr Kartar Singh that made his faith in Gurbani firmer and gave him deeper insight into the faith. In the inspirational company and guidance of Baba Ji he was now of the firm conviction that “Gurbani is the Guru and Guru is the Bani”, but his father and other members of the family had no such faith. In fact, they were followers of a living Guru1 . They were followers of the Nirankari sect based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, who’s Guru at the time was Baba Ratta Singh. (The sect is still in existence and its present Guru is Baba Hara Singh). The Guru of this sect taught that a living Guru is required for salvation and would himself sit on a soft throne whilst Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was placed on a bookstand beside his stage. The common masses would bow to him and in his discourses he would quote Gurbani yet maintain that, understanding of Gurbani could only come through the living Guru. He would emphatically state that no spiritual progress could be made without the living Guru. His view was that, the person who teaches you Gurbani, is the true living Guru. Gurbani Is The Only Guru On the contrary, Dr Kartar Singh was a firm believer of Gurbani and that it was the true Guru. His elder sister Bibi Prem Kaur, who lived in Lahore, had an Akhand path (a continuous, non stop recital of the entire scriptures of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji usually over two days. Literally akhand – without break, path - prayer or hymns) performed at her house. Bibi Prem Kaur had specifically invited Baba Ji to grace the occasion along with all her relatives and friends to the bhog ceremony (this is the ceremony at end of a religious act or deed to thank God). S. Avtar Singh Daler (who was her brother in law), squadron leader Surat Singh (her eldest brother), wing commander Murat Singh 1. Living Guru: Doctor Kartar Singh’s father and other members of the family were followers of Narankari Darbar of Baba Rattan Singh of Rawal pindi And believed in the physical form of a Guru. Baba Hara Singh Ji was the present head of that Dera. 112 (her younger brother) and some other devotees arrived at the akhand path a day early. In the evening, Dr Kartar Singh’s father arrived with Baba Ratta Singh Ji, whom they all revered as the living Guru. The family greeted him with garlands of flowers and led him to a specially built and decorated room to stay in for the duration of the akhand path. After light refreshments, the congregation went for an audience with Baba Ratta Singh. Dr Kartar Singh and his friends struck up a conversation on the issue of “Gurbani being the true Guru.” The issue was discussed and debated late into the evening. Several hours of contentious debate yielded no firm answer to the question and finally an exasperated Dr Kartar Singh resolved,” We must decide once and for all tonight whether Gurbani is the true Guru or a living Guru is required.” A Strange Suggestion – Baba Ji’s Firm Faith Dr Kartar Singh said excitedly,” This discussion won’t end. We clearly need an evident, yes or no answer. I have a novel suggestion. We will side with and believe whoever can materialize 5 kilograms of Kashmiri apples through their spiritual prowess in the presence of the congregation. The entire congregation fell silent for a few minutes. At last Dr Kartar Singh’s father broke the silence and said contentiously, ”First of all, you should ask your Bhai Sahib (Baba Ji was called Bhai Sahib then) if he agrees to the conditions of your strange challenge? We too will consult with our Guru over this matter. Dr Kartar Singh Ji and his friends left the congregation and went to Baba Ji’s room. He told Baba Ji about the discussion and the condition he had set to resolve the issue of whether “Gurbani is the Guru.” Baba Ji listened patiently about the whole incident, paused for a few moments and replied, “If it is a question of upholding the honour, prestige and sanctity of Gurbani, the embodiment of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, then not just 5 but 10 kilograms of apples will materialize amidst the congregation. It is not a big task for the true Guru. We simply have to pray to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The true Guru will fulfil our prayers.” On hearing these robust, resolute and faith imbued words from Baba Ji the devotees spontaneously hailed, “ Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal” (means - true is the timeless Lord, exalted are the ones who declare this) in unison. They all went to the room of the living Guru and said “The followers of Gurbani, the true Guru are willing to materialize 10 kilograms of apples, instead of 5 kg. So please tell us where you stand.” 113 On hearing these fervent words the living Guru simply backed out of the demand and said that he does not believe in such miracles being performed. He further added that he had been invited to the house and insulted. Protesting thus, he left hastily during the night before dawn of the next day. In the morning, after the bhog ceremony “Gurbani is the true Guru” was the topic of discussion in the congregation. After kirtan (singing of hymns) was performed, Baba Ji explained the meanings of the hukamnama taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the whole congregation. He specially instructed the sangat that who so ever wants to attain spiritual enlightenment through Gurbani must first take into their hearts the Guru’s instruction. The instruction to all Sikhs is to be initiated into the spiritual path of Sikhism by taking amrit (baptism). Baptism is administered by the Panj Pyara’s (five beloved ones) in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, as ordained by the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
  5. Guarding Gurudwaras There is an army of Shaheed Singhs that have been ordered by Guru Sahib to constantly protect Gurdwaras and Gursikhs. They are the special forces of Guru Sahib and completely one with him. They are very powerful and even greater than the Hindu gods who do not have as much power. The Shaheed Singhs dress in old Khalsa bana, either blue or sometimes white, and also carry many shastars. Although they usually go about in secret and cannot be seen, at times they make themselves visible. These Shaheed Singhs have been seen during the 1947 Partition, guarding Gurdwaras and at other times have helped Singhs protect Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Shaheed Singhs & Singhnia in the SaadhSangat There was an incident at the second Bangor based Khalsa Camp. I was given seva in the Darbar sahib. I was standing at the back on the Darbar Sahib during a late night keertan darbar. Bhai Rama Singh Ji was sitting down quite close to me. The keertan was very Chardikala, and the sangat was mast in Waheguru Simran. The lights had been switched, but for a lamp near Guru Maharaj. Everyone was deeply engrossed in Bani. There was bibi who attended the camp. It had quite a bit of impact on her, and she was getting Biaraig in the keertan. At the side of the darbar there was a double door out to a garden area. Suddenly the closed doors flung open. Feeling the weather was not too good, I walked over and closed reclosed them. At this point, the keertan was every higher in Chardikala. The bibi had become so mast in Bani, that she was physically affected. The bibi then turned and did matah tek, and stayed in that position, and sat again in Guru ji presence, and was even more mast. The whole sangat was highly engrossed in Naam and Bani. The keertan went on till quite late and was very memorable. The next day, after Amritvela, myself and Bhai Rama Singh ji were sitting in the langar hall sharing a meal. It is possible there were other Gursikhs there as well. Bhai Sahib and I were talking about the keertan the night before. We were both agreeing it was really excellent; we felt blessed to have experienced those darbars. I asked Bhai sahib about the bibi. I said why did she matte tek in the other direction? Bhai sahib replied, ‘Did you not see them?’ I replied, ‘See who?’ Bhai sahib said, ‘The shaheed Singhs who entered the Darbar. They came to join the SadhSangat. She bowed to them.’ I became highly intrigued by this. I said, ‘Bhai sahib, tell me about them?’ He replied, ‘Its no matter really, if you did not see, then forget about it.’ I was not going to let this drop, so I began harrasing him and kept it up for a few minutes. Eventually Bhai Sahib came around, and starting talking. He said ‘They are special souls who came to listen to Bani in the SadhSangat.’ Upon detailed questioning Bhai sahib revealed, extremely reluctantly, a basic description of the shaheedan. He said, ‘Their faces glow of redness, and their eyes shine. They have strong builds. They wear full bana, (as in a blue chola), and are always shasterdhari (laden with weapons). 'There are Singhs and Singhnia, both wear cholas (blue) and adorn dhumallas. They have khandas on these dumallas. They come with specific purposes upon the Hukam of Akaal.’ I kept pressing Bhai sahib for more, but he was very relunctant and told me to just Naam aap. But I was young, and really interested, and Bhai Sahib knew he could not distract me. I asked tell me more about them. But he kept saying, forget it. ‘Eventually to stop me, he said, do you know _______ Singh in UK? They all look like that. Now let’s go to the lecture.’ I have not mentioned the Gursikhs name because he is still alive and does seva in the jatha in UK. I think most people will guess who it is anyway. When you go to rainsbhais, there is always one elder that stands out. A few weeks later, Bhai sahib and I were at a Gursikh's house in Southall. A youth had drawn a sketch, it was of a scene of 1984, showing the damaged Siri Akal Thakht Sahib. In the sky through the clouds he had drawn Shaheed Singhs coming to the Akal Thakht. The scene was amazing. Both myself and Bhai Sahib looked at it for some time. I am not sure what the inspiration was for that youth, but the picture he had drawn was amazing. Shaheeds answer Fateh Bhai Soorat Singh was a Gursikh who even in 1949 used to do yatra of Hemkunt Sahib. He said, “Every year I would go from Gurdwara Gobind Dham to Hemkunt Sahib and in the evening return back. I would do the bhog of a sehaj paath there in 15 or 16 days. When I would o paath there though, I wouldn’t speak but sometimes it seemed to me that the Gurdwara Sahib was filled with Singhs and sometimes there was no one. On the day of the bhog, I finished by saying a Fateh! And to my surprise, it was answered by 16 Singhs sitting in the sangat. Five or six of them were wearing blue clothes and the rest were wearing white. All had shastars. One Singh stood and said, “Bhai Sahib, do not doubt us. We are 16 Shaheed Singhs in this Gurdwara and many others also go around here.” Incident at the Sarovar Many times I would spend the night in the veranda and I would hear the keertan of Asa di //. Once, at 3:15, I was sitting in the veranda when I saw a being riding a white lion who came and bathed in the sarovar only to straddle the lion and ride off again. Singh protecting the tent of a Sant The Shaheed Singhs also stay with Gursikhs at all times. During the time of Sant Attar Singh jee, it was seen that a Singh riding a horse would circumambulate Sant jee’s tent. The tent was on the banks of the Jehlum, and the horse would go on the three sides which were faced by land, but also on the fourth side which was the river Jehlum. The rider would yell out a jaikara as well. When Sant jee was asked about this, he said that Shaheed Singhs do come and protect Gursikhs but those that can see this should not tell others. Guarding Singhs Naam Abhyaasi Gursikh Subedaar Baghael Singh once told me that in Shaheedi Fauj of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is properly organised and there are several Generals in it. Bhai Bachitter Singh is one of the top most Generals in Shaheedi Fauj. Subedaar Baghael Singh told me that he personally once got darshan of Bhai Bachitter Singh Ji. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji once casually mentioned to a Singh that there are always 4 Singhs present in the Narangwal area (Bhai Sahib’s pind) to guard the Singhs there. Baba Harnaam Singh of Rampurkhera is said to have had several encounters with Shaheed Singhs. Shaheed Singh in the Gurudwara At a gurdwara sahib I went to regularly, the double doors to the gurdwara main hall which faced outside would swing open by themselves sometimes. There would be no wind at all and all of a sudden, they would open. This was not during a time when there was much sangat, but just me standing there. This happened on a few occassions but did not happen after that time. Once when coming to the gurdwara sahib late at night, I was on the road in the car and looked at the gurdwara’s window. The light of the main hall was on and I noticed the outline of a Singh with round dastar and open beard walking by the window. When we came in, there was no one, and we found that everyone was asleep and no one was up at that time when I asked the next day. I’m sure I saw a Singh though. Ever-present As a young child of about 3 holding my late dad’s finger and walking along one evening reciting Rehrass . . . I distinctly remember hearing hoof beats following us at the back . . . when I turned to have a look, my dad reprimanded me and said, “Dont look back. It is a Shaheed Singh Ji and he is following us because we are reciting Gurbani. At age 12 due to some financial difficulties my dad and mum had to work out station and we children were left on our own. I being the ledest was in charge. We would go upstairs to our second storey balcony and gaze far to see dad coming back every evening. One night we waited until almost midnight and dad still hadnt tunred up…suddenly we heard a neighing sound and a Shastar Dharee Singh Ji on a White Horse so tall that it reached up to the second story balcony appeared in front of us in a shining white light and we heard a voice that dad was in the local hospital in a coma due to an accident. I quickly got downstairs and cycled five miles to the local hospital and sure enough there was my dad with two broken arms after being involved in a motor accident…the surgeon wanted to shave his arms for an operation to reset the badly smashed bone and he awoke just in time to say no way . . . he healed very well without any surgery. Later my dad related to me that this particular shaheed singh was a Bhai Darshan Singh who had been martyred in a Battle with a Muslim soldier and he had been appearing regularly in our hour of need. In 1975 while in Singapore, i was on a road shoulder of a busy road waiting to cross and somehow i got so engrossed in my paath that i ddint realise i had stepped on the road and begun crossing..right in front of a speeding bus . . . suddenly i got such a strong “kick” that I went flying to the opposite side…safe and sound but shocked at a narrow escape..when i reached home . . . my dad was on the phone from Kuala Lumpur 250 miles away scolding me for being so careless . . . if not for Shaheed darshan Singh Ji he told me I would be history by now. The last thing my dad told me before he left this world in 1984 was that a very major event is about to take place in Punjab and that he was going to join the shaheed faujaan as a nimana soldier . . . he had taken a hukmnama a week before and knew his end was near . . . just four weeks later Bluestar took place. These are a few of my own personal experiences with this special aspect of “spiritual” life. as far as i know these are not “bhoots” or roohaan as we normally think of. They are special forces and they have their own rules and practises most of which are beyond our realm. Mostly they keep out of our way but on ocassion if help is warranted they do help. Thats all I caa say with conviction. Dastaar for a Shaheed Singh One day a middle aged Sikh came to our house. My mom gave him a siropa (dastaar) as present but he refused and said this siropa does not belong to him as the house is being guarded by shaheed singhs, and the person whom this should go to one day will come and get it from you. An incident at Sri Harmandir Sahib During a visit to Darbar Sahib, Amritsar I noticed the following things happening at Amrit Vela. The Sangat was finishing the last few minutes of Sukhmani Sahib, waiting for the doors to the cause way to be opened, when there was an instantaneous strong whirl wind accompanied by a drop in temperature, it went real icy even though moments before it was a hot and humid night. A couple of hours later, Guru Ji’s Saroop was being carried along the cause way to Darbar Sahib, again a strong wind occurred in seconds and the temperature plummeted dramatically. I noticed the pattern repeating over several days, same time, same place with the same changes. I was told the opening of the doors for the Sangat after Darbar Sahib’s Ishnan seva and Guru Sahib Ji’s arrival, are very important moments and protected by many Shaheed Singhs. The strong wind was caused by their arrival . . . and the purity of their souls was such that even the intense heat of the environment was cooled instantly by their presence. Present at Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Hazoori A Singh I know used to do Sri Japjee Sahib roals for Akhand Paths early on, he had only just taken Amrit and the roles used to be the hard ones i.e. 12-2am, 2am-4am, etc. He used to get drowsy/sleepy whilst doing the roles and used to start seeing Singhs occurring and disappearing whilst walking up the red carpet to Maharaj’s Hazoori and this used to freak him out and keep him awake. At other times he used to actually see a Singh standing next to him (whilst on the role) with full bana and barsha (spear) in hand, this also used to send a chill down his spine and he used to start reading the Path with a renewed vigour and fear. After he narrated these experiences to a few Singhs they never ocuured again. The point of narrating this is not to argue in anyway the validity of doing Sri Japji Sahib roals, but rather to emphasise the presence of Shaheed Singhs in Maharaj’s Hazoori and especially in Sri Akhand Paths. Clattering of hooves at Amritvela At other times in Amrit Vela - the clattering of hooves of horses on stairs has awoken many Gursikhs. Maharaj awakes his Gursikhs himself. Darshan of Shaheed Singhs in a dream Imprisoned Gursikhs have told me how they feared what dire consequences they may undergo and questioned whether Shaheed Singhs would protect them. One of them told me that he had Darshan of 3 Shaheed Singhs in a dream (all 3 were in blue bana with Shastars), on the night he was imprisoned and he never feared anything whilst in jail as he knew the Shaheed Singhs would look after him. Guru Gobind Singh Ji in command 1984 attack - recently a Kathavachak who has great knowledge of the movement narrated experiences of Operation Blue Star. He said during the attack a Singh was on top of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib and he could see Sri Guru Gobind Singh at Darshan Deori - he shouted loudly and then narrated how Maharaj went to Darbar Sahib and paid his respects and upon return gave out chole bhatoore to the Singhs in battle. Maharaj himself is present in all major battles of Sikhs and Shaheed Fauja are present also, either in human form (born again for this purpose) or spiritual form. The Power from Shaheed Singhs There was a Rainsbhai Kirtan organised by the Jatha in 1998 - to commemorate the 20 years since 1978 (in Slough, UK). A lot of gifted Gursikhs were present in the Sangat and the majority of the Kirtan turned into Simran only. Some of the youth did not enjoy the Rainsbhia that much due it mostly being Simran - but a lot of the gifted Gursikhs felt that it was the Shaheed Singhs who created this atmosphere of Simran repitition. At the Gates of Sachkhand Once, a Sikh I know, went into a state of mind where he almost died. He hit the gates of Sachkhand, walking through a tunnel and came to a Light. When he saw the light he saw beautiful gardens and heard Gurbani! But then he saw so many Singhs in bana. He go scared so turned around. Then a spirit asked him where he was going (this was the spirit of Baba Deep Singh) he said, ‘Bhai Sahib you have won your place here, why are you turning away! These are the gates to Sachkhand. Then why are you outside?’ The spirit of Bhanda Singh Bahadur now rises and replies ‘We have not finished our duty. We wait to fight the battles for Khalsa Raj again! When it is established we will be there fighting for it too! We will be there to witness the day Khalsa has Victory!’ Protected from a stalker I heard a story about a very Chardikala bibi who was coming back from the Gurdwara late at night. She saw a man standing infront of her with a knife. As she approached him he looked scared and backed off. A week later the man was caught by the police and arrested, being a murder suspect. The bibi was asked to come to the police station and identify him. She pointed him out and asked the officer if she could talk to the man. He said yes. She asked him, ‘When you saw me that night walking home alone, there was no one about, it was dark, you could have easily got away with it, so why didn’t you attack me?’ He replied, ‘Are you mad?! What about those two guys that were standing either side of you, in blue robes, holding massive swords longer than me! I didnt want to get killed! The bibi knew that she had been protected by the Shaheed Singhs. Protection from being left behind This happened on the day the Panth celebrated Guru Nanak Dev Jiis Prakash Dihara. I was sitting in Darbar for about two hours listening to katha/dhadi vaars and my parents were lookin for me but I never knew that. Suddenly, I had they urge to just get up and go to my car. when I went to my car, there were my parents in the car trying to leave but couldn’t. When I sat in, my mom asked me where I had been. I replied by saying i was ‘inside, upstairs in the main hall’. She said ‘We’ve been looking for you for about half an hour and we’ve been in the car for about 1/2 hour tryin to unlock the emergency brake but couldn’t.’ Then i tried and suddenly, very easily it opened. I think that it was Maharaj who was trying not to let my parents leave without me because thats what they were going to do. During 1984 Delhi Anti-Sikh Riots Sikhs were butchered across India. I heard this true story about a Sikh couple living in an isolated village outside of Punjab. The couple was young and were amritdhari. The Singhni wore a dastaar and they had a young child. The Sikh couple had an isolated farmhouse in a Hindu dominated area. When news of the assassination reached the area, and it was found out that Sikhs were being killed, some local thugs also decided it was the perfect chance to loot the farmhouse. The Singh found out about these plans from some well wishers and told his wife that they had very little time and an attack was coming. The Singh said that they should leave their farm and escape to save their lives. The Singhnee however reminded him that they had done Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib on the top floor of the house and how could they run away from Guru Sahib? The Singh again repeated that there was an attack coming and said that their young child would be killed. Singhnee jee insisted again that it would be wrong to run away from Guru Sahib and let the mob disrespect Guru Sahib's saroop. The Singh in frustration then said, "Once they kill us, they will disrespect the saroop anyways so what is the point in staying? We can't save the saroop if we're dead. The best we can do is save ourselves now. There is no benefit in staying! You are being stubborn and stupid." The Singhnee replied that while she had breath in her body, she would not abandon Guru Sahib, even to save her life and while she was alive, no one could dare do any disrespect. With the mob now on its way, the Singh in frustration told his Singhnee that she could do what she wanted but he was leaving with their son. He then took the infant and escaped. Singhnee jee went to Guru Sahib's room, and did ardaas. She asked Guru Sahib for protection and for the courage to, if need be, become Shahid in this seva. She then took a kirpan and waited. When Singhnee jee saw the mob arrive, yelling and carrying weapons, ready to attack the house. She came down and stood at the door holding her unsheathed Sri Sahib. All of a sudden, the thugs in the mob began to turn around and run away, looking back in terror and then continuing to run. Singhnee jee was confused but amazed at Guru Sahib's kirpa as the mob retreated and did not return. Some days later, the Singh came back to the village to check on the fate of his wife and their property. He fully expected that his wife would be assaulted and killed and their home looted. As he was nervously walking to his home, a Hindu acquaintence stopped him and asked, "Singh, where did you gather all those Nihangs from so quickly that day???!" The Singh was confused and asked, "What do you mean?" The Hindu replied, "That day, when the mob went to attack your house, your wife came and stood in the door and she was surrounded by so many massive Nihangs who were so tall and carrying all kinds of weapons. Where did you gather all of them from so quickly?" The Singh realised that Shaheed Singhs had themselves come and protected Guru Sahib's saroop and his Singhnee's courage had been rewarded. He went home and begged for forgivness from his Singhnee and told her about how all the villagers were talking about the army of Nihangs that had protected their house. Guru Ji after the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib After the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji with only very few Sikhs went to a village. No one knew, they were Sri Dashmesh Pita, with an exception of two Sikhs brothers in whose house Guru ji stayed. One of them was devotional Sikh and other was not that much in Sikhi. Days past, slowly people began to know that Sri Dashmesh Pita is living here... So sangat started coming... One day the big brother was going for the darshan of Guru Sahib. While walking, he was thinking that if Guru Ji is so mighty, then why couldn't he defend himself and protect his sons in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib... His sons are no more alive... So how can he be a Guru ... Meanwhile he noticed a small Singh, around 4 feet in height, coming ... So he thought of waiting for him and they will go together for Guru Ji's darshab. When he looked back, the Singh grew bigger... He changed the colour of his bana from blue to white... When that Singh came close, the bigger brother asked who he was and what he was doing. The Singh replied: "I'm a Shaheed Singh". Then he told: "We are 96 crore (960 million) in number and present at Chaumkaur Sahib. We were praying and crying with our hands folded to Dashmesh Pita to let us go in battle field... Only one Shaheed Singh can finish all the Turks from this world within seconds... But Guru Ji didn't allow us. He also said every time there is Shaheedi Pehra of 5000 Shaheed Singhs with Guru Ji. Tank struck during Operation Blue Star When Indian army attacked Harmandar Sahib in June 1984, which force stopped the tank from moving? Obviously the Shaheed Singh power. It was completely struck near Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheedi place. They had to cut and dismantle the tank piece by piece! Banda Singh Bahadur's 5 gifted arrows given by Guru Ji Guru Sahib gave 5 arrows to Gurbaksh Singh (alias Banda Singh Bahadur) and told his 96 crore army is under the command of these arrows. In his very first battle, there were around 300 manpower with Banda Singh Bahadur, out of which only around 50 were singhs, and rest 250 were looters. When the governor of the city came wih his 2000 army attacked Banda Singh Bahadur. The looters tried to run away, but Banda Singh Bahadur told them to stop. He took one of the arrows given by Guru Ji and went alone in the direction from which the army was coming from... With the arrow he marked a line on ground and stood there on his horse. The Mughals fired arrows at him with canons and arrows but none could cross the line. Then he took the arrow and put it on his bow. But he didn't released it. At that very moment Shaheed Singh army was seen coming down from sky, and started fighting the Mughal far away from where banda was standing. The singh with Banda Singh Bahadur also went in battle field but Banda Singh Bahadur stood there with the streaded bow. All the 2000 Mughals were killed but non from 300 Sikh Army was killed. Banda Singh Bahadur used these arrows every time he needed the help of Shaheed Singhs. And the way to call Shaheed Singhs was to keep arrow in bow and stretch it, till arrow is in the bow, then army of shaheeds helped him. Taken to Sach Khand by Shaheed Singhs This one is of an elderly Gursikh who laid on his deathbed in the final three months of his life. For those months his sons, nephew and some family friends stayed with him reciting Gurbani for 24 hours a day (taking shifts). One the at the last moments, while reciting bani, his nephew who was deeply concentrated, noticed the room light up and Five Singhs appeared and took the elderly Gursikh. Saved from drugged thugs in Surrey This instance is that of an Young Singh who had such a high jeevan and did a lot of seva. One night (11 or 12) he felt a sudden urge to visit the Gurdwara Sahib, while walking he recited bani but he was being followed by two thieves (drug addicts) who approached the Singh from behind, one of thieves grabbed the Singh's shoulder and as the Singh turned around, then let him got and the when the Singh looked back he saw both thieves running down the street screaming and falling over. The Singh realized that the Shaheeds had appeared to protect him. This happened in Surrey. Source: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Shaheed_Singhs
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    Pdf Sakhis

    http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.sikhs.nl/downloads/english/sakhi%2520series.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwic34H81MPJAhUFOz4KHdlJDB04ChAWCAswAA&sig2=yrVYkk7MK2eveX8Xtmt-Vg&usg=AFQjCNG-TfANseaZvzipMzTDfrZtPhovkA This is a pdf file of different Sakhis.
  7. Waheguru This janamsakhi called 'Sakhi Mehl Pehle Ki' written between 1570-1574 by Seehan Upal. Seems to be the oldest biography of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji. Bhai Seehan Upal was a important sikh mentioned many times in early sikh literature and who personally knew the first three Gurus. If anyone has any more information on this janam sakhi please share Sakhi Mehl Pehle Ki By Seehan Upal
  8. This is the Sakhi of Pir Buddhu Shah's meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as told by Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale. It had a profound effect on me when I first read it and I think it will be of some benefit to the Sangat: A rich landlord and Sufi saint, Pir Buddhu Shah, lived in Sadhaura. He was both householder and saint, a perfect man of the world and of religion. He possessed many occult powers, including the faculty of knowing other peoples' thoughts and to grant the wishes of his followers. He had everything, except full inner realization. He heard the Hindu scriptures recited as well and was unprejudiced in religious maters, He served fried vegetarian food to the Hindus and different food to the Muslims. He rendered voluntary service and organized religious congregations, at which saints and sages delivered discourse on both the Vedas and the Koran. But despite this, inner spiritual awakening had not come and there was darkness within. He heard of the miracles of the Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, how he had brought the sage Kalsi and blessed him with divine knowledge. So Pir Buddhu Shah was filled with a keen desire to meet him. Seeing Guru Sahib's demeanour he thought that it was that of kings and warriors, while on the other hand, Guru Sahib was perfect in the realm of spirituality. He became convinced in his mind that although Guru Sahib was younger than he in age - hardly 20 or 22 years - he was perfect. He set out to see Guru Sahib. He was accompanied by a large number of followers. Reaching there, he was highly impressed by the Guru's grand court, his sense of devotion was heightened further still. Seeing the Guru, he felt drawn to him, he felt like falling at his feet and holding on to them. But as he advanced further towards the Guru, he was filled with ego. He thought that he was a 'Pir' with many followers, and that if he fell at the Guru's feet, his followers would criticize him for submitting to another, a non-Muslim. He thought that his actions would give him a bad name. Guru Sahib also saw that the Pir, though he had arrived in the spirit of devotion, now had his ego, his 'I-ness' awakened within him. The Pir greeted the Guru and extended his hands towards him. Guru Sahib shook hands with him and bade him sit down, inquiring after his health: "Pir Ji, what has brought you here?" "Maharaj, how can I unite with Allah? I have a very keen desire to meet God. Maharaj, there is darkness within my mind because I hear two ideas expressed - one is that Waheguru is someone else and we are different from him. Secondly, we also hear saints and sages say that God manifests himself everywhere and in everyone. Maharaj, I am confused and cannot understand the truth. Unite me with God. Please tell me how to seek union with the Lord" And Maharaj replied, "As day and night unite". The Pir was silent. He did not understand. After a pause, and some moments of intense thought, he replied, "True Sovereign, I do not understand. When the day dawns, night ceases to be." To which Guru Sahib replied, "Yes! It is as you have said! Buddhu Shah, so long as 'I' or 'ego' is there, it is night. When the day dawns, God comes to abide in man and at that very instant 'I' disappears. Then God alone remains. This is the meeting with Him." "Then Maharaj, are we not souls?" "We are souls, but your conception of the soul is false, you are clinging to the false one and the true on you cannot recognize. God abides within you. The false soul which has become yours, this false 'I' is the creation of your ego and it does not exist." "Maharaj, I still cannot understand. How shall I destroy the ego?" "Buddhu Shah, you have observed 'chilas' (40 day period of solitary prayer); you have performed charitable deeds; you have run free kitchens and studied the scriptures of the Muslim and the Hindu. But this has all been in vain. This has not rid of you of ego, rather another sense of pride has come into you that you are well-versed in the Koran and the Vedas, and devout. All these things only add to impurities within you rather than purify you. After having done everything, a man should say he has done nothing. Some say this superficially, others from the core of their being. It is that man who should say "True Sovereign, you have been very kind to bestow upon me the service of the langar and of Kirtan and of reading Gurbani. None in the world can rid themselves of their ego alone, rather, only through the grace of the Guru. Only when you realize this truth will you succeed in your aim of uniting with Allah." On hearing Guru Sahib's words, Pir Buddhu Shah was rid of the filth of egoism. Buddhua Shah was thus purified, he was enlightened and all darkness was ended. He said, "Maharaj, Buddhu Shah is dead. Pride is dead". The painting had been scrubbed blank, leaving only the canvas. Guru Sahib remarked, "You have become God. When the ego dies, all that is left is God". At this moment, Buddhu Shah began to dance in a state of spiritual ecstasy. He came near Guru Sahib, who held him by the hand looked into his eyes and broke all shackles. He saw one and only one God. The veil of untruth had been torn asunder.
  9. Waheguru Here is the entire Bhai Bala Wali Janamsakhi in audio Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Dev Ji 001 - Saakhi Avtar Dharan di Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Dev Ji 002 - Saakhi Pande Kol Parhan Di
  10. Baba Nand Singh Jees 1st Darshan Of Satguru jee The first time that Baba Nand singh did darshan of satguru nanak from Sri guru granth sahib jee, Baba Jawand singh jee ( rajajansee wale) were also present with Baba jee. They both made a promise that until Satguru Nanak Dev Jee Does not give darshan by becoming pargat from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and eat the parshaada they had prepared for them, they would not eat anything. This event took place at the Saraghari Gurdwara Sahib. In this manner , for 6 long days they did not eat anything, but prepared parshaada for satguru everyday by doing continuous ardaas at the lotus charan of satguru jee. In such situation , they were on the verge of death , but both mahapursh did not give up , remembering Bhagat Ravidaas Jee’s Bachan ‘ Ehu Janam Tumaare Lekhe.’ Finally Parkash came from Satguru granth sahib and Sri guru nanak dev jee Gave their darshan to both mahapursh. Baba jee offered satguru jee their parshaada and guru sahib ate their food with much happiness and blessed both mahapursh. 1st guru sahib said to Baba jawand singh jee, ask for anything you want. Baba jawand singh ji replied ‘whenever i do keertan, please bless me with your partakh darshan satguru jee!’ Guru sahib Said ok, you will definatley get my darshan , but even those who even listen to your keertan , even they will get darshan. After Baba Jawand Singh jee had asked, it was Baba Nand Singh Jee’s turn. Guru sahib asked them, what do you want? Very humbly, Baba ji replied, ” Sache Paatshah ! i don’t even know how to ask from you ” ( Daas nu mangna nahee aunda!”) Guru Sahib Jee said; Bhai Nand Singh, you must ask for something. Baba jee said – Just do one thing, make me yours! I dont need anything else.’ These were the bachans of Baba ji proving their absolute Piar, Prem, Bhaavna for Guru sahib.When Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji walked up to Baba Nand Singh Ji and hugged them and said, ” You said you didn’t know how to ask for something, but you have just asked for everything” ‘Je tu mera hoe, taa sabh jag tera hoe’ If you are mine, then the whole world will be yours… Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev jee Dhan Baba Nand singh jee Dhan Baba Jawand singh Jee Baba Isher Singh ji and Baba Nand Singh Ji Baba Isher Singh Jee’s Sewa For Baba Nand Singh gur peeraa(n) kee chaakaree mehaa(n) kararree sukh saar To work for the Guru, or a spiritual teacher, is terribly difficult, but it brings the most excellent peace. Starting Sewa When Baba Isher Singh Jee became Baba Nand Singh jee’s hazuria, he gave up all of lifes ‘sukh’ for Baba jee. As the above tuk mentions , doing that sewa is extremly hard, but brings the best sukh. When Baba Isher singh jee first came into Baba jis charan, the hajurias (personal attendants of Baba Nand Singh Jee.) Were some other older singhs. They saw how Baba Isher Singh ji had alot of piaar for Baba Nanad Singh and would do anthing for them.So whenever Baba Nand singh jee used to go out somewhere , they used to call Baba Isher singh to do all their work for them while they sat around resting and sleeping. Baba Isher singh used to wash all of Baba jee’s clothes, clean all the dishes,sweep everywhere etc. Before Baba Nand Singh came they used to take Baba Isher Singh out and pretend to do the work themselves. Baba Isher Singh jee knew that the old hazurie were up to something, but he thought that if i told Baba Nand Singh jee, it would be doing ‘shikaaet’ (complaint.) In guru ghar it isn’t good to blame and complain about others. One time Baba Nand singh jee went for a walk, and Baba Isher Singh was told to do all the work. When they saw Baba Nand Singh jee walking back they shouted to Baba Isher Singh jee, ‘ run before Baba jee comes back!’ Baba Isher Singh jee was just about to walk out when Baba Nand Singh jee arrived and said ‘ where are you going?’ Baba jee said im going out from here, Baba Nand Singh jee said’ no you will stay.’ Baba Nand singh came inside and layed down on their aasan, and the old hazurieh started doing sewa off massaging Baba ji’s legs etc. He said to Baba Isher singh jee ‘ when i go out, you come in, and when i come in, you go out. Don’t worry about doing complaints, its better just to tell the truth.’ Baba Isher singh jee said your sevadaars call me in to do all the sewa and when they tell me to go out, i go.’ Baba jee said, these people are very bad, they don’t deserve this sewa. From today only you will do this sewa of being my hazuria.’ Baba jee started this sewa with alot of prem and bhaavna, and when they were free of this sewa they used to remain in bhagti. Protecting Baba Nand Singh Jee In Dehradoon one time when Baba Nand Singh Jee were at dehradoon, they were sitting out side doing Tapp. They were sitting in smadhi , in Guru Nanak Dev jee’s charan. all of a sudden there was thunder and it started pouring with hailstones. Baba jee was standing near Baba Nand Singh in their sewa. When the hailstones started, Baba Isher Singh jee stood on rock near Baba Nand Singh jee and bent over so they were covering Baba jee, as all the hailstones were hitting Baba Isher Singh Jee’s back. When Baba Nand Singh jee came out of their smadhi, they saw Baba Isher Singh jee protecting them from the heavy hailstone fall. Baba jee said, whey are standing like this? Baba Isher Singh replied ‘ the hail stones were falling heavily and you were in smadhi, to protect you from the heavy hailstone fall, i had to stand over you.’ Baba Nand singh jee got very happy by hearing then and blessed Baba Isher singh jee saying ‘ that is exactly how a sewadar should be.’ At the Nonee Mountains One time Baba Nand Singh jee went to the Nonee Mountain near shimla. Baba Isher Singh jee went down the mountain to collect some water for Baba jee. When Baba jee started to come up it started to become dark. Being on a mountain while it was very dark, Baba jee forgot the path way to go back up. But when coming down Baba jee had made signs to which way to go up (for example tied pieces of cloth to trees etc.) Slowly they reached to where Baba Nand singh jee had their aasan. At around quater past 12 they helped Baba Nand Singh jee with their ishnan, and now needed to make tea for them. It started raining heavily, Baba ji had no utensils to make the tea in, no fuel, and no sheltered place to make it. They got their garrvaa(small pitcher) and put water in it for the tea. They got Baba jis umbrella and with their hands dug a small hole in the mud. They started a fire in the hole. The small fuel they had was running out so Baba jee took their dastaar off and tearing it used it as fuel for the fire. The whole dastaar has finished, but the tea hadn’t boiled properly yet. Baba jee then took off his chola and used that as fuel. Finally the tea was made and they took it to Baba jee. Baba jee asked how they made the tea in such bad weather and they told them how they used all their clothes to fuel the fire. Baba jee was very happy with them and put their hand on their back. Pinjour baagh When Baba Jee Were coming back from shimla they stayed for sometime at ‘pinjour baagh’ where the Maharaja of Patiala had one of his palaces. It was a three storey building. Baba jee were going up to the third story, when they got to the 2nd storey Baba jee did hukam to Baba Isher singh jee to wait on the second floor for a while. Baba Isher singh jee replied ‘satbachan’ and stood against the wall. NO parshada, no water, no sleep, for THREE days Baba Isher Singh jee stood in this way against the wall. On the third day Baba Nand Singh Jee Asked the other sewadars ‘ where is ishar sia?’ the sewadaars said Isher singh is still standing in the stairs. They said we thought you told him to stay there. Baba Nand singh jee said , O fools! i only asked them to stay there for a little while before i came back down, but he is my true sewadaar who has followed my bachan without any question! Baba jee themselves went to the 2nd floor and saw that Baba Isher singh jee were standing at the same spot they had left them. Baba jee went up to them and embraced them, and told them to do ishnan paani and eat something etc. All the other sewadaars were amazed how Baba Isher singh jee followed Baba Nand singh jee’s bachan in such a way, without any question. The sakhee of Baba jee’s cholaa One time, before divaan at jagraaon, Baba Nand Singh Jee did bachan to Baba Isher singh jee to bring a new unworn cholaa to wear into diwaan. Baba Isher singh jee went inside and brought a new unworn cholaa for Baba jee. Baba jee put it on but noticed it had no buttons. Baba jee took it off and said there is no button on this, go inside and look for another chola.. Baba Isher singh jee came back after a few minutes with the same cholaa in his hands. Baba Nand Singh jee said, this had no buttons, quickly go inside and look. Baba Isher Singh Jee went inside but came back with the same cholaa again. Baba Nand Singh Jee got angry and said to Baba Isher Singh jee, why do you keep doing this? You keep bringing the same cholaa over and over again without any buttons. Some other older sangis (companions) were also there, in which Sant Baba Meeha Singh Jee Siaar wale were also present. The older sangis said to Baba Isher Singh, what are you doing, on one side you say that Baba Nand Singh jee Is God, on the other hand your not even listening to their bachan. Baba Isher singh Said in relpy, Stop talking like this, I am definately follwing Baba jee’s Bachan. The tailor forgot to put buttons on the chola, and i have no needle , thread or button, how and where will i put the button on? It is also Baba jee’s bachan that under no circumstances can we ask things from any one outside. Now tell me what can i do? When Baba jee does bachan, go inside and look, i then do go inside and look for it but i have to bring the same one back again. When Baba jee gives hukam to get buttons for the cholaa then i will be able to go to the tailor and get that done. Baba Nand Singh Jee got very happy with Baba Isher singh and took the chola off him and put it on. Baba jee did bachan , this boy is steadfast in following Hukam. He has passed all tests and has undertaken and understood maryada very well.’ Doing Sewa So in this way Baba Isher Singh Jee left all worldly pleasures and did Baba Nand Singh Jee’s Sewa. For three four hours they used to put almond oil in Baba Nand Singh Jee’s sees, for two three hours do massage of Baba Jee’s Body, Wash Baba Nand Singh Jee’s clothes, Do their Ishnaan, Make their parshada and give it to them. In 24 hours Baba jee didn’t used to talk. Without any stop or break they used to be in Baba Nand Singh Jee’s sewa. At that time Baba Isher Singh Jee had his Nitnem and Sukhmani sahib ‘Kanth’ (memorised) and used to do paat of many other bania at amritvela. During the day Baba jee used to read sri sukhmani sahib. Without reason they didn’t talk , and just read bani while doing sewa. Due to very busy schedule Babaji was always barefooted, he had little time for himself. His heels used to get cracks and often small stones got stuck up in them. This was the avastha of Baba Isher singh jee, with their mind doing simran and their body doing sewa, just as Guru Sahib Says, man bach kram prabh eaek dhhiaaeae One who meditates on the One God in thought, word and deed sarab falaa soee jan paaeae 6 that humble being receives the fruits of all rewards. 6 http://sikhunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/baba-nand-singh-jees-1st-darshan-of-satguru-jee/
  11. Source : -------------- In the second world war, the Sikhs fought in the British army and many Sikhs gave their lives fighting for Britain. Many Sikhs fought in Europe too and the Sikhs were recognized for their outstanding performance in the war. After the war was over, the Sikh regiments were brought back to India by road. As thus, they had to pass through Afghanistan and present day Pakistan, to arrive in India. When the Sikh regiment reached Jamraud, the Sikhs requested the officer in charge to stay at Jamraud as they wanted to visit the Gurudwara that stands there in the sweet memory of the greatest general, Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa. The officers agreed and the Sikhs stayed there for some days. As the military had stationed in Jamraud, the Sikhs took liberty to visit adjoining places. The residents of Jamraud did not know too much about the Sikhs and showed curiosity to know about them. One such person was the wife of a Pathan general called Abdul Qiyoom Khan. She had not seen the Sikhs before and when she saw singhs with parkaash beards and well-built bodies, she asked her husband who they were. Abdul Qiyoom Khan praised the Sikhs and their bravery just as a big-hearted warrior would praise another warrior. He told her about the background of the Sikhs and how they were known for their courage and strength. The pathaans too are known for their bravery and if we read the history we find out that the residents of this area that was known as Gandhaar Desh (mother of Duryodhan, Gandhari was from this area) at the time of Mahabharat. These people ruled India for many years and they were stopped by only one person and that person was Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa. For this reason, the old people of that area had respect and considerable fear for the Sikhs. Anyway, after hearing the stories of bravery of Sikhs, from her husband, she jokingly told her husband that the reason she married him was because of his bravery. The pathaan, when he heard this, got hurt and with hurt ego, immediately shot back at his wife saying that he did realize that these Sikhs were brave but they were not more brave than him. He said that he would prove this to his wife. Saying this, the pathaan immediately arrived at the place where the Sikh regiment was stationed. He went to the officer in-charge and challenged the Sikhs for a one-on-one fight. Abdul Qiyoom Khan was a very accomplished warrior of his area and was the sardaar of the tribal army in his area. He was close to 6'5" tall and had a huge body. When the Sikhs heard his challenge, they started thinking how to respond, since this happened so fast. When he challenged again, a Singh by the name of Kartar Singh accepted his challenge. Kartar Singh was not very tall in height but he had a well-built body. It was decided that the fight would take place the following day at so and so time. The next day, the pathaan arrived a little early along with his supporters. When the time of the match came, Kartar Singh did not arrive on time. The pathaans thought that he had ran away, scared of fighting Abdul Qiyoom Khan. This incident was recorded by the the Englishman who acted as a referee in the competition. His name was M. Crafts. Anyway, a Sikh soldier was dispatched to get Bhai Kartar Singh. When the soldier arrived at this tent, he found him standing in ardaas. Unaware of his surroundings, Kartar Singh urged Guru Gobind Singh Ji for strength and said that he did not have any strength of his own and that he was relying fully on Guru Sahib alone. Doing ardaas along these lines, Bhai Kartar Singh arrived at the place of competition. Most independent observers had thought that this match would not last more than 10 minutes and will result in the death and defeat of Kartar Singh. Both warriors were allowed to use any weapon they wanted and they both used swords to fight. They both were very skilled in fighting. They both did attacks on each other and very diligently saved the attacks of their opponent. The singh was fighting so well, that the pathaan who had thought of crushing him in minutes was taken aback by the fierce resistance posed by Kartar Singh. After half an hour, when no one emerged as a clear winner, the competition was briefly stopped for about 10 minutes. The pathaan came to his side of the ring and drank grapes juice. The singh on the other hand only drank water and closed his eyes to thank Guru Kalgidhar Sache Patshah, who let gave him the strength to face a strong opponent as the pathaan. When they came back after the second round, the pathaan got a little impatient and challenged Kartar Singh to save his attack. When a person loses his cool in a battle or competition, he or she is bound to lose a little bit of focus and concentration. This is what happened to the pathaan. He did a great attack on Kartar Singh who in turn very diligently stopped it and did a counter attack, which resulted in the pathaan getting seriously injured, thus ending the competition in Kartar Singh's favour. After the competition Kartar Singh quietly left the place and while the Sikhs were celebrating he went to his tent to perform an ardaas of thanking Guru Sahib for his victory. The words on his lips were: BHAYEE JEET MERI, KIRPA KAAL TERI|| (O Waheguru, I attained victory because of your grace.)
  12. First time i read something which inspired me.. to be a brave sikhni n Bibi Harsharan kaur became an idol for me Bibi Harsharan Kaur: The Final Shaheed of the Battle of Chamkaur In the battle of Chamkaur, Guru Gobind Singh jee and 40 starving Singhs battle the Mughal army. The battle which took place in Chamkaur's mud fort lasted 72 hours and saw the loss of many Mughal soldiers and also 36 of Guru Gobind Singh jee's companions along with the two Sahibzadas. Fighting an army of hundreds of thousands, Guru Gobind Singh jee gave an exhibition of his battle skills. Guru jee, following the orders of the Panth Khalsa (in the form of the Punj Pyaaray) left the fort along with Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Maan Singh and one other Singh, after giving his clothes to Bhai Sangat Singh jee to wear. Only Bhai Sangat Singh and Bhai Sant Singh fought the battle to its end. They too were martyred. Seeing Guru jee's clothes on Bhai Sangat Singh, the Mughals were ecstatic and taking him to be Guru Gobind Singh, cut off his head and took it to Delhi. In every village it was announced that Guru Gobind Singh had been killed, "Look here at his chopped off head! His family is also finished. His two sons were killed in the battle and the two younger ones will also die abandoned. The revolution has been crushed. No one should go to the Chamkaur Fort. No one should cremate the dead Singhs." A tight cordon was put around the Fort. As the soldiers were going from village to village making their announcement, the people were retreating in terror into their homes. However, in village Khroond, a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh, Bibi Harsharan Kaur, asked for her mother's permission to peform the final rites for the Shaheeds. Her old mother replied, "it is total darkness outside and soldiers are everywhere around the fort, how will you even go near?" Hearing this, Kalgeedhar's lioness daughter replied with resolve "I will avoid the soldiers and perform the cremation, and if need be, I'll fight and die." The mother gave her courage and hugged her daughter and then explained the maryada to follow for the cremation. After performing Ardaas, Bibi Harsharan Kaur left for the Chamkaur Fort. The battlefield which saw iron smashing against iron, the bellows of elephants, the trotting of hooves and calls of "Kill! Capture!", was now totally silent and enveloped in complete darkness. In such a situation, the 16 year old girl Bibi Harsharan Kaur avoided the guards and arrived at the Fort. She saw that bodies were lying everywhere and distinguishing between Sikh and Mughal was very difficult. She still had faith and began to find arms with kaRas and torsos with kachheras and heads with long kesh. As she found a body, she would wipe the face of every shaheed. Both Sahibzadas and about 30 The stories of one's ancestors make the children good children. They accept what is pleasing to the Will of the True Guru, and act accordingly. ( Guru Granth Sahib Ji - 951) shaheeds were found and then she began to collect wood. Fearing the approaching light of dawn, Bibi Harsharan Kaur worked very quickly and soon prepared a pyre. She then lit the fire. Seeing the rising flames, the guards were shocked and advanced towards the pyre. Bibi Harsharan Kaur was seen in the light of the flames sitting beside the pyre. She was quietly reciting Keertan Sohilaa. The guards were shocked and confused as to how a lone woman could come into the fort on such a dark night. The guards asked in a loud voice, "Who are you?!" Bibi jee: I am the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Officer: What are you doing here? Bibi Jee: I am cremating my martyred brothers. Officer: Don't you know about the order that coming here is a crime? Bibi Jee: I know it. Officer: Then why have you disobeyed that order? Bibi Jee: The orders of a false king do not stand before the orders of the Sachay Patshah (True King) Officer: Meaning? Bibi Jee: Meaning that I have respect for the Singhs in my heart and with the Guru's grace I have done my duty. I don't care about your King's orders. Hearing such stern answers from Bibi Harsharan Kaur, the infuriated Mughal soldiers attempted to capture her and attacked. Bibi jee grabbed her kirpaan and fought back with determination. After killing and maiming many soldiers, Bibi Harsharan Kaur was injured and fell to the ground. The soldiers picked Bibi Harsharan Kaur up and threw her into the pyre, burning her alive. The next day the cordon around the Fort was lifted because it was clear that the Sahibzadas and most of the Shaheed Singhs had been cremated. The ancestors of the Phulkiaan family, Rama and Triloka, then cremated whichever Singhs remained. The story of Bibi Harsharan Kaur reached Guru Gobind Singh jee Mahaaraaj in Talvandee Sabo (Damdama Sahib). Upon hearing of her daughter's martyrdom, the old mother thanked Akaal Purakh. She said, "my daughter has proven herself worthy." The story of the cremation of the Chamkaur Shaheeds will forever serve as a glowing star of inspiration for all Singhs and Singhnees.
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Je Fateh. I am looking to create a PDF of short Sakhis together. I was thinking of doing this for my children. I have found a few blogs with Sakhis on and of course on here as well, but it requires alot of copying and pasting. Does anyone have any in a word or text document? If you do please message me and I shall add them. Once done I will try my best to put them into a pdf file and share will everyone here.
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Firstly: Here is Elmo telling a sakhee: Earlier Last year we did a test Sakhee with Elmo. We decided not to use elmo for future sakhee's, however we are thinking of making our own Singh and Singhnee styled puppet characters and doing shows for kids. We would love to hear your feedback and if anyone would like to help. Please visit http://www.Taeja.com for more info about the Taeja projects.
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