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Found 15 results

  1. Very strange that they would target and attack darbar sahib because of Sant Bhindranwale yet there was no crime at the time according to punjabi police he had alleged to have committed. A First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by police organizations in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan when they receive information about the commission of a cognisable offence, or in Singapore when the police receives information about any criminal offence.
  2. Approx 250 Sikh dharam fauji's who vowed to fight to the death with their sikh brothers in arms with just their turbans and clothes for armour and lightly armed defending the darbar sahib golden temple vs 100,000 enemy brahminwad neo-mughul Indian troops with sophisticated weaponry, Kevlar bullet and blast proof armour and commando trained Elite soldiers. Our kaum's brave lions may have all lost their lives defending our Guru's home but they gave the enemy one hell of a beating. And thus their Indian terrorist operation blue star, their destruction of thousands of Sikh life and Sri A
  3. DID The SAS kill at Amritsar? Foreign Office hastily recalls files 'detailing UK role' in notorious Indian army crackdown on Sikhs Papers released by Whitehall this summer have been recalled amid fears they contain details of UK military assistance to India at Amritsar in 1984 Note was found by a researcher working at the Kew Archives Sikh Federation has called for a second investigation into UK involvement By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline Published: 09:56, 4 November 2016 | Updated: 08:03, 5 November 2016 Pr
  4. We on here have long known that parkesh singh badal is a keshdhari hindu and traitor to the Sikh panth however most Sikhs in punjab dont know much about him and his family history. Sant bhindranwale already had suspicions about him and his agenda and exposed it just as bhai ranjit is exposing sarkari people now and gets targeted by badal and the Indian state. In the video below sant ji exposes the badal family relations with different political parties and how power in punjab is kept within the badal families. This is one of the many reasons why badal akali dal had covertly recommended to i
  5. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale#Politics_and_the_Movement_for_Khalistan
  6. Historian talking about Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. His real contribution and his place in Sikh History
  7. I thought Sikh organisations were planning huge publicity drive to highlight what happened in amristar at sri harmandir sahib in 1984. And to try and pressure the UK govt to release more classified secret documents in regards to its involvement and collusion in an act of state terrorism against Sikhs and Indian civilians. All I see is coverage against China and tianamin square crackdown in 1989 yet hardly any chinese are speaking out against china in countries aboard or in china. Sikhs have been consistantly asking UN and western countries for help and support. Last year saw 30,000+ Sikhs com
  8. An old article but still very relevant even today Sant Bhindranwale Did Nothing Wrong By Defending The Golden Temple General S. K. Sinha (Retd.), GOC-in-C of the Western Command, Spokesman Weekly, July 16,1984 While fighting against army hordes from June 5 to 7 last, Sikhs inside the Golden Temple Complex at Amritsar were exercising their legitimate right of self defence. This conclusion is based on the facts revealed and assessment made by Lieutenant General S. K. Sinha (Retd.), when he was GOC-in-C of the Western Command. "The Army action was not the 'last resort' as Prime Minister I
  9. When the revelations of operation sundown came out recently in an Indian magazine by 1 Indian journalist it seemed to collaborate with what the amritsar massacre inquiry report conducted by the current british government had concluded when published later on. What we need to know is this a fake story a fake operation put into the Indian and worldwide press to divert the real role of the UK thatcher government in 1984? Because this operation sundown story broke before the report was published and the Sikh federation along with other Sikh organisations and Tom watson MP had asked the govt to cl
  10. In an open interview that is going to shatter misconceptions, especially in the minds of the Hindu population, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, who spent several days with Sant Bhindranwale inside the Darbar Sahib complex in 1984, talks in details about Sant Bhindranwale's personality and his mission. He also reveals some crucial facts about the whole operation which, according to him, was carried out by the Indian Government on the behest of the communist USSR in order to halt the moral upliftment of the people of Punjab that Sant Bhindranwale was engaged in during early 1980s. Listen in...
  11. Tandon voices concern Tribune News Service Chandigarh, May 6 A member of the BJP core committee and former minister Balramji Dass Tandon today said a small section of radicals should not be allowed to play with the hard-earned peace in the state. Referring to developments related to Bluestar Memorial, he said the SAD and the SGPC should take a clear stand against the memorial being dedicated to militants. He said the memorial should have been a tribute to the more than 20,000 innocent persons who were either killed by terrorists and or who went down fighting for the countrys unity and inte
  12. Source: http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/05/05/recognize-bhindranwale-as-symbol-of-oppressed-south-asian-minorities/ Recognize Bhindranwale as symbol of oppressed South Asian Minorities By Parmjit Singh Published: May 5, 2013Amritsar, Punjab (May 05, 2013): Sikh Information Centre (SIC) has issued the following policy statement in response to demands for removal of the reverend Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s name from the Saka June 1984 memorial at the Darbar Sahib, Amritsar: ****************** Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s name is inscribed on a brand-new memorial of the vic
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