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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Jujharoo Singh Biographies

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh. I am interested in learning about all the Singhs and the events that occurred from 1978 13 Singh's becoming Shaheed to the end of the Khakru Era. Anyone know where I can get this info with a lot of details? Also I heard there is a book out there as well that has pictures of all the Singh that became Shaheed during this time period with their biography on it. I've searched everywhere online but have not been able to find anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you
  2. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I've heard that a mahapurakh did a bachan that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is coming/has come back? Is this true? Vaheguru Ji.
  3. This strange backwards act of Dhumma forcing himself on DamDami Taksal is underhanded and completely not in accordance with DamDami Taksal ethics and morals. The students of DamDami Taksal who appointed him did so out of arrogance. The Dhumma clan is saying higher ups in Taksal appointed him, which in itself is very questionable. Reading DamDami Taksal history the appointing of the next Jathedar happened by the previous Jathedar or Sant or Sants. Sant Baba Sundar Singh ji was appointed as Jathedar by the previous Jathedar of DamDami Taksal, Sant Baba Bishan Singh ji. Next in line was San
  4. I dunno, i'm just really annoyed with how some sikhs are so dumb to beleive everything the indian government says without even thinking twice. I'm talking about many sikhs i've come across on fb pages who say bad things about sant ji. Whose fault is this? I mean who do we blame for not teaching these Sikhs about how great a sould Sant Ji was. Just been boggling my mind the last few days. I was aruguing with some sikh the other day who asked me why did he become so violent so fast? All i could do was shake my head, a simple damn google search could tell you about what happened with us pre 1
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