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Found 10 results

  1. Is "Sikhni" an appropriate word to refer to Sikh girls or is it a slur as I've only heard non-Sikhs using Sikhni.
  2. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=433385067127360&id=298338120632056 And it never ends and wont end until sikhs call out the evil instead of being clowns, appeasers and cowards.
  3. Just saw this today and the thought was even the Gorey Canadians want our girls to stop getting involved with the Islamic guys:
  4. Now, lets look at 2 notorious, crime ridden inner city neighbourhoods : Crown Heights in Brooklyn New York and Hackney in London. Both these areas are similar as both have orthodox Jews living alongside blacks. Crime is endemic in both these neighbourhoods but the one constant is that the orthodox Jews in these areas suffer no crime or intimidation at the hands of their fellow neighbourhood dwellers. So why is this ? Well, it's because ib both these areas and in all other working class, inner city Jewish neghbourhoods, such as Stoke Newington near Tottenham etc, the Jews have what they call
  5. All Sikh girls need to become fit & take up self-defense martial art classes and become proper Singhnia like Mai Bhago Today’s world is an evil cruel place for women where gender equality is not everywhere.
  6. Guest

    Hatred Of Sikh Girls

    It really saddens me to see so much criticism and hatred against “sikh” Punjabi girls in this forum from our own brothers. Most of the posts end up with sikh guys blaming girls as not respecting our culture, becoming easy targets for non-sikh and rejecting sardars etc etc. It is very disheartening reading the picture you have painted of them based on your “extensive studies” and it has compelled me to write a few things... First and foremost if you are truly following sikhi then you will be aware that ANY GIRL (not just Punjabi or sikh) are supposed to be viewed as your sisters or mothers
  7. Guest

    Push Up Bras...

    Okay. So, I hear everyone around me saying Sikh girls are not supposed to wear makeup/nailpolish etc. because it hides what God really made them. But, what about something like a push up bra? It would alter my body, obviously not permanently (just like nailpolish and makeup). It makes me feel better about myself, as superficial as it may seem, and I am not hurting anybody either. Would this be considered "bad"?
  8. I just got from some of my friend from India that There is an upcoming punjabi movie "YAAR ANMULLE 2" and the main Actress is playing a role of HOT KAUR and also We all Know western culture and Vulgarity are taking over Punjabi industry.....
  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!! Guruji said that rehat maryada is important. But tell me is the rehat maryada followed in true manner. Sikh girls::About more than 90% sikh girls these day go far hair styling,waxing,bleaching or other forms of hair styling and modification.....sikh parents also support this,it doesnt matter much as they need to cope with the society as they say. As we always insist on boys for keeping sikhi saroop,,is this not apply to girls....many girls wants to marry clean shaven sikhs and they do .. Those with sikhi saroop & some amritdhari sikhs::I a
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