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Found 2 results

  1. I'm in need of good sources for Sikh History, such as Armour that was used, Forts(Name, and picture/description), Culture, and architecture (Design of the Fort / Influence) / Strategies, if anybody have good books that don't cost a lot, and preferably hard cover, and even accurate paintings/drawings. Many people argue about Sikh Turban Helmets, and equipment used, I heard that the Sikhs often used their own special Calvary techniques in battle, and at the times when the Misl's unified and became a Empire, they had many regiments and divisions, if anybody has any book that goes into extreme detail about the information I require, it would be greatly appreciated my local library in the Gudurwara had plenty of books that you can rent, only few you can purchase. I'm also interested into historically accurate paintings of Sikh Figures and the Guru's, In a news report I read, it said that Sikhs were complaining the painting a historian is using of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, looked too much like a "Mughal" (Even though none of us ever seen the Guru's in person, they still judged the painting) and instead they preferred the humble Sohba Singh's painting, but the historian said it has no historical accuracy, feel free to post links. And secondly, does anyone know a good place to buy a Battle ready Talwar/Tulwar/Talwaar, not stainless steel wallhangers, but actual blades, I was considering to buy a Coldsteel Sword that has the Indian Handle design but using their British saber blades they have made, but of course they aren't made in India thus being "replicas" I have seen a website that sell antiques, but the website wasn't working, so if anybody here knows a lot about swords, and modern swords (High carbon steel) and know a good place to buy a Talwar, please link the website. Handle has to be good and not vibrate, and the blade can't be stainless steel or it wouldn't work for contact.
  2. We all don’t believe in living guru (dehdari guru’s). We believe in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI but as all sikh guru’s was (dehdari) in human being from now while debating we have to tell the other’s that dehdari or human can not be a guru after 10 guru’s. so i want to know from all of over sikh brother that where it is written by which guru ji that can not be a dehdari guru it is written in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI or any bani or any where please tell me so i can feel strong there.
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