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Found 3 results

  1. I'm originally from London, but study in Birmingham for university, and since coming here i've noticed the singh's from here are way different. Apparently it's normal to see singh's with full beards and paghs going clubbing and drinking, someone was telling me how he saw a full nihang singh in Mooch bar drinking alcohol with full saroop. Stuff like this would never be allowed in the area i am from. The singh's seem way more feminine and look like they can't defend themselves. Apneh girls at university are different breeds, i've seen so many apneh girls with <banned word filter activated>, it's unbelievable, what are there brothers/parents doing? i've also recently read about that Samra girl case where her parents stopped her from going into Sikhi and she then ended up planning to go to syria to be a sex slave... if it continues like this then we're going to be in decline. Have any of you read "Forbidden Truth" by Killa from Sikh unit, it's an accurate representation of everything bad going on in our community and more specifically in the midlands. I have attached the book for you to read, it's an eye opener and a read that would get you thinking. The-Forbidden-Truth.pdf
  2. Anonymous writer. We must respect our country and hv to respect beliefs of majority. Saanu iss gall daa fakhr taan hunda hai ki other religions de lok Gurdwara sahib aa k paath karde te sunde hann. Oh picture msg mere kol jyada nahi taan 15-20 vaar aaeya hovega jis vich ik Muslim Gurdwara sahib vich paath kar reha hai. Par je assi kise Sikh nu other than Gurdwara sahib kitte hor dekh layiye taan uss nu jaano maaran tak jaande haan. Religious kattarta v ikk tarah Di hinsaa hi hai. Koi teohar aaye doosre religion daa assi uchchi uchchi hoka den lagde haan ki eh sab bakwaas hai. Theek hai gurmat Di roshni ch saade layi ehna teohara di koi importance naa hove par dusreyan daa mazaak udaan daa v saanu koi haq nahi. Assi gurbaani diyan baaki hor saarian gallan taan bahut mande haan jiven. Alag raaj di gall karn waale eh sochan ki Punjab ch assi ki haasil keeta hai. SGPC jis vich keshdhaari Sikh voter hunde ne vich kinne k vadhia numaaende pahunch gaye. Saanu Akali dal v apna dushman lagda hai, kirpaan de size nu lai k rola paan waleyan nu v assi nakaar ditta, Congress taan saanu shuru ton hi dushman nazar aaundi rahi hai, jan sanghi Hindu rashtarwadi lagde ne, Mulayam v saada dushman hai. Kidhre saadi aapni soch hi taan saadi dushman nahi ? Maaf karna je kite alag Sikh raaj ban gaya taan aaps ch hi larh maraange. Saathiyo independence day bahut vadda Din hunda hai kise v country layi. Kaale jhande laga ke ki assi desh prati gadaari nahi show kar rahe? Kinne Sikhaan ne azaadi layi qurbaanian keetian. Par ki esse vaaste. Je USA apne citizens di respect karda hai taan usde citizens v desh diyaan traditions di kadr karde hann; Independence day te kaale jhande nahi lagaaunde. Let us b true citizens of the country. Let us celebrate independence day and other festivities with rest of our brothers. Jis desh ch minorities nu independence day nu kaala din kehan di azaadi hai oh desh Sahi maayane ch azaad hai. M proud to b an Indian. I shall celebrate independence day like all others. I shall respect festivals like Raakhi, karva chauth, dussehra coz I hv no right ki dusre religions daa mazaak udaavan. Coz I know koi ode neel koi suped.... Kaho Nanak jin hukum pachhaata prabh saheb kaa tin bhed jaata. And ..... Mere AndSaaha main har darshan sukh.... Jhootha kisko aakhiye mere sahaa.....
  3. **RHUL Sikh Soc goes to Saffron Mic 2013!** https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=682126081799086&set=a.570062073005488.1073741829.570050406339988&type=1&relevant_count=1 On the Friday 22nd November, Sikhs from across the country will get together at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Hounslow to enjoy a night where Sikh issues are displayed through poetry, music, art and film. This fun-filled event has been very successful in the past with many different people bringing their own unique and innovative pieces of personal art forms to the forefront in a public forum. The doors will open promptly at 18:30pm and an eventful night will begin that is sure to impress. Tickets are only £3 for a night that will surely deliver on all fronts. Anybody interested in buying tickets, please use the link below: saffronmic.eventbrite.co.uk otherwise tickets at the door will be £5 For more details on the event join the official event page on the link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/614742228564613 with Southall Sikhs, Saffron Mic and Royal Holloway Sikh Soc.
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