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Found 5 results

  1. Has no one noticed this? Or am I hallucinating? Sikh youth usually try to emulate black culture while Hindus try to emulate white culture. I've totally noticed this and I feel a bit sad because cultures like that go nowhere. East Asian people try to emulate white culture, or at least respect it. Meanwhile, no offence, but generally communities with a lot of issues and low aspirations emulate black culture. All of our children are listening to horrendous rap songs and thugging it out on the streets (or at least attempting to). It is similar to how Arabs in European countries emulate black culture (notably, France) as well as Latinos in the US and whatnot... it doesn't help that our own Punjabi media promotes gandh. I know I'm going to be attacked but idc anymore, this is a significant issue imo. I've already been attacked enough lol
  2. Why are these forums so inactive? Why are there only a few new posts every day? Why do most threads flop? With all of the issues that our community faces, I would hope that there would be many lively discussions, and regular, vigorous, intelligent debate. Instead, I find that I only have to visit this place once every few weeks to keep up. Is there some other place with a more lively debate about Sikh issues? Or does the lack of activity in these forums reflect the general sad lack of interest in Sikhi these days? By the way, it doesn't help that whenever a topic actually generates a lively discussion, the moderators find some stupid reason to close the thread and prohibit any further posts. I'm sure this thread will also be closed. It also doesn't help that people who actually are interested in discussion (like West London Singh/Legal Singh/Jagsaw Singh) get banned.
  3. I don't understand this one. Are there really desi men from other parts of the UK traveling to Birmingham to hook up with underage girls of the panth? I sure wish SYUK the best. If you remember I said that a big problem for Sikhi as well as other faiths is that women are leaving in droves. This doesn't help that all these desi pedophiles are swarming to Punjabi communities for their disgusting fetish! https://www.youtube.com/embed/CZRENFl9m1k
  4. SYGM is a new forefront movement created by the youth for the youth. With increasing situations and problems amassing the Sikh community, we feel it is necessary to help channel these problems through the use of the youth’s interests. Nowadays our Sikh youth are very much alive in the world of technology; things such as Facebook, YouTube, and Music etc. have helped raise awareness to a wider audience. We as a movement aim to bring all of these types of media together and create a united movement which will bring more of the Sikh youth into Sikhi and help them realise and discover what Sikhism is truly about. We aim to achieve this through the means of Information and Media. On one side of the spectrum we will have members creating information on topical issues within the Sikh community. Presentations, word documents, videos and other types of publishing material will be used to create awareness and spread the message of Sikhi on a wider basis. On the other side of the spectrum we will be launching “SYGM Music” This is a new venture in which we will seek to use Sikh artists to promote Sikhi onto a new level, hopefully heading towards Mainstream and giving Sikh Rappers ,Singers, Producers and other fields a chance to be recognized. All of our music will be about Sikhi itself and issues that we as a community face. The movement is a non-profit movement. We are not here to make money, we are here to spread Sikhi and help the youth with problems they may face. As the movement progresses we will try our best to keep the trend going such as personalised clothing and accessories. Anyone is allowed to join, but we require you to fill in a short membership form so we are able to keep a check on numbers and it will be easier for the SYGM admin team to contact you. PLEASE NOTE that the membership information will not be passed on to anyone but the 4 SYGM Admins. If you have access to or have any interest in the following please mention below in the membership form: - Producing - Rapping - Singing - Graphic Design - Video Filming - Sikh Literature i.e. Projects, Essays etc. - Martial Arts - Anything else which you can bring to SYGM If you require any more information, feel free to contact the SGYM Admin & Organization Team on the following: Email – SYGM@hotmail.co.uk Twitter – www.twitter.com/SYGM1 Youtube - sikhyouthgroupmovement@gmail.com.
  5. Protest in London, FRIDAY 23rd March, against the hanging of Balwant Singh Rajoana who helped bring justice to the Chief Minister of Punjab (the killer of hundreds of young Sikhs). Bhai Sahib is giving up his life because of his decision to stop a mass murderer This protest has been organised by YOUTH sangat and we encourage ALL the youth to attend, give their views and support! Opposite- High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA Do not sit back while the gems of the Panth continue to be taken from us. PLEASE spread the word and if possible, speak to your local gurudwaras about arranging a coach/transport! WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUNG, ENGLISH SPEAKERS TO GIVE THEIR THOUGHTS 12-4PM
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