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  1. Is there any difference between a taksali gutka and any other ones like budha dal gutkas? I used to use mysikhi app to do nitnem and read gurbani, but recently i downloaded the damdami taksal sunder gutka app.
  2. I tie a taksali dumala, but i am wondering what is the history behind it. Apparently the singhs in guru jis time used to wear nihang dumala and used used to wear chakars on them. When was the taksali dumala style made? who made it? is there a reason why taksalis wear this dumala?
  3. A question for those who know more than me. Outside of India (leaving this out as I think mixed/disparate replies will be received) in which countries are Sikhs best known/highest awareness amongst the general population ? Some of the top ones will include Pakistan, Canada, UK, maybe Kenya (and to lesser extent Tanzania and Uganda). Others I think will include Singapore and Malaysia. After that, maybe Germany and France, and then some other European countries like Holland, Italy and Spain Other countries of significance (population) - I think most Americans, Chinese and Russians do not know much. Thoughts....
  4. I read this article. This Namdhari Dalip Singh has said a very good thing. Read article attached
  5. Guest

    Sikhs Converting To Islam

    Here in the UK, there have been cases where British born non practicing Sikhs have taken the shahada and become practicing Muslims i.e. turned from their parent's religion Sikhi, to Islam. I've noted that in this cases, Gursikhs and Amritdharis find out about the person or are approached by the person's family and turn up to the newly converted person's house to make them see sense / see the light. But this response is reactive rather than pro-active. Person's converted now, heart, mind and soul, bit late for the Singhs to be turning up to the person's house to start their parchaar and try to convince them to turn back to Sikhi (when they were never in it in the first place) Shouldn't we be reaching these potentially vulnerable and impressionable people before they even take their first step away from Sikhi so to speak, rather than having no involvement in their lives, until they convert, at which point it's time to turn up lol? Might I suggest GurSikhs step out of their comfort zones and exclusive 'amritdhari-only' social circles, get their hands dirty and reach these people before their targeted, influenced by outside sources, and future generations are lost.
  6. In punjab b4 any event or starting anything new they prepare langar for 5 singhs, they do ardas first and then give langar to 5 singhs and then every1 else joins in langar. both side of my families do it on vaisakhi when they gnna harvest the crops also do it when they plant the crops, on weddings, new years, b4 any construction etc people call the granthi from the gurdwara do ardas. prepare langar at home and then get 5 singhs from the pind young or old give them the langar and then every1 joins in and eats langar too iv never seen this in the UK. a few years back when i went my pua from canada was there as well and she organised this at our jaghaa which is obviously not sikhi lol but we got the granthi to do ardas and then 5 singhs from the pind were given the prepared langar 1 didnt turn up so a singh who was working in the fields was called over to have langar and then after serving them we all sat down and had langar and any1 else around working in the fields were given langar too. we also did this after our koti was complete 2 yrs ago got ardas done and langar prepared was given to 5 singhs that were invited
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I need help in saying I don’t want the relationship anymore or to end it but without insulting myself or hurting the other person. ok so there was this guy who proposed to me and I said yes because he wore a turban, doesn’t cut hair, is respectful and has a good career. He is from another caste but that didn’t affect me much, i knew it will for my parents with old mentality but I know I’d convince them. Being in a relationship for about 7 months but known each other for a couple months more because used to chat. We only met like 3 times only. He told me he rejected many girls because thinkings don’t match and thinks our does but Only I know they don’t match based on Sikhi or many other things our thinkings don’t match. I just go along with him agreeing on his thinking to not create fights or anything but deep down I don’t like it. I took Sri Hukamnama Sahib once for him thinking if it is positive it is a yes from Guru Sahib Ji to keep him and if not then no. I got it a little negative ( no Bani is negative but what I mean is Guru Sahib Ji weren’t happy not a Parsanta wala Sri Hukamnama Sahib) so it means it’s a no. Now I don’t know to say this to him or to back off so I don’t waste his time or hurt him. I am stressed about how to tell him. My friend told me to lie that your dad isn’t saying yes (he know my mom knows and his family knows about me just spoke over the phone with them only ). I am worried about insulting myself (he might say crap to me or his family will since it’s been a while together). I am worried about lying too because his family including hum might hate my dad for no reason. Also, he might say fight with dad or explain to him and fight for love. Please help me what should I do?
  8. Guest

    Feel like dying

    Sat sri Akal ji I am in biggest dilemma of my Life.Recently I got engaged with my parents wish, At that time I was in such a pressure that I have to say yes to a Girl.But later I felt I did wrong.I didn’t have feeling for the girl, I tried my best to fall in love with her and get attached.Regularly did Simran and ardas so that Waheguru show me the way.But Im depressed now.The girl is nice but doesn’t match me in looks and nature ,her family is good.My family and girl’s family are very happy.Girl is in love with me but I have no feelings for her. Now I can neither call of the engagement as I can’t see the families and girl in pain, Im very much depressed as I can’t fake love nd how can I spend the whole life with her ,Im in depression , my mental and physical health is highly effected. Now I feel like ending my life is the only solution as I can’t go both ways. I feel like dying .Plzzz suggest.
  9. VJKK VJKF! Sangat ji share stories of any sikh u kno and the experience at the last moment. Heres one... Bhai Harjinder Singh 'Jinda's' mata Mata Gurnam Kaur Ji mother left the world a short while ago. Before going, mata ji cud see a beautiful white gurdwara sahib and she could see Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha waiting for her. Harjinder Singb Jinda did an ardaas and requested Guru Ji before shaheedi that they return again to serve the panth and they gave bachan to mata ji that they will be their son In the next life again as they wish to return and destroy more dushts of the panth. When mata ji was leavin for Gurpuri.... Mata ji saw the brave warriors waiting for her.... Dhan Hai Mata Gurnam Kaur Jee khalsa sangat ji kindly share your stories too
  10. Why we are called Sikhs? Sikh name to Sikh religion which Guru Ji gave. I am Sikh since generations. I am proud of being a Sikh. Sikhism is the best modern and progressive religion. Non Sikhs ask me and I want answers for the following questions. 1. Which Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 2. In which year Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 3. At which place Guru Ji started Sikh religion? 4. In which place and year Guru Ji declared that my religion name is “Sikh” 5. In which place and year which Guru Ji declared that my religion is a separate from others, and it is a separate Kaum also. If any Guru Ji made Sikhs a separate Kaum (nation) he must have written in SGGS. 6. Is our Sikh religion a religion or Kaum (nation) While answering please mention name of book and page, edition year etc. I tried very hard to find answers to these questions from old Janam Sakhis, Panth Prakash, Gur bilas, Suraj Prakash, Guru Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji and Dasam Granth also. But no where it is written about my questions. Please do not quote from Modern history books. Please help me.
  11. Guest

    Corona - Corona

    Just watch this extremely desi,hilarious ,corona and panic shopping/panic buying related video. Also do check out his channel , he does very funny,relatable videos with a lot of desi stuff in them
  12. I a hindu (sindhi) man want to marry my fiance who is a sikh,in a Gurudwara is it possible?
  13. I am not boasting or trying to big myself up in anyway. But whereever I go. People tend to fear me to a certain degree. Ie when my Kara is showing and I wear a t shirt with arms visible. People generally look at me in a fearfull way. As Sikhs have a dangerous reputation. When my Kara is not showing. People tend to not even notice me and presume I'm one of the South Asian faiths. It also helps that I'm quite a well built mean looking guy. But is our reputation as people not to be messed with on the decline? Also we as Sikhs have to individually keep the rep going. If we act weak. Then other people will presume we are all like that. I've made a point of giving a beating to someone. To instill fear of Sikhs as a people
  14. Video showing attack on Leeds schoolboy at bus stop sends shockwaves on social media Police confirmed the sickening video, showing the teenager being violently bullied, is being dealt with as a hate crime By Anne-Marie Senior 17:20, 28 FEB 2020 News A video showing the shocking moment a Leeds schoolboy was brutally attacked and narrowly avoided falling into traffic on a busy main road has emerged on social media. The footage, believed to be of a 15-year-old pupil at Morley Academy, shows a boy wearing a traditional Sikh head-covering being violently punched nine times by another schoolboy close to a bus stop. The unprovoked attack begins with the bully laughing and taunting the schoolboy, whilst being filmed and coaxed by other children standing on a nearby grass verge. The thug then launches into a violent attack, landing up to nine punches on the boy - the impact of which can be heard on camera. As the Sikh boy tries to defend himself, he is pushed closer and closer towards the edge of a busy main road, dangerously stepping onto the carriageway at one point. Seeing the danger, the onlookers shout: "On the grass, get on the grass". The bully eventually allows the boy to walk off as a bus approaches the bus stop. The video was shared on Twitter by Sunny Osahn on Thursday and has already had 26,000 views and more than 720 shares. Accompanying the video footage, Sunny posted: "If this 15yo Sikh boy ends his own life, would you even care? "I’ve had a FaceTime with him for the past 3 hrs. "He has faced relentless bullying since year 7 (11/12yo). Now in year 10 he is petrified of going to school. He has nobody to turn to and targeted daily for being Sikh. "You have failed him @themorleyacad, because you blame HIM for his bully’s racist, hateful actions and you’ve given NO support. "Not only is this boy a minority in the fact that he is Sikh, but he is an Afghan Sikh. "His parents do not speak English (well) and are lucky to have settled here in Leeds... But imagine fleeing a war-torn country only for your child to be filled with terror every day of his life." Nearly 300 followers commented on the post, expressing shock and outrage and calling for action. Among those reeling was Kam Rai, deputy leader of Redbridge Council, who called on Leeds City Council and MPs. He wrote: @LeedsCC_News@LeedsCC_News@RachelReevesMP@RichardBurgon@alexsobel@FabianLeedsNE@hilarybennmp anyone of you willing to take this before it goes too far?" One user Rob @rancidnecro said: "Anyone locally with any decency should help the lad out, racists are all Billy big b******s when they have a numbers advantage, but they will soon melt away when confronted. Hope the lad gets some help." Simranjeet Singh @SimSingh101 said: "I can get some Singhs together and literally walk him to and from school everyday and help him in any other way." While another tweeter @MissCentury wrote: "What can we do from further afield or outwith the Sikh community to help and support? Heart breaking, please tell him that a lot of people DO care." Morley Academy said they unable to comment when they were contacted by LeedsLive. But West Yorkshire Police Superintendent Jackie Marsh, of the Safer Leeds Partnership, said: "We are aware of footage currently circulating on social media and a comprehensive partnership response is in place. “A hate crime has been recorded and we are working closely with the family of the boy. “As per their request, the matter is being resolved via the school concerned in conjunction with our Safer Schools Liaison Officer. “We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure there is no repeat and where necessary providing support to the local community.” https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/video-showing-attack-leeds-schoolboy-17834752
  15. Not sure how accurate this is but it seems accurate. You can see that during the 50s and 60s Sikh had among the fastest growing population especially the 60s, this is when sikhs in the pinds were producing 7 or 8 kids. You can see the work of the Christian missionaries during the 60s and 70s the population shot up i guess this is when they started converting the N/E tribal indians to christianity. Some point in the mid 70s the Sikh population rapidly starts going down and by the end we have the lowest growth. This is probably mainly down to all the young sikhs that were killed by the police and governments and the fact that most sikhs only have 2 or 1 kid these days. Sikhs are really bad at making babies now in Punjab and even here, Sikhs are embarrassed to have more than 2 kids, its seen as a laughing matter in punjab if someone has more than 2 kids these days. In Punjab these days couples just have 1 kid. Iv seen people laughing at couples with 4 kids in Punjab! where did this culture of having less kids come from? here in the west people are just having 1 kid as well. iv heard sikhs laughing at couples with more kids. back in they days they would start making making babies at 19 and stop in their late 30s and probably could still produce another 5. Sikh were never shy of making loads of babies or having s3x in the past we weren't that type of culture! my mum told me that she wants at least minimum 3 grandkids from me! lol
  16. Guest

    Chamatkaar in Sikhism

    I am wondering that if guru nanak dev g was against people fooling others with there so-called supernatural powers then why do we believe that he himself did so many supernatural things like rotation of mecca with his feet, stopping big stone with hand and many more. Aren’t we disobeying him by believing in these stories?
  17. Sikh population has slightly fallen in England. Hindu has slightly grown, Christian has fallen, Muslim has grown the most, while buddhist and jew is the same. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7850073/amp/Muslim-population-England-passes-three-million-mark-time.html I'm guessing the slight drop is beacuse of atheism?
  18. Guest

    Finding a Job

    WJKK WJKF, Sangat Ji, I have been searching for a job for the last 6 months but I am struggling in the GTA (Greater Toronto). I graduated in Web Development, and am looking for a Front-End Developer job. I've tried networking, contacting recruiters, telling family/friends/others, applying, sending resumes and cover letters, but I am not sure what else to do. I go to the Gurdwara everyday, and I refrain from smoking, drinking, etc. I try my best to be a good person, but I am losing my faith in this struggle in finding a job. I know we shouldn't always ask for something during Ardaas, but I don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. WJKK WJKF
  19. Wjkk wjkf Ive been on steroids for a while now and had a phew questions I was on steroids before i took amrit and after i took amrit and was just wondering if i have broke my amrit. Amritdhari singhs are what got me doing it, and i wasnt amritdhari then so i saw no issue. But then other people say diffrent. Now i know people say they dont agree with it and sikhi wouldnt promote it, but have i broken my amrit by taking them and have to go peshi. Personally i think its fine but wanted others opinions???
  20. WE HAVE RELEASED OUR NEW T-SHIRT DESIGN!ORDER NOW! CLICK THE LINK BELOW http://www.thesikhwarehouse.co.uk/#/shop/4566970103/Bhai-Gurbachan-Singh/3183391 **WE SHIP WORLDWIDE**
  21. my dear Sikh brother just please think why we are opposing namdhari baba thakur dalip singh just think is not it what he is saying is not it that true and is not it that he is doing something for sikh panth ? is not it he grow sikhs or we are just opposing without giving second thought we should re think
  22. Has there been any marriages between the two? I think afghan sikh girls are good looking :excited:
  23. Hoping for some helpful advice. A client at work is a mid 60's white British female. She is a member of Women's Institute. She says her group have a great interest in learning about history and religions. They are based across different parts of London mainly in this group. She asked for my advice on which would be a good Gurdwara for them to visit in London? I am thinking Shepherd's Bush is easy to reach via public transport. Southall and ones in East London maybe less so (and possibly would not be as nice to travel to). They would like to have a tour and I guess, someone who speaks well in English to help educate them about Sikhi. I have advised they would be able to eat free langar when she mentioned food. Otherwise, would it cost anything (they would be okay to pay a small fee if needed) for a tour/visit? Also, it would probably be most useful for them to have a female Sikh tour (who looks religious) as she mentioned she had misconceptions about Sikhs being 'only men'? Can anyone advise ? Thanks
  24. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tory-mp-sikh-turban-racist-general-election-philip-dunne-kuldip-sahota-ludlow-a9222776.html Recent old news A former Tory minister has been forced to apologise after telling his Sikh rival he was "talking through his turban" during an election debate. Labour has called for Philip Dunne to be sacked as a Conservative candidate in the upcoming poll over "disgusting, racist" remarks to opponent Kuldip Sahota at a hustings in his Ludlow constituency on Wednesday. Mr Sahota said the comments were reminiscent of the kind of racism he suffered in the 1970s and called for a probe into Mr Dunne, who previously held frontbench roles in health and defence.
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