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Found 4 results

  1. When muslims have 50+ countries over 1 .3 billion population and huge rich governments of iran, saudi, turkey, central asian republics, gulf states, etc and muslims and commanded to only give charity to muslim causes via zakat. Why are our very few Sikh charity organisations wasting our very limited financial and manpower resources helping non-sikhs in far off non-sikh lands where the people have no interest in Sikhs or sikhism and would not come to our aid if we ever get in trouble as in 1984 proved. Sikhs 30 million population, no country to our name and struggling religious minority fighting for faith and nation since 1947 due the treacherous dogs of sikh leadership who continually sold the kaum out. christian aid they have 3 billion christian population rich western countries and vatican bank chuch isnt helping rohingya, hindus have 1 billion population they never helped non-hindus charity causes ever. Rohingya will be helped by their muslim breathin eventually there is no doubt about that. Us Sikhs do not need to go off on far off adventures to far off places aimlessly if are not there to help the people embrace sikhi with parchar. Question is why is khalsa aid continuing to pursue non-sikh charity causes when there's plenty of causes within the Sikh community that needs urgent attention and help but no help is given. (ie afghan Sikhs dwindling population due to persecution and discrimination, pakistani sikhs struggling financial hardships, indian sikhs in deep poverty and struggling especially families of Shaheeds killed by govt violence). Whats the agenda? foreign adventures? collecting money? Ravi singh is doing a great job showing he is a humanitarian and at promoting the humanitarian side of Sikhi which is great however, where is his and his orgs priorities? They seem to be lost in my view.
  2. WJKK WJKF I am blessed with amrit next week (on Saturday). How I got past my mum saying no: I figured if I kept asking her then it would be in her authority, but actually it isn't. The Panj Pyare (Guru's saroop) do not care what your parents think because it is YOU that is taking amrit, not them. What I did was I told her instead of asked her. I told her I am taking amrit. The best reaction was my cousin and my grandma because they were supportive. I am a 16 year old Singh who got into Sikhi at the age of 14 in 2015. I was quite basic, I wore a simple patka and still ate meat. I gradually came started accepting very basic Sikhi principles such as not eating meat, not shaving etc. In 2016 I wore a dumalla, stopped eating meat and stopped shaving. I started to do paat a little (only japji sahib). I went to a Sikhi camp which improved my knowledge on topics like Shaheed Singhs and Ancient Sikhi. In 2017 I became more used to Sikhi and more strict. I started accepting the rehat of Akal Takht. This included not eating products with gelatine or egg. I woke up at amritvela to do panj baniaa and did rehras and kirtan sohila. My life changed significantly by this and I will share further experiences because I will unlock the full blessings later. My journey does not end here though! This month is my amrit sanchar. I am officially going to apart of the Khalsa. This is the beginning of the campaign on a game, the start of my very own timeline, my first words ever said but most importantly I am going to give my head to the Guru! At some times, I will feel so excited about Sikhi. I will feel quite chardikala and it's something that I wish stays with me all the time because if I feel this regularly, what will I have to worry about with the modern society? And one thing I need to remember is that amrit is the beginning to everything. (I am going to update this soon and I will notify everyone when I have taken amrit, if anyone needs anything or wants to ask questions about anything sikhi related feel free to)
  3. Guest

    Seeking a friend

    Hi everyone, I know that this is not a networking site but im not sure where else to go or how else to go about this. Im basically a 28 year old guy trying to get away from a bad crowd and grow closer to sikhi and want to get involved in doing more seva. I guess im just looking for someone whos willing to help and give advice on my current situation as I literally have no one to talk to. My current crowd would laugh at me if they seen this lol Rather than writing about all my problems on here and asking for advice, I thought I would just post this and anyone whos willing to help me can just drop me a message. I really dont know where else to go to make fellow sikh friends who will help me in my journey to sikhi Anything you can do is appreciated, even if its a general talk please feel free to drop me a message and ask about my situation Thanks
  4. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Hi all, I have a question about my issue of my spiritual name and I don't have a group of Gursikhs to talk about this so posting it here in hope of a response of some kind. First I will explain a bit about my background...as there maybe some who are a bit unsure when I mention Kundalini yoga and Sikhi together... Ok so overall I've done yoga since a teenager, though two years ago I started Kundalini yoga meditation with mantras e.g. Sat Nam and my life started getting better. I stopped drinking alcohol and became vege again like I did in my teens. It was at a Kundalini yoga festival I happened to drive a Sikh man (who is now a dear friend) there and while there he suggested I go to a talk on Who is Guru Nanak by Basics of Sikhi. So I did as I was listening to and singing along to music with his name in. The talk was interesting as were the values posted around the school we were in. Anyway I didn't think much about it though a few months later I watched more Basics videos and I felt drawn to go along to Simran just before my 27th birthday at my local Gurdwara. I literally just turned up at the door and thankfully someone showed me around as everything was new to me (and I still go). So fast forward a little more...a few months go by and I sign up for my yoga teacher training then a little further into that I get a spiritual name, fully it's Ajeet Amrita Kaur, though people just call me Ajeet. It's apparently based on numerology but they don't go into specifics. It was in my training I first learnt Japji Sahib, first in English then Gurmukhi. Anyway...so this Summer I went to Khalsa camp, after a magical day of meeting another Kaur while volunteering and seeing a flyer on the wall in the Gurdwara on a day I don't usually go. I just booked it and drove all the way to Wales. Totally worth it and I experienced Amrit Vela in a wonderful way, I'm learning Jaap Sahib now gradually, it's beautiful. It was there I learnt more about the name Hukamnama and it sounded wonderful! Though I have Ajeet and I like it, it suits me. Victory over obstacles. I would even consider changing to it permanently (from Alice) and it seems strange to ask for another name. Though I have doubts that I may be looked down upon for my names background. I am also confused to how it works with Kaur legally, is it a middle name or surname? Someone I know from a Kundalini background who has taken Amrit will legally change hers when she's married, though that's not me, I'd do it as I want to. So if anyone has any response or questions please comment. Thank you for your time Ajeet ?
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