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Found 2 results

  1. We as a panth hv so much money but we waste it on useless activities. From what I hv talked with haryanvi jaats, they were really impressed by medical facilities they received at kisan andolan. May be diaspora Sikhs can fund a mobile medical team which can go to villages in haryana and help people with medical treatment, medical tests and medicines. This will bring affection in the hearts of jaats for Sikhs. Affection is a very strong tool to win people to your side. Ideally, this medical team shud be of practicing knowledgeable gursikhs who also believe in 'sarab rog ka aukhad NAAM". We don't need fuddu leftist doctors who say that religion is secondary and it's more important to be a good human being. Medical facilities in rural India are terribly bad. We can send these mobile medical teams of practicing Sikhs not just in haryana but whole of india. Its a mode of sikhi parchar as well as helping humanity.
  2. I have been reflecting a little bit. After deciding to leave the forum I came back to share a post last week. The purpose was sharing something inspirational with the takeaway being - make Mool Mantar part of your life. The way people judge and insult others here is vile and disgusting. What you don't know is I am someone who sufferers depression on/off, have got close to ending my life a few times. These sly comments written hidden in a bedroom affect people. And I shouldn't have to share this before people might think 'oh..''. I see no excuse in the slightest for an online space where this kind of behaviour is tolerated @ADMIN ji. I'm talking about 'akalifauj' I'm 25 years old and a genuine spiritual seeker. I'm not part of any jatha, group or organisation. Sikhi means everything to me. Age 15 - I setup a YouTube channel called Mata Sahib Kaur Ji to share katha extracts with the world. To date - 10k+ subscribers, 1.5M+ views. Here is 1 video, have a look at comments and explore the channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3HSz4lSkfw - Simple Katha of Chaupai Sahib ~ People started simran/paath, got faith in gurbani, even took amrit after watching my videos. I run my channel with absolute zero tolerance policy. Any negative comments result in immediate user ban from entire channel. I won't allow anything to compromise my vision to create simply the most beautiful space for experiencing Sikhi. Negativity/doubts in naam simran destroy everything and I don't allow it. The sole aim is to experience anand of Guru's shabad. Last few days I was working on building a blog to share more simran posts because I haven't even scratched the surface yet. Bad experience on this forum makes me realise just how special these things are to share. The project is now on hold for a re-think. A very serious strategic review is required for this forum. Because I am the next generation and one who can really contribute - yet I'm feeling I don't even want to be on this site the culture is so aggressive and bullying. Handing over the forum blindly assumes the next generation want to use it. Some members would make the greatest contribution to promoting Sikhi by being blocked. The value I can offer to promoting Sikhi is enormous, and filled with genuine passion for what I do. I've already created a 7 figure engagement impact on YouTube which is awesome for what started as a 15yr old school boy in his spare time project. My goal is big impact, my YouTube is already having more impact than this whole forum in promoting gurbani and naam simran. So I need to have a serious review also about where to dedicate my time. I've even got a personal Sikhi strategic plan for projects I want to do in my lifetime - that's how important serving the Sangat / Khalsa Panth is to me. (One project is cyber security related. 'What happens if you open your gurbani app tomorrow and it says error?' 1 enemy with a laptop can modify, damage or destroy apps we rely on. Many of us no longer keep gutka/pothis or even have gurbani kanth. And what if WW3 and Internet & Youtube goes down? I want to create huge digital backup archives to keep today's content available for future generations) Aap Japo Avarai Naam Japavo Sangat Ji, you want a simran tip? Do Sikhi parchar - when someone connects because of you, it lifts you higher too. It can just be at home to encourage your family, or sharing the odd kirtan link on your Facebook, whatsapp etc. Or dream bigger.. Next Generation are already making huge things happen and have been for years!
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