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Found 295 results

  1. How has Sikhi changed you? how has it made you a better person? how have you positively changed as a person? what other changes came into your life with Sikhi? share your experiences ... for me one of the main things was that it gave me a purpose, now i look back and realize that i had no purpose, most of the things i was doing had no meaning or reason behind it but to simply fit in and and be like everyone else. I had no guide but did stuff because that's what everyone else was doing. I was just wondering around lost and doing things without any meaning. it gives me a structure and stability. It has done other things too like made me more compassionate and considerate of others. I feel like i am now starting to know who i am, but it is hard to explain it in words. Still a very long way to go though ... its hard to write the changes you experience, much of it is something that you feel feel free to share your own experience
  2. Guest

    Why are we not Hindus?

    It's clear that Sikhi is very different from Islam. However, same cannot be argued for Hinduism. Sikhi shares a lot with it; reincarnation, concept of Guru-student, mukti etc. Given that Hinduism encompasses various differing traditions, Sikhi can be accepted as a tradition within the wider Hindu dharma. It technically is and has been, until the British-funded Singh Sabha
  3. savalakhsingh

    Dharmic Books to read

    VJKKVJKF i love to read books about sikhi, especially autobiographies and history. I have read these books already: In English: Se Kinehiya Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Autobiography of Bhai Rama Singh (In search of the true guru) Warrior Saints (volume 1) Chalda Vaheer Jatha life of Bhai Rajinder Singh ji Kurbani 1978 Zafarnama Hymns from Bhai Gurdass Compositions Ascending Spirits Bhai VIjay Singh Cosmic Symphony In punjabi: Jail chitthiya Puratan Itihaasik Jeevania Puratan So Sakhi (100 sakhi) Satwant Kaur some more i can't remember right now but if you have any suggestions like these books please let me know.. I would like to read more punjabi books as my punjabi is not that great at the moment and would like to improve. I can read and write okay but my vocabulary is limited so I have a hard time following along punjabi books especially jail chitthiya, i could not understand any of it. I have read Bhai Rama Singh jis autobiography in Punjabi too and that was pretty straight forward. Thank you VJKKVJKF
  4. I wanted to know i heard about that person who killed many many humans, but god forgave him. I dont know his name now. So my question is what if a human makes a huge mistake and hurts somebody or cheats on their husband/wife. Or if somebody lies. Does our Waheguru forgive such humans if they see their mistake and do paath then everyday and didnt wanted to harm anyone in first place? And how can somebody know that Waheguru has forgiven? Will they still go to nark (hell) ? And also what if the person is ready then to do amrit shakan (sorry if i spelled wrong), and prays everday, also does sewa and goes to gurdwara?
  5. I am a sikh girl and i was married already 2 times. I couldnt stay with my first husband because he abused me and hit me. He was very violent. As you folks know, when someone was already married once, its hard to find a good husband the second time. So i got another time a husband who abused me and also drank much alcohol. I couldnt stay in that family, it was very hard, i got hit every day. Also both didnt loved me. So i am divorced and that too also 2 times already. What do you think? Should i have stayed with him even if they were abusive? Because in sikhi you can marry only once right? Or was it the right thing i did?
  6. I got married about 9 months ago, I had the perfect wedding anyone could dream of. I had left the country to move to where my husband lived, in India. Six months after the marriage I found opium and marijuana in our bathroom. It was at this time I realised my husband was into drugs. Upon questioning, he didn’t confess to it, however later he confessed but said he needed some time and space. I spoke to his parents to keep him away from his friends company who were also involved in drugs but they didn’t listen. Unsure of what to do next, especially when my in laws are very wealthy, and in India money can buy anything even police, my family thought it was safe if I returned to the Uk and we came up with a solution of what to do next. I safely came back to Uk and since I have tried to contact my in laws. My husband has not once contacted me over three months. I have tried every possible way (his friends, his family, his workmates and himself) to get through to him, some won’t answer their phone as my father in law has given strict instructions not to and my husband doesn’t answer his phone or respond to messages. Initially when I came to the UK my father in law asked me for ideas how we could improve his sons drug addiction and I offered everything I knew I could do to help him ( as I am a medical professional), after that no one ever rang from his family. We contacted our relatives who are also convinced my husband isn’t into drugs (after all no one wants to stand against rich people- I guess). I feel very sad and heartbroken because I really wanted to help fix my husbands addiction , I have been to the Gurudwara for over 3months, asking God to show me a sign to save this marriage but I keep hitting a brick wall. Two weeks ago, my husband informed one of our relatives that he never wanted me back. I am deeply saddened to see that he ended the marriage so easily. I keep asking God why he didn’t give me a chance to help my husband, because after all we all are imperfect and we make mistakes, because it is our duty to help one another. After so many days of grieving, battling and doing ardas, I have given up. I am still not sure if I am doing the right thing but the wise have said that if after so much prayer God won’t answer maybe it’s because it is for our best that we walk away, how true that is only the future will tell me. For everyone out there, on intoxicants please don’t involve yourself in them. Drugs break up relationships and destroy families.
  7. Guest

    Help - full of kaam

    Fateh sangat ji, I am in a dilemma with myself and my Sikhi. I would like to ask a few questions from knowledgeable people on there, both Gursikhs and non, and also get some advice. Please don't just slander me as I don't need that right now. I took amrit aged 15 but then went down the wrong path at 18 when I moved out for uni, but secretly. I started drinking (usually on my own at home), occasionally smoking a cigarette when in the pub low key and I also dabbled in some weed and coke here and there. I did not become an addict or alcoholic by any means. I have always had a major problem with kaam. I got together with my best friend but this was an on off relationship and a distance one due to areas. Mostly based on phone calls, emails etc. I never told her about what kurehats I had done. She was amritdhari. During our last off period which was about a year, she had met someone else. I called her one day to say I still love her and later down the line she told me that she met someone and their wedding was arranged and date set. This broke me and I still wanted us to be together as we always spoke about. Anyway, we met a few times and one thing lead to another. This lasted up until her wedding. She didn't call off the wedding due to being afraid of her parents etc. Now, I was obviously heartbroken and lonely. I have always been a horny chap and with the regular physical activity no longer there with her it was difficult for me. Anyway, I went to pesh and retook amrit but my heart wasn't in it as I could not speak openly to the panj piaare due to time restraints and as one was hell bent on telling me off without me fully explaining all my kurehats. I still done the seva they said but just felt I was not forgiven as everything wasn't disclosed. Then an old friend of mine got in touch but she was married and not happy. It had only been a year since her marriage. We got close on the phone declared we liked each other in all ways and met. Nothing happend as I knew I retook amrit and she is married. I resisted so much for a few years and had several "opportunities" with other friends and colleagues which I didn't do. But being full of kaam I couldn't any longer and had an affair with my married friend. Now, I have disrespected my Guru and Amrit twice now and cant give up sex with her but I know one day I will have to as she cant leave him. My conscious gets to me. Question, will I be forgiven?? I read plenty of bani and do seva. I don't plan on taking Amrit yet because I cannot fall a 3rd time and take the piss so will wait a few years and control.my kaam before going in front of the panj piaare. I need to sort my kaam out. I cant get married to someone I don't love otherwise that would have addressed the issue. Any advice and thoughts? Thank you.
  8. Efforts made for Hindu-Sikh unity by Thakur Dalip Singh ji succeeded https://www.facebook.com/GuruNanakNaamLeva/videos/2063852307025769/
  9. How can we prove this? For instance muslims say they can prove their religion is true. Can Sikhs also prove it? What is the main evidence that Sikhism come from God? I have read some interesting articles about Sikhi and science. Ie many scientific discoverys that have been made in the 20th century were already in the sggs in the 15th century. These quotes were mainly by Guru Nanak on the planets, moon, stars galaxy's ect. Which proved Sikhi knew about the galaxies long before modern scientists. Any others?
  10. mahandulai

    Are we the best religion?

    if Muslims should be good Muslims, and Hindus be good Hindus, then why do we say our religion is the best?
  11. realsxngh

    Can we watch movies and TV.

    Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh Guru Piyaareo I was wondering in this age of kalyug if a gursikh or even a sikh should watch movies, tv shows, listen to Punjabi songs etc etc... if possible piyaareo back your claim up by gurbani or other evidence.
  12. dont say everything, about this and that.
  13. Anyone know what are the reasons why people who maybe interested in Sikhism. They may like the major core principles of the faith such as. Equality for men and women. Not discriminating against against non believers. ect. But what may then put off these same people from becoming Sikh? Is the faith and path to hard to follow? Are Sikhs seen as a welcoming bunch of people? Or people who couldnt care less. Ie many on the outside see Sikhs as a castist bunch of people. They see we have no unity amongst us. Hence outsiders dont want to a part of something like this. Why people are attracted to christianity and Islam? They get a sence of belonging. Muslims support and encourage non believers. It gives them a sence of identity. Something to concentrate all their energy on. Something to that gives them direction and guides them in life.It makes them feel powerful. Yet What does Sikhism do for people. Why does the message of Sikhi not resonate with people. Such as Christianity, Islam and buddism does? Are we lacking somewhere?
  14. This is not about personal opinions but obtaining different Shabads from Gurbani to see what the Guru says about Islam?
  15. We have tried to bring up our children in the right way. Encouraging them to read Paath, recite Mool Mantar, attend Gurudwara and so much more. Over time my 13 year old has become more and more distant from Sikhi. Refusing to read from Gutka, never doing Mool Mantar, saying she doesn’t want to go to the Gurudwara. We have never forced it upon her and have tried to calmly discuss this with her however she just seems to be getting worse. I can not explain how heartbroken I feel, I sit alone and reflect on my shortcomings as a parent and can not help but blame myself for being a bad parent. It’s so so sad to see, my one wish was that my children would love and respect the Guru. I tried to do it by example too. Please, if anyone else has similar experience or can share any advice or guidance please reply. Thank you.
  16. If there is one thing that draws people to Sikhism it is YOGA. Lets take a look at the most successful Sikh missionaries in the west. Yogi Bhajan - His name sounds half like yoga. Just a coincidence. But this guys method was simple. First start up classes on yoga. He knew the west is obsessed with the whole yoga thing. Next slowly bring them to Sikhism. So why dont we start doing something similar to this? Obviously we will have our own model. There will not be any kind of 3ho setup. It will be purely 100% Sikh. But first we have to get them interested in the first place. It is evident that people first become interested in yoga or other meditation practices. Then they start taking and interest in Sikhi. There is great potential for Sikhism to expand in Latin countries such as Spain, and south america. Many of the Latin or Hispanic people have a great interest and fascination with India and its culture. Be it Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and meditation.Yet we are not tapping into this interest. On a recent trip to Spain and south america I noticed many shops with Indian artifacts. Such as oms, toofs and many other Indian cultural ornaments. I hardly came across any islamic ornaments. But the shops were full of Indian stuff. I also noticed this in Greece. The question is how can we implement all this and start a Sikh missionary center in the UK? Look at Muslims they have built huge missionary centres in the uk. with the pure aim of converting as many people as they can funded by rich arab states abroad. Yet all Sikhs do is sit on our backsides, eat to many paranthe and then moan.
  17. Namdhari sikh head Thakur Dalip singh had made a point with no artefacts from gurbani held at World Hindu Congress Summit Chicago to Oblige Hindu Community. If it is just a question of pleasing Hindus and RSS then Dalip singh wouldn’t have made a valid argument on stage that “Why the conference is not been conducted using just Hindi Language ?” Secondly, Dalip Singh Thakur requested with a question in front of RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat to suppress Hindutva and bring bhartiyatav. For making such a bold statements one need to be brave heart like Dalip Singh who earlier too made a reasonable point that Sikhs have independent identity and that should remain independent. It is only Dalip singh Thakur who speaks straightforward in front of Hindu community and brought reasonable statement to think about. Do we have someone and has guts to speak against any orthodox thinking ?
  18. RajKaregaKhalsa1

    Regaining Faith in Sikhi

    Dear Guru ke pyarrio Daas has Been having some hard times with Sikhi lately. 2 weeks ago I was pumped and wanted to become a proper Gursikh but just last week I had started getting a little bit of doubt. This doubt go really bad and I was losing faith in God. However with Maharaj's kirpa the doubts were cleared around Friday. However they started again and don't seem as bad now but they still make me cry because I still really want to be a Gursikh and not lose Sikhi because it is so great- I am only 15 btw. If anyone can please just give me some inspiration they would be appreciated. This never seemed to happen before (I have been trying to follow Sikhi and started doing a bit of Paath last year December and I had never go any doubt before) Some concerns I have are that Will God listen to my prayers? How do I regain faith in God and Guru? And Can I be forgiven? Guys I really want to get back into Sikhi it is the main mission of my life and I really need your guy's help. Please send me some inspiration and motivate me back on to the path. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ
  19. mahandulai

    Is Sikhi, just idealism?

    Often, I think we tie any good trait that we find, to being a good sikh. Is this true?
  20. puzzled

    Sikh videos

    Nice Sikh videos, some are interesting and some beautiful! post more guys ...
  21. Guest

    My wife passed away

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh My wife who was 32 years old passed away 2 weeks ago in hospitial she was waiting for a heart transplant. She used to pray day and and night and listen and do simran too. I use to say to her i hope you get a heart quick and she said dont say that because that means someone has to die for me to get a heart. She used to say when she gets better we must not forget about waheguru in our good times and bad times. She waited 4 months for a heart transplant and when she got one she passed away two hours after the operation. Why does waheguru take people young? We were only married for 3 years and she had her whole life ahead of her. She was so postive and she always said she will be ok and come through this and that wahguru always shows her the way. I just miss her alot i feel alone and empty without her Thank you
  22. Talk seven as advertised on FB of Sikh Discover Inspire GT1588 Initiative page , taking place at Khalili lecture hall , london WC1H 0XG. On Sunday 9th Sept 2018 at 13:00 , Tickets 5GBP: For our seventh talk in the series, Dr Sâqib Bâburî, Curator for the Persian Manuscripts Digitisation Project at the British Library, explores the patronage of Persian manuscripts during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his successors, including several recently made discoveries. This illustrated talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Sâqib Bâburî is the Curator for the Persian Manuscripts Digitisation Project at the British Library, presently cataloguing the Delhi Persian collection. Specialising in the history of mediaeval India, his doctoral research focused on the Royal Collection’s Padshanamah. Bâburî’s expertise covers most aspects of Persian codicology, calligraphy, palaeography and art history. This lecture series has been organised by the UK Punjab Heritage Association (UKPHA) in partnership with the SOAS South Asia Institute (SSAI). Image: Detail of the opening folio of a Gita Gobind manuscript, dated Ramnagar, 3 March 1835 (British Library, Or. 2767)
  23. Big_Tera

    Parchaar Techniques

    What do we say when we preech? Ie what are our techniques we use for persuading people that Sikhism is the right and true path? Lets face it. If we dont go out and say Sikhism is the true path. Then will anyone bother becoming Sikhs? Apart from those who are quite intellegent and enlightened who will be able to appreaciate what Sikhism is. But the average person on the street will find it difficult to comprehend the message and beauty of Sikhism. For instance muslims go around making arguements for islam and have various techniques for converting. ie they tend to say everone apart from a muslim is going to hell. Which frightens people into converting. What do Sikhs have and what can we say to get the message through of our faith. We need something that will open their eyes and make them interested in our faith and beliefs. We need need to use language and concepts that truly touch their hearts and make them connect. If we dont think our path is the truest path. will anyone else think that? We need a message that resonates with the masses. Uk is basically athiest. So we have alot of people who we could make Sikh. At the moment Sikhs basically come across as a religion and faith that does not seek or really wants anyone to become Sikh. But our converting technique needs to be good. What can we say that will get them to become Sikhs and prove to them that Sikhism is the best faith. Ie any miracles performed?
  24. Let’s call it convert2sikhi. Any parcharak can join and help this world become a better place to live in.
  25. Not moral , nor something I encourage, but it makes for serious consideration . why islam and christianity both spread by sword are far more successful in their geo-political-demographic expansions and why sikhs are a shriveled lot today without a demographic/political ascendance

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