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Found 295 results

  1. Guest

    Sikh Traitors in Punjab

    I tried to find out what happened to the strong Panth that we used to have in Punjab and one of the main reasons of the downfall in India was because of sikhs themselves selling out their Sikh brothers and sisters!! For drugs, for threats on their families by the government, for police! I can't believe that Sikhs would sell out SIkhi like this? Why did this happen??
  2. Why dont we mass produce copies of the sggs in english copies and hand them to people who are interested in Sikhism? You always see muslims handing out free copys of the koran in english and christians doing the same. Yet all we do is talk but no action.
  3. I was looking through Bhai Randheer Singhs Gurmat Bibek/Vivek Books and it took me really long to get through the pages especially because he uses very high level Punjabi when writing. I was wondering if anyone knows any translations to the books or if they would like to collaborate with the Canada Sangat to have them translated? Vaheguruuuu Ji Ka Khalsaa Vaheguruuuu Ji Ki Fatehhh!
  4. Should sikhs celebrate divaali (rechirstened as bandi chor divas)when there is no historical proof of Guru Hargobind jee acutally coming home on a day that coincides with hindu Diwaali ? Share your views - in my view if we have a good naam simran practise then everyday is diwali
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Something Daas wanted to know was how exactly did people start believing in Ram Singh as a Guru, when he himself said these statements: http://www.namdharitruth.info/history/baba-ram-singh-sikh-of-sri-guru-granth-sahib/ Also from what Daas has learned about him he was somewhat more interested in helping the path of Gurmat than to divide from it, (in fact from some Gurmukhs Daas has heard that he was some Mahapurukh who just happened to get his teachings corrupted). Many of the first Naamdharis of Ram Singh also considered Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Satguru, and Ram Singh even said that he was a servant to the Guru. Even giving Amrit to at least 1000000 people according to the Khalsa Panth. So why did people start believing he was the light of the Guru? Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  6. WJKKWJKF Is it acceptable to throw in the garbage/recycle the pamphlets(advertising material) that usually has some gurbani words/verses printed on it? If not, what should be done. Please advise.
  7. WJKK WJKF, Sangat ji if anybody can help me find puratan shastars and good war worthy leather shield from Punjab or Nanded, i will be thankful. Even if anybody knows where can i find new sarbloh shastars, that would be great too.
  8. I have been reading some articles & books on sikh history at the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, both from sikh & non-sikh sources. It has come to me that there are some things that are either falsified or true in our history. For example, was Baba Deep Singh Ji's head actually decapitated & he was able to fight for long time while holding head on hand? Or that Baba Deep Singh Ji's head was heavily injured and that he supported his head from losing too much blood by placing hand & fighting with his other hand? From the people's opinions i read, some stated that this was to show the power of Guru ji's spiritual power, while some said that Baba Deep Singh Ji actually carried a decapitated head while fighting. There are some other history i have not yet stated, anyhow, i would like all your opinions on this subject. Please do not consider this disrespect as my main purpose is to originally find out the actual events rather than unintentionally or intentionally falsified events throughout various times & ages. Waheguru. (Source-Read comments : http://sikhprofessionals.net/wahegurus-way/6-amazing-superhuman-feats-of-baba-deep-singh-ji)
  9. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/injured-stranded-german-grateful-for-sikh-kindness-seeks-sushma-swaraj-s-help-on-twitter/story-pyygDvrgWsfmnLLGd33bMJ.html
  10. Guest

    Help needed

    Hello guys, i am a 15 year old boy living in Canada. I have kesh, little bit beard, and regularly go to the guruduwara, though im not amrit dhari. I have this issue that completely ruins my day & for others. No one knows about this, not even my respected parents. I play lots of sport & am quite athletic. I have never had a significant other female in my life, except my mom lol. But still after all this, i commit sin by falling to kaam, by masturbating on nude girls. This started happy 1 year ago but i somehow put a stop to it, and did not masterbate for full 6 months, yet i had terrible wet dreams that i could not control whatsoever. This makes me feel like a garbage bag, floating through the dirty winds, and destroys my gur sikhi jeevan. I cannot even do ardaas properly without thinking about this. I do not know if masterbating is right or wrong, some people say it is normal, then some people say it is wrong & a sin. If i stop masterbating, i get wet dreams, which are even worse. If i start masterbating then i feel terribly guilty & out of sikhi order. So respected members, please tell me the right path & how to successfully solve this problem. This is what making me not reach my full potential as human being, so again please & thankyou. ð¢ð³
  11. Guest

    Moving To India

    Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh I am a Keshdhari Sikh from the West (born and bred) and wish to move to India to do Simran, Seva, Sangat. Any suggestions as where to stay / move for 6 month? I am currently contemplating the following:- Dal Baba Bidhi Chand SurSingh Purmeshwar Dwar Sri Harmandir Sahib HarianBela Damdami Taksal Mehta Chowk Locations, names etc are much appreciated Jee!
  12. Guest

    Sins and good deeds

    When i was younger i stole some chewing gum and few coins from a boys bag in school. I reget it now and hate myself for doing. I really do not know why i did it. I have two questions: Will i have i sin? If i do have a sin can it be vansihed if i do good deeds? Thank you G.Singh
  13. Guest

    Sins and good deeds

    When I was younger I stole some chewing gum and a few coins from a boys bag in school. I dont know why i did it and really regret it. Will I have a sin? If I have a sin could it be vanished if i do good deeds? Thank you
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Daas was recently wondering how he could inspire people to follow Sikhi more, especially with the way the world is going right now. Daas honestly believes that there is something he does wrong while trying to explain the importance of Sikhi just to the the basic people Daas knows. Also there is no true Sarbat Da Bhalla without Sikhi as all other joys are temporary with only Gurmat being permanent joy. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  15. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Daas really wanted to know why some people misinterpret Gurbani to fill their own needs? This happens a lot especially by Liberal Sikhs; which Daas sometimes notices on this website. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  16. I was wondering in sikhi are we destined to get married to our partner or does it depend if you do paath and on our deeds. When we are born is it written to who we will get married to?
  17. In order for religions to surive there needs to be adequate concerts or high birth rate ratio. With current statistics Sikhism does not have the numbers to keep the religion from goin. In the next 50 years half the world's population will be Muslim. Instead of discussing small silly things that don't have much importance relative to the above. What are we doing about this?
  18. Waheguru ji ke khalsa wahiguru ji ki fateh i understand and agree that the Akaal Bunga is the head of the Panth but could I have some quotes and itihaas to back this up thanks
  19. Importance Of Amrit Sanchar: http://gurukisikhi.weebly.com/home/importance-of-amrit-sanchar
  20. Guest

    High Quality Kirpans?

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, does anyone have any suggestions for where Daas can get high quality kirpans? (Daas would prefer not getting the KhalsaKirpans that cost crazy just because they have some fancy jewels). Does anybody know where to get high quality affordable Kirpans? (Also none of those mass produced shastars as they don't seem as strong).
  21. Please could someone clarify : 1. if Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji , Dasam Guru Granth ji and Sarbloh Granth combine to bring knowledge that mean the ant of Vedas , does that mean any prophecies there post advent of Khalsa is wrong /to be ignored ? 2. Does this mean that as I have heard someplaces that Khalsa Raj is kaliki avatar ?
  22. Hello everyone, As the title of the thread suggests, I am currently exploring Sikhi as well as other religious beliefs (including Buddhism and Radha Soami, though I have issues with following a human master). I come from a Christian background, but I would not describe my beliefs as being particularly Christian, as I believe in an all-pervading God who is impersonal, and I believe in systems such as reincarnation and karma. So, I have many questions about Sikhi as I am on my search, and I was hoping that you all might be able to answer some questions for me. None of these questions are meant to challenge your beliefs at all, but merely to express my own doubts and challenges that I face in my search. 1. Buddhism and Sikhism I think are largely similar, but they have a major difference that I find hard to reconcile. Buddhism (at least Theravadan and Zen) teaches that the existence of God can't be answered for sure, and the same can be said for the soul. Instead the Buddha says that we should forget such questions, and instead focus on achieving Nirvana, as these questions impede our spiritual growth. Sikhi (as far as I am aware) states that our ultimate purpose is to merge with God, and reach Sach Khand. The problem is, I can see and understand the reasoning behind both of these positions, and I have a really hard time figuring out what to believe on this issue. How can I resolve this conflict? 2. Scriptures are obviously very important to Sikhs, as the SGGSJ forms the foundation for Sikhi. My question regarding this is, why is reading the Bani repeatedly so important? Is kirtan more beneficial than to practice simran and meditation on the atman inside? I can understand reading it for understanding, and of course reading scriptures at different times in our lives, we will receive different lessons. But is inward meditation not more valuable, provided it is done with a proper spiritual understanding? 3. As I am young and come from the West (I am only 18), I have certain Western values which I find hard to reconcile with both Sikhism and Buddhism, even though I may find the religion very appealing. Specifically, I feel very strongly about gender equality, and that differences between men and women are almost entirely (if not entirely) cultural rather than biological or spiritual in nature. This means that I am a strong advocate of homosexual rights, gay marriage, and transgender rights. I realize that Sikhi has done a lot to stand up for many of these things, but at the same time, I see that homosexuals are not allowed to be married with the Anand Karaj. As a Westerner, this seems to be the same religious dogmatism that I tried to escape when I left Christianity, but maybe I am misunderstanding it. 4. Marriages. As far as I understand, Sikhs do not condone love marriages, and instead practice arranged marriages. What is the harm in a love marriage, or in dating? Again I realize I come from a Western perspective, but I fail to see how these things are harmful to your spirituality. If all of your energy is focused on finding a partner, or on sexual promiscuity, or the like, I can definitely understand it. Also, why can an inter-faith marriage not be done with the Anand Karaj? If a Sikh wants to marry a non-Sikh, isn't that their choice? And if they want to do the marriage the Sikh way, is that not displaying the proper respect to Sikhi? For a long time, I dated a Muslim girl and we planned to be married. Sadly that didn't happen, but I can't imagine missing out on someone who may be the love of my life, because I am limited to only marrying someone of my religion. 5. Again as far as I understand, Guru Nanak Ji shunned religious labels. He stated "There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim." So therefore, why have his teachings started a religion? This is something I haven't been able to find much discussion about, and I am quite curious about it. Has Sikhism fallen prey to the same dogmatism that he taught against? 6. The SGGSJ was named as the last Guru for the Sikhs. Does this mean there will never be another Guru? What about when we move out of Kal Yug and into the next age, will there be another succession of Gurus? I'm sorry for the long list of questions. I look forward to hearing your responses. Thank you.
  23. As per this link by veer Singh559 , people who speak against dasam deserve to to be shot dead ? Guru sahib will be very happy with such talibanised 'sikhs' ? Had these goons attacked someone like dhunda or panthpreet singh, people here will be cheering and doing jakare ? Remember Aurangzeb ? He persecuted people for their beliefs and remember Guru Tegh bahadur - who stood up for their rights even though his own views were materially different from the hindus . In Gurmat voilence is permitted only to prevent further voilence , e.g taking out indra or Beanta was ok . Update 9pm 21.05.16 | "ਮੇਰੀ ਕੋਈ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰਥ ਦੇ ਵਿਰੁੱਧ Statement ਦਿਖਾਓ" | DHADRIANWALE So by this token , people who speak against dasam need to to be shot dead ? Guru sahib will be very happy with such 'sikhs' ? What's the difference between us and taliban ? Had these goons attacked someone like dhunda or panthpreet singh, people here will be cheering and doing jakare ? Remember Aurangzeb ? He persecuted people for their beliefs and remember Guru Tegh bahadur - who stood up for their rights even though his own views were materially different from the hindus . In Gurmat voilence is permitted only to prevent further voilence , e.g taking out indra or Beanta.
  24. Guest


    VJKK VJKF, Khasla Ji - can someone please provide all knows sources of rehatnama in English please? Fateh Ji. Bhul chuk maaf karna

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