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Found 11 results

  1. check out this anti-sikh online hate channel "sir faz" on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CzZAsF3_oV7BLdaJkh-lg Theres a few others on youtube that have vile anti-sikh / sikhphobic individuals on them with their hateful views
  2. Derby Sikh temple knifeman admits to stabbing and burglary charges Mohammed Ibrar's offence was described as a 'hate crime' Scene of an alleged stabbing in Normanton Road A 32-year-old Derby man has admitted to breaking into a Normanton temple before stabbing a man in a shop in what police later confirmed was a hate cri
  3. Check this hindustani extremist who claims to be a punjabi hindu who has been promoting hate and violence against Sikhs for 2 years now on youtube and perhaps more on the internet. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyNZB5agRv8jv_LgJsPHtdA We need international Sikh orgs to take action against such hate promoting people as they are poisoning the minds of the next generations with further hate and violence.
  4. https://www.boomlive.in/politics/farmers-protests-anti-sikh-tweets-twitter-republic-day-tractor-rally-hate-speech-violence-delhi-khalistan-rhetoric-1984-riots-11761?infinitescroll=1 I wonder if twitter and instagram will act against explicit threats of terrorism and extreme violence against Sikh communities especially religious minorities. They seem to take down legitimate journalist Sikh social media accounts at the behest of the corrupt indian terrorist establishment recently yet strangely that same indian establishment that claims to be a democracy and treat everyone equally under the
  5. Codeword for anti-sikh hate is khalistan and khalistani so when they use the khalistani term it is a codeword for Sikhs. If you see their real face and agenda on social media apps like twitter and instagram you will see alot of anti-sikhi propaganda, abuse of Guru's, abuse of gurbani, they are targeting Sikhism directly. Even pro-india Sikhs who don't believe we need a khalistan or support it can see whats going on. The real religious hindu's have no time for these far right hindustani sanghi trolls they too busy in their own religious affairs and spirituality to get caught up in hating o
  6. When it comes to sikhphobia these kinda sikhs are very quite there slience speaks volumes they don't post anything on social media . When islamists attack and genocide Sikhs in afghanistan, pakistan, kashmir these fake sikhs stay quite. When blacks are being racist to non-blacks they are quite. As soon as a non-black says anything or does anything out of the wood work the dhimmi whites, dhimmi Sikhs and dhimmi south asians come out to jump on the bandwagon. Can someone explain who are these people and what brainwashed them to be self hating and anti-their own people? The black
  7. The main threat and attacks seem to be coming from islamic aggressors though there have been white far right extremists who also carried out attacks But the problem is that Sikhs will rally around and call out white anti-sikh extremist attacks openly yet when it comes to islamic attacks they go quite or give cover to islamic aggressors. So to the islamophiles and islamo-apologist Sikhs who get hoodwinked time after time by not speaking out against islamic extremism against their community because they are either afraid of speaking truth to power or sweet talked by muslim friends so d
  8. If so whats your experiences and how did it effect you?
  9. 'Names of killers still reverberate in my ears': 19 years after Chittisinghpora massacre, lone survivor recounts night that killed 35 Sikhs India Aamir Ali Bhat Mar 21, 2019 00:11:02 IST Anantnag: It was 20 March, 2000. The sky was murky and overcast. Just after dusk, worshippers were walking back home from the temples in the Sikh-dominated Chittisinghpora village in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district. Some were chatting by the roadside while the women were busy preparing dinner. It was a r
  10. The biggest preparators of Sikhphobic hate crime and attacks offline and online have been muslim fascists and far right wing racist white nationalists. Yet Sikhs have been extremely slow recognising this fact and speaking out against it. Even the term "sikhphobia/sikhphobic" is relatively new and should have been used ages ago when muslims started to come out with islamophobia, homosexuals with homophobia and jews with antisemitism.
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