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Found 2 results

  1. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sangat ji, I have been considering moving away from the UK. Mainly just had enough of the place. I am alone. No family at all nor am I married. I am not educated either. Has anyone got any experience on the emmigration process for someone in the UK wanting to move to Canada who may be or has been in a similar situation as myself? I was there this time last year and saw that there is a lot of Sangat there. It's clean, peaceful and generally seems like a great move especially for someone that just wants to get up and leave everything in the UK behind. I had the chance to speak to someone there who has moved from London and is working in banking/finance but he actually married a Canadian Singhni and was under 30 years of age when he applied for his PR (permanent residence) so it was a little easier for him. Any ideas, feedback, information or suggestions would be much appreciated. Akaal!
  2. Guest

    Cannot Find A Suitable Match

    Living in the Midlands, UK, aged 40+ and single so the pool of available single sikh people is so small that it feels impossible. I do not go out much and I'm either at work or at home so this a typical life of a 40+ adult. Relatives do not introduce suitable matches, no one wants to get involved these days. Gurdwara's have their own little lists where they charge £50 to £75 to register anyone searching for a partner and anyone that does not pay, WILL NOT receive any help, so I am sad to say but they are making money out of peoples unfortunate circumstances. I paid many Gurdwara's so once a year I will get a list of people where only one or two will be in my age group, no photo so I would have to ask the Gurdwara for the number. Honest answer is I have not found the other person to be attractive so I can't ruin my life and the other persons life. Attraction is a uncontrolled natural feeling, you either feel it or you don't. Years have gone by in following this process. The system simply doesn't work. Should I look outside of the Sikh community even though I was born into a Sikh family or should I remain single for the rest of my life? Responsible adults please answer as this is not just my story but its a story of many today. I'm a logical person and feel if this situation remains then the day will come when there will be hardly any Sikhs to visit the Gurdwara's. So feeding the already full person is not going help the community. Provide help where it is needed.
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