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Found 4 results

  1. First and foremost, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh and Sat Sri Akaal. The video below is a interview of Sardar Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji, a trailblazer and iconic figure for the Sikh panth who passed away due to complications of Covid-19 and/or shortage of oxygen as witnessing/reading his tweet on Twitter. I do believe that in foreign nations like incredible India known for being the most vile and having the corrupt authority system, L. Sardar Jarnail Singh did the right thing of hurling the shoe at the congress party member many years back and he vividly and vocally states in his book of 'I Accuse' and forward done by Khuswant Singh. We would appreciate if you take some of your spare time to give feedback on how the interview could be enhanced more or what you enjoyed? and disliked about both interviewer and interviewee. Some cherished memories and photos while him being on tour in England in 2011 with the sacred sangat. REST IN POWER to Sardar Jarnail Singh Ji. Also, the other day I caught a glimpse of his bhog on Akaal Channel.
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Just wanted to share some of Sant ji's speeches. @GurjantGnostic Veerji i remember last time you were asking for katha in english.These are some of Sant ji's speeches in english. Bhul Chuk Maf ???
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Lala Jagat Narain was killed because he said disrespectful things towards Sant Jarnail Singh , and because he was a witness against the AKJ in the 1978 Amristar Massacre trial. 62 of the newspaper staff were also killed. (over a period of time) Am I the only one who thinks this seems like terrorism? Don't get me wrong, because I am against the corrupt Indian Government and I think it was amazing how Sant Jee was waking up Panjab. But I don't think it is right to kill someone unless they are using or directing violence at someone. Personally, I have libertarian views and I think you should let everyone express their opinions , even if you don't agree. This is why I fear that if Khalistan is ever created that it will become like a Muslim country where you can get arrested for insulting the Prophet or something, which is against human rights. What if in the future someone creates some film disrespectful towards Sikhi? Are Singhs going to stab/shoot/attack them like Charlie Hebdo? Please understand and correct me if I am wrong Bhul Chuk Maaf Karo Jee WJKK WJKF EDIT : It seems that he also said things extremely disrespectful towards Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
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