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Found 4 results

  1. Is it normal to feel the presence of spirits around you. Eg, someone might tell me some ghost stuff that happen in the past and then for the rest of the day whenever I'm alone I feel something where I am. I might be about to go to sleep and I sence things around me. Does this happen to a lot of people, or is it just me?
  2. WJKK WJKF Can spirits come back and see you after they have died? Reason why is I had a relative who said they have seen their bibi who died a few years back. They went to India and in her Bibi's room an object fell which was on a table and then they felt a poke in their back like their bibi used to do to them. This was at night and no one else around. Dont spirits go to get judged and sent to heaven/hell/Sachkand/ Chaurasi lakh after they die or do they stay on earth for a while, or can they come back from where there gone? If a spirit has gone to another state, can it come back in its previous state?
  3. Guest

    Black Magic

    Hi All, I am just curious about Black Magic has anyone ever come across this or experienced it happening to them ? Does anyone believe in it? Does anyone know how to stop it from happening?
  4. Fateh I have a cousin who seriously believes there is a family problem where the spirit of a deceased relative is creating problems for everyone. She’s had arguments in her marriage amongst other things and now refuses to see family members as she believes they encourage the bad spirit and keeping away keeps her in a better place. Apparently her and her husband both hear things in their house. I don’t exactly believe that but I’ve recently had a disagreement with her, really she just couldn’t accept I wasn’t on the same page with her views and judging by her messages they both got annoyed and immature in the messages they sent me. I told them there’s nothing wrong in my life etc so not possible to believe what she is saying- I shouldn’t have said that. Since then my spouse and I keep arguing, it’s like nothing happens and then suddenly blows up and can even become violent. It’s not like us and I can’t help have they cursed me or has their bad luck jumped on me? If so what can I do? Any particular path? Thanks
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