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Found 19 results

  1. Reading gurbani doing Paath is not enough. This is not my own opinion. Gurbani clearly tells us: ਪੜਿਐ ਮੈਲੁ ਨ ਉਤਰੈ ਪੂਛਹੁ ਗਿਆਨੀਆ ਜਾਇ।।੧।। ਪੜਿ ਪੜਿ ਥਾਕੇ ਸਾਂਤਿ ਨ ਆਈ।। And we can see this in many aspects. So many many people pray every day but still carry worries ,hate and anger in their minds. Why have I seen here many posts about amritdhaaris who are unhappy, have anxiety? No one!!! talks about Simran. Yes gurbani is wonderful and powerful. But if one only reads it, and only takes that giaan but doesn't do abhyaas kmai, simran it's just more ego. There's a big difference between reading gurbani and doing naam Simran meditation. There is a difference between reading an japji Sahib and doing Simran. Gurbani tells us to do naam Simran. And it is manmukhta,it's foolish to say that for example sukhmani Sahib is more powerful than japji Sahib. That's so wrong. Every bani is equal powerful and great! I've seen enough people making differences between baania. That's just wrong. Gurbani is the holy highest purest most truthful wisdom of our gurus and gurmukhs who met Vaheguru. They wrote it so that we can also meet Vaheguru. Because that's the goal of a Sikh. The goal of a Sikh is to meet,hear see Vaheguru before death. So the difference between doing Paath and doing Simran is: Doing Paath /reading gurbani= reading spiritual wisdom, learning that giaan. (But one must think, reflect, follow what gurbani says) and you don't even gain that giaan if you don't focus/concentrate while doing Paath. One should listen to the own voice while doing Paath, this helps. Doing Simran = washing the mind, removing vichaar/phurne (thoughts) , washing the ego haumai and sins off the mind , Simran is actually following gurbani. While doing Simran one also must listen to the own voice while speaking out the Gurmantar Vaheguru. Otherwise the andar Di mail will not get washed off. That's why many people say I can't focus when I do Simran. It's because you don't focus on the Gurmantar,on your voice . And it's also because Maya and vikaar start to run more because they want to stop you to do Simran,but you must not focus on the Vikaar and thoughts, you must focus on the Gurmantar and your voice. Nothing else. Reading gurbani but not doing Simran is like : reading the manual to build a protective house from a storm . The manual says to meditate. Reader does not meditate but only stays reading the manual, the reader thinks that reading the manual is the meditation. But it's not . In the end, when the storm is there, the reader has no protection from the storm and suffers. So when we read bani, we should concentrate and try to figure out what gurbani says. Then follow it and do Simran !!! Vaheguru. I ask for maafi for mistakes. Vaheguru
  2. << The Amritvela Challenge >> Dear everybody, welcome to the Amritvela Challenge. There is so much suffering in the world. To alleviate this, the source of life, the universe and creation, manifested themselves in the form of our Guru's to show the world a path to eternal peace and freedom that lies within each of us. To walk this path, our Guru's instructed us to rise in the golden hours of the morning and seek connection to that source through remembrance and bhagti (devotion). Through connection our pains will be lifted and we'll become truly strong. However, our mind's have been improsined by the forces of Maya, an entity which has mastered the power of illusion to imprison the mind's of all beings in the world. These forces will do their best to block us from connecting to the source as connection will free us completely from their rule. Maya will send its great warriors after us who we'll need to be ready to face. I invite everybody to join in on this journey, the path is open to all. Let's walk on this path together so that our chances of success are higher. Rules: 1. Getup everyday at amrtivela and try to connect with the source through simran, nitnetm, meditation etc.. Amritvela let's say is before 6am, so you should be starting your routine by 6 am. Try to pick one time that you can be consistent with and stick to it. If you can't get up at the time you pick, maybe get up later then over time getup a little earlier. 2. Post your streak daily, so that we can all keep each other accountable and uplift/motivate each other as a sangat. 3. If you miss one day, reset the streak to 0 and start again (don't feel guilty or beat yourself up, aim to improve more for next time). 4. Optional rule - Add the challenge to your profile signature. To do so, login and go to the top right corner and click your profile name and go under account settings and you should see the signature tab. Once there, you can Copy/Paste "(insert current streak here) IN THE AMRITVELA CHALLENGE" Notes: Let me know if there's anything you'd like to change about this challenge now or in the future. I made this so that we can actually support each other in getting up at amrtivela and make that a lifetime routine. This is a foundational routine that will totally change our lives for the better if we could be consistent enough. Not only would our spiritual lives change, but it would also transform your worldly life as a side effect. Imagine if you worked out after your routine then had a good breakfast, you would be fully charged for your day spiritually and physically. Then you could would be able to be very productive for the rest of the day and get a lot done and you'd build this positive cycle to compound your growth over time. This is probably the hardest habit to build but also the most rewarding. An idea I was thinking of was we could add ranks to be milestones for how many days you went as a fun incentive to keep going. So like 10 days could be a rank, then 20, 30, 60, 90 etc. I didn't know what to actually make the rank titles or descriptions. If you guys have ideas for that let me know.
  3. I have noticed on this forum, I do not go on others, people more interested in the news rather than spiritual threads. I thought the whole point of a Sangat was deal and help our spirituality, but more interested in news thread, there was even a thread about Guru Nanak Ji fist Shabad and you allowed someone to say dogs b....... , VID-20210919-WA0000.mp4
  4. This video illustrates notable female personalities across the globe where assorted topics are mentioned ranging from politics, career-paths, science, philosophy of Sikh heritage from a countless angles and breadth and depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=husNH4RW-gQ Thank you. Best Wishes Guest MamTha3890
  5. I have this like egotistical mind that changes with time and experience and this soul mind which generally is unwavering and has a connection to Parmatma. i'm usually aware of when Im operating out of either but thats not a given. when im comfortable in an environment I operate out of the soul mind, but when im in a reactionary state its usually the ego mind that takes center stage. i believe the new age gorey call this the higher self, which they say does not incarnate. Im starting to see the unified thread in all human's (rational) beliefs about spiritual existence. but the other side of me is like bruah im a sardar, i have the best roots religon wise. anyone else notice this?
  6. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ Sangat Jeeo With Guru Sahib Jees Blessings, the Monthly Digital AKJ Newsletter is now live. We hope you enjoy this edition and please do share with your family and friends. This Months Edition can be viewed on the link below: https://spark.adobe.com/page/v24r8OFFYAYaC/ To subscribe for regularly Newsletters please register at the link below: http://eepurl.com/dIgzLL Akhand Keertani Jatha UK
  7. Guest

    Naam Simran is for everyone

    some people may think that Naam Simran is just for Sants. As per Gurbani, it is imperative for everyone. what is Naam Simran? For those who do not know or understand Gurbani or Panjabi, it means to lovingly remember God's Name. I have to admit when I first read Gurbani, I thought 'Naam', 'Name', was used metaphorically. How could so much power be ascribed to something so simple? It took me a while to convince myself that Guruji was actually taking about Naam, Name, and not being metaphorical.
  8. On this forum itself, some people have said that when meditating via naam japp or simran, they felt like their body became really light-weight and floating mid air or consciousness leaving the body or hearing of strange musical sounds. Some have reported presence of a sweet fluid in mouth . Whats the mystical experience you ever had ? What time it happened ? What paath / naam japp were you doing at that time ? please share your experiences.
  9. Would anyone please share some spiritual experiences. I need some motivation to know if I am on the right track. Also I had an itching on my forehead and had a sensation of almost meeting vaheguru, sadly nothing happened. Also I can hear ringing sounds in ears often times at day and night. PLease and thank you.
  10. Guest

    Merging Back Into God

    Merging back into God is the story for every soul, No matter what she is experiencingin life. She will merge back into God whether it be today or tomorrow. This is the way it was written by her Husband Lord. Instagram : Gurpal_1
  11. A poem I wrote. Sharing with the mighty sangat. Thank you. Memories Remember me in my memories, I feel no resemblance yet I stem from these. These parasites upon the land. Refusing to elevate, hand in hand. As the ocean melts into the sand, so I stand, on this path sword in hand. I battle my foes and share my prose and follow Your guiding light. I will send back the darkness and become Master of the night. These words are only possible, if I am One with Me. Otherwise there would be traits attached, of personality. This reality is so fickle that it trembles under my gaze. I am the essence that I feel, I am the receiver of my praise. I am the hole which I dig, a worthless snivelling pig. I am the butterfly upon escape, from the cocoon of its fate. I am the crocodile and the carcass that it eats. I am the carpenter, the protection on my feet. I stand alone sometimes, sometimes I stand with all. The only thing that is certain, with Me, I will never fall. Remember me in my memories, I feel no resemblance yet I stem from these. These parasites upon the land. Refusing to elevate, hand in hand. As the ocean melts into the sand, so I stand, on this path sword in hand. I battle my foes and share my prose and follow your guiding light. I will send back the darkness and become Master of the night.
  12. Separation from God and from each other is the cause of all your disfunctions and suffering. The greatest secrete of all time is that you are separate from nothing. There is no separation. Not from each other, not from God and not from anything that is. You have placed yourself in a perception shell that blocks out the total reality. You incarnate on lower forms then evolve into higher states of consciousness. And when you arrive at the highest state you experience it fully. It's the cycle of life or the process. It is a no- beginning no-end nature of things a cosmic wheel simply describes the ultimate reality. It is the sacred rhythm of life. Therefore condemn not the lower basic animal instinct of man by which you find your way back home. There is no such thing as time. Past, present and future are concepts you have constructed realities you have invented in order to create a context within which to frame your present experience. The phenomenon of time is really a function of perspective. You use this perspective as a tool with which you explore and examine your experiences more fully, by separating them into individual pieces rather than into a single occurance. There is no time but NOW. There is no place but here and here and now is All there is. A Rock examined under a microscope filled with countless protons, neutrons, electrons subatomic particles going from here to there taking time to do so yet going so fast that the Rock itself seemed to move not at all. So is GOD the Unmoved Mover teaming with life as a series of minute rapid movements. These movements do not affect at all the immobility of the great unmoved mover. From the limited perspective with which you view All that you see is yourself as separate and apart as many many beings in constant motion not as an unmoved mover. It's the divine dichotomy two apparent truths existing simultaneously- it's all a matter of perspective
  13. Knowing, Experience and Being We are all knowing since we are part of GOD, knowing is what we are which is conceptual understanding of all things. But you can only be something after you experience physically.So in another sense all of us are helping GOD being GOD. So you are small god creating an experience. The complete cycle is as the title says know, experience and be. I think the planning is happening in the Khands as Guru Nanak sahib says in Japji. Before you show up on this or any other plane for your so real physical experience. The planning in the Khands on where, how, when, parents, places and circumstances one encounters that will lead you to your experience are preplanned, how you respond to them, is up to you via your free will. Soul yearns to experience all kind of emotions. As white light is not devoid of color but contains all colors, So is love which contains all kinds of emotions not just love. For you to experience love one must know what love is not only then can you know what love is. In truth Love is all there is. The urge to merge in the unity is the extreme experience yearning of soul which it is unconsciously after. We are all the same only with different level of awareness. An infant is no less perfect than a grown person. In an absolute, divine and godly way all things are everything. It’s only our mind, sense based subjective opinion which reinforces the illusion of need exist, superiority, insufficiency, judgment, condemnation, conditionality exist. The only difference is that there are those who remember their true self more or remember less. The souls who remember more volunteer to help those who remember less of their real self. Sikhism stress the only worthwhile experience to create is within, If you do not go within you go without. Outside lies the illusion inside the real truth. It’s not by coincidence that Simran is the most important aspect of Sikhism. Simran- Remembering your true self.
  14. SIKHI CAMP 2013 Monday 26th – Saturday 31st August 2013 Watching the dust settle on your desk? Absentmindedly checking twitter? Staring out the window at yet another snowflake falling from the sky?? What you need is a SUMMER BREAK! The onset of spring brings with it another joy – planning out the glorious summer ahead. And what better way to end it then with BOSS CAMP 2013! Yes, it is back and better than ever of course ;-) Since the first Sikhi Camp in 1996, thousands of students and young people have enjoyed the experience of this unique Sikh retreat. Not convinced? Well, have you ever? · Wanted to learn more about your heritage but perhaps don’t know where to start… · Wanted a week away from the chachas, puas, maser’s and random pindus… · Wanted to understand what is said at your local Gurdwara but don’t understand Panjabi… · Wanted to connect with other likeminded people of your age but don’t know where to find them… · Wanted to volunteer but felt too intimidated by the Gurdwara aunties and uncles… · Wanted to learn more about Sikhi but felt judged going to a Gurdwara… If you’ve answered yes to any of these then SIKHI CAMP is definitely for you! Think: · 6 impressive days of Sun Sea and Sand*! (*we are not liable if the sun backs out of its agreement!) · 6 days of soul searching, side splitting laughter and exhilarating activities. · 6 days of connecting with likeminded people, understanding your roots and taking a break from it all. · 6 days to fill your mind with knowledge, hearts with love and bellies with fabulous food! · 6 days to discover who you are and understand how we are all connected. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about then head over to sikhicamp.org. You’ll find videos and photos from camps over the years, you can find out more details and most importantly you can apply online! (No Desi call centre, no fiddly forms to post in; just pure online magic!) But be quick – places are limited and always sell out quick. Camp cost is a bargainous £99. (All inclusive - 6 days of board at a picturesque location by the sea, activities, meals and transport from locations across the UK.) *£5 discount available to first time campers and anyone who applies before the 1st June 2013! So don’t delay, apply today peeps! Join the Sikhi Camp Facebook page Check out the Official Sikhi Camp photos Follow updates on Twitter Sign up for emails here! (No spam - we promise!) Visit the Official Sikhi Camp Channel on YouTube Boss Youtube Channel
  15. Hello So I was raised as a Sikh...I'm male in my early 30's...and during my life I've come to my own conclusions about religion and spirituality....and I am no longer religious....but am very spiritual.....having come to that age when things like marriage become more of an issue.....having struggled to meet any Sikh girls thus far...with that spiritual side without being meshed into religion....I wondered if anyone here believed the are similar like minded people out there..or whether I should just stop looking. I don't see myself settling down with someone who has opposing views as I do....so it would be nice to know if these people who are like me, do exist....I'm not asking for phone numbers of email addresses....just confirmation they do or don't exist....either way.... Thanks [ModNote] This is approved because you clarified you do NOT want any personal contact information. Just to clarify to the rest of the Sangat, it is not allowed to ask or give personal contact information and this is not a dating/matching website. Keep it Sikhi related.
  16. could we have a spiritual section added in this section and if possible move all serious spiritual questions asked on this forum to that section slowly by the help and efforts of other members. I am requesting this because I someone who is really interested in learning and knowing more about spirituality from SIKHi prospective. I recommended him sikhsangat forum but it seems like he already tried many sikh and other religion spiritual forums and he gets more satisfying answers from religion forums. He mentioned that on Sikh forums if you ask a question or tell your problem, you are told to do ardas. No doubt its the powerful thing but he wants to know more about the reasons according to Sikhi. I told him that there are many gupt gurmukhs who have high avastha (spiritual level) but they do not use internet to post stuff. But my request is that why cant we help this person who wants to know things threw SIKHI. Can we help him somehow? if I receive positive replies on this topic I will pass this thread to him.
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