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Found 6 results

  1. So when you see the likes of badals, captain amrinder singh, sgpc, indian establishment, british estaliblishment, abrahamic missionaries, international financiers, bankers, vatican church, royal families, cooperation tycoons, military intelligence agencies, terrorist group leaders. All connected and covering up for each other and helping each other in their wicked schemes it ultimately comes down to money. All racial, economic, social inequality stems from the loot these people amassed and the riches of other peoples labour and other nations they stole off and now hoarded and hidden away in bank vaults. They have the wealth they have the weapons they have the power to dictate how society is to run and this is why racism and discrimination exists in society it's not in their interests to change the status quo they don't want to share the wealth like Sikhi says, they dont want to see people united like sikhi says they want people divided and conquered. This is why they want Sikhs and Sikhi oppressed as it will make societies a more fairer place and free people out of mental, physical and financial slavery Here's a little insight below how the elites of the former british empire cover up their international crimes and indulge in off shore tax evasion.
  2. I was reading articles recently regarding how the Russian soviet KGB had deeply penetrated the Indian state from 1950s onwards basically since the time of Nehru. British domestic intelligence agency MI5 also had an office stationed in India since 1950s and has had a close relationship with India since its formation in 1947 but they werent as close as the KGB where. What the Mitrokhin Archives are alleged to have revealed is how deeply they had influenced in the formation of the R&AW (Research and analysis wing of the Indian army). And how the KGB's aim was converting India to communist state and vessel state of the Soviet union. In the many articles I read it is alleged that KGB agents gave particular emphasis on painting Sikhs as the enemy to India and the converting the Punjab population to communist ideology. They provided false intelligence information to the Indian government to influence them in carrying out anti-sikh policies. They even wanted a war between India and pakistan in 1981 to divert attention from what the soviets were doing in afghanistan and to distract attention and resources from american CIA and pakistani ISI operations in Afghanistan. It is alleged that they told the Indian government that pakistani ISI had trained 1,000+ SGG commando's who had infiltrated Indian punjab and were ready to help destabilize Punjab and create Khalistan. I know believe that it was the soviets via R&AW that caused indira to hastily ask the indian army to organise and execute the infamous operation blue star and thus it lead to the disaster that it did. Over the decades since we have also learn't that there was no Pakistani commandos in Indian punjab at the time, there was no attempt by Pakistani army to infiltrate or over run the border to help the Sikhs. There was no pakistani's in the golden temple as was alleged by Indian propagandists at the time. We also learnt that trucks full of ammo and weapons were allowed to pass into darbar sahib under the curlew and watch of the Indian troops and state machinery (as reported by sunday times in 1984). General brar being the dopey mass murdering m0ron; that he is did not question the fake intelligence he was given by R&AW or why Indira was going to use the army to attack his allegedly own religions holiest shrine, neither did general dyal only general that stood down from attacking darbar sahib was Lt .Gen Sinha who was a hindu (friend of general shubeg singh) and has since passed away. In many interviews General brar says he believed the pakistani army was going to invade the punjab and help create khalistan and recognise it. The Indian army did not only invade darbar sahib they fanned out to many villages and gurdwaras of punjab fearing Sikh rebellion and pakistani troops in punjab. A minor Sikh rebellion happened yes, but the cowardly pakistani army was no where to be seen because they had not even plan to invade and help the Sikhs. However this was the huge lie and basis of why heavy weapons military assault on darbar sahib (operation blue star) happened, everything came down to FAKE and deceptive intelligence.
  3. Ive just read the about 30years ago today in 1983 3,000+ innocent tamil civilians were murdered by the buddhist majority sinhalese in state sanctioned riots/genocide much like the innocent indian Sikh civilians faced in India in nov 1984 from congress party hindu/muslim members. The events in 1983 in Sri Lanka triggered the Tamils into a militant force that could not be stopped as they had the ultimate weapon the suicide bomber. They fought a tough war for their freedom but were crushed in 2009 in a big genocide after funding dried up and lack of geo-political support due to the western corrupt master criminal royal families and the rothschild bankster run governments stopped the allowing of funding to tamil armed freedom organisations and other liberation orgs (like the Sikh and kurdish freedom fighting forces) in 2001 under anti terrorism legislation. We can see parallel between the Sikh struggle for freedom from the corrupt mafia run indian union and the tamil and others around the world. We can see how the powerful corrupt armed "democratic" western regimes of the world under the commonwealth (whose head is the queen of england) aid each other against already oppressed and crushed minorities who were justly fighting for their own freedom to live in dignity away from persecution.
  4. Can somebody please throw some light why is Prof. Bhullar being targetted??? Why his whole family was murdered by Punjab Police/Punjab govt.??? Why only he is being targetted in the whole case without any evidence??? What is the internal politics??? Does he have some important evidence against some influential politicans/beureaucrats/police-officials???
  5. I've been analyzing the situation of the taliban in Afghanistan and how our own Khalistan forces of the past have the same sort of determination and faith when engaging the enemy foe. Obviously we have massive difference in faith / ideology and war/ peace time codes of conduct however we can now see in this corrupt world were the rich get richer and poor get poorer and the major powers of the day do not want to let the smaller nations breath the air of freedom and independence .....only through military force do things change drastically politically and the aggressors are forced to the negotiating table after they have seen they cant win with their foolish violence oppression and state terrorism against the population of a targeted community. The taliban will take over Afghanistan once the Americans and other nato forces leave, its only a matter of time. Looking back at the Khalistan forces they had the same determination to shake off the shackles of the occupying genocidal imperialist power (indian government) but lacked funds, numbers, advanced military training, lack of geo-political allies. The taliban are lucky they have covert supply chains from pakistan's ISI, Russia, Iran, arab / muslim countries, muslim NGO's, have enough numbers (ie indigenous pasthuns of the area), terrain they know well, etc. Just wondered if Sikhs were not located in such a messed up in geo-political set up stemming from the mistakes of 1947 .... Khalistan would have been established by now especially by exercise of arms.
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