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Found 4 results

  1. Sikhism as a community is one of the richest in terms of martyrs. Looking at our own history, especially of the 18th century , one would have thought that with so many martyrs , we might have had a bigger success in the temporal domain. But today , forget about spreading our dominion in a number of countries, we don't even have one. Well atleast the jews have israel. But Sikhs have a history richer than Jews I reckon, atleast in sense of martyrdom. We remember them everyday in our ardas "Jinna Singha Singhnia ne dharam het sis dite , Band Band kataye , Khopria luhaiya, Charkhadiya te chadhe" all are prime examples of jewels of the Sikh community from 18th century. To be a Shaheed , a martyr was in itself such a hallowed position , higher than being an emperor . But I wonder where did all that blood of martyrs go ? Or is it still somewhere ? I mean in a mystical sense. Wait let me explain. Jesus died and his followers were fed to lions for roughly 2 centuries until they finally conquered rome by converting emperor to christianity . But then ever since christianity spread by tip of sword Islam struggled in earlier years , but later on it too covered swathes of territory and spread by tip of swords. Hindus have dominated indian subcontinent since antiquity it seems. But what about the sikhs ? Why were we not able to spread our religion ? why didn't god bless sikhi with many nations as he blessed the hindus, muslims and christians ?
  2. And more importantly what does Sikhi have to say about this? For e.g why do young kids get cancer and die early who haven't even seen life proper? Why do innocents get attacked and killed around the world? In 1 on 1 debates over the years I've asked many abrahamic believers to explain from their point of view why it happens and they tend to just brush it off as its "God' testing us" or "God testing them (the victim)". That explanation doesn't wash with me and sounds barbaric and cruel to put innocent souls through this. Especially as that implies abrahamic God isn't treating every soul equally and chooses who is to be treated worse and better and differently from birth. While abrahamics often say their God is just God and doesn't discriminate against believers yet many in birth are already dealt a worse card than their counterparts not even given a chance to fulfill their potential to prove their devotion or rejection of their God and their belief system.
  3. In a democracy, the ones with the higher population calls the shots ! Its true in case of almost any other govt system too ! I am wondering what is it that muslims have had so much of demographic (and by extension political) success ? How are they able to increase their numbers at such a high pace I wonder ? I have to applaud and salute them though that they're not only able to increase their own numbers , but rather due to their good looks , muslim men tend to lure hindu , sikh , and christian girls aplenty. If the current trend grows, muslim raaj will come over europe in another 100 yrs . But they're deserving of it because the community is taking proactive steps of ensuring its success. Sikhs on the other hand are complacent and passive. We can learn from the muslims though ! How to increase the numbers ? And from christians we can learn how to start orphanages and schools to convert kids into sikhi
  4. I can enumerate so many of Hindu Punjabi big brand businesses right off my tongue and I am not even a very savvy person : Mahindra & Mahindra (automobile and finance) , Bajaj (2 wheelers and finance), Airtel (telecom) and then ofcourse half of uber-rich bollywood film industry is run by Kapoors (Punjabi hindus). Now contrast that with Sikhs . We had Ranbaxy (pharma) but sold it off, Apollo (but it looks like half his family is having hindu names). Also if you noticed, Punjabi Hindus tend to live mostly in Urban cities in punjab . Jalandhar ,Chandigarh, etc are mostly Hindu. Sikhs on the other hand are mostly into rural punjab and can't think of anything beyond farming. When Sikhs come to urban spaces , they can't think of anything except petrol pumps, Automobiles , Transportation. Looks like our kaum is attached to vehicles in some way lol. If you look at corporate India , most of top CEOs tend to be madrasi . I guess sambar chaul is giving them brains
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