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Found 3 results

  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh With Guru Gobind Singh’s Grace Das became Singh today from Sri Anandpur Sahib. Been to sikhi for almost 10 yrs, I completely understand the meaning of maryada and precautions etc but I would be really thankful if you people can suggest some good Do’s and Don’ts from your experience. Like today the Panj Pyare told me to do ardass at the beginning of every work. I do it for major works and missions for example- if I am going to drive for almost 300-400 kms then I do a quick ardass and if I am going for gym just 2 kms down the road- I don’t do ardass. 1. So could you please share your views how often you people pray ( i know its upto individual but still i want to know about you) 2. I haven’t miss 7 banis path since almost last 5-6 yrs, some people make this a good habit not to eat until nitnem is done- how you people do- plz share ur views. 3. I know again its personal to take a head-shower everyday or just body shower. I want to know how you guys take shiwer everyday- head.shower daily or not? Please share your experiences. 4. Any other suggestions that you people would like to share? 5. When in Punjab, How often you people eat from outside like Kulche.Chholle, golgappe, smose etc which are cooked and prepared by just roadside sellers.( mostly unhygienic). 6. Important: A true Amritdhari singh is supposed to speak 100 percent truth and not even a small lie.but in everyday chores at home and outside there are cases in everyones life where you have no option other then saying untrue. How you amritdhari friends manage that thing? For example: a cop pulled me over for running 105 in a 70 kmpr zone, I know i was wrong but still to save my licence and demerit points I had to fight the ticket and my lawyer finally help me out by hook or by crook and the verdict was- “ improper use of equipment by policeman”. I got the clean chit but that honest policeman got his reputation down because of my lawyer. It happened way back in 2015 but I still feel bad for it. How you guys manage these things- do you speak the truth 100 percent or you also manipulate the facts? Aren’t we supposed to speak 100 percent truth regardless of the situation and results? A similar case happened when I had to lie to get insurance coverage. Additionally, sometimes we get late to work and we make excuses of traffic jams or something. How you guys speak truth there- please share your views on this. Note: I am looking for views and experiences from those who are already Amritdhari. Thanks ?
  2. Is there anywhere I can download a compilation of hukumnama or paath similar to how hukumnama is read - Ive tried searching but couldnt find anything. I enjoy how the hukumnama is read as I can fully take in what is being said. Alot of other paath is read fast and I struggle to fully understand it as my gurmukhi isnt too good. If anyone knows of any other paath read in a similar way and at a similar speed please could you recommend? Ideally looking for something which I can download. Thanks
  3. What do you suggest to American Sikhs whom have..... No Gurdwara ?
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