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Found 18 results

  1. Guest

    self esteem

    hi i think a lot of the issues that periodically come up on this site have to do with low self esteem. what is self esteem? how you think of yourself, how you value yourself, how much love and respect you have for yourself. what is low self esteem? when you look down on yourself, you base on your opinion of yourself on how others view you, you look for validation and approval from others. what causes low self esteem? depending on external influences to understand and feel good about yourself. what is the cure to low esteem? to love, respect and value yourself. th
  2. Guest


    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Why shouldn't I kill myself? I wish my soul never existed to be in this cycle of life and death. I feel like I don't deserve to be happy, and that Vaheguru Ji hates me. Why did He bother with me? My eyes well up when I think of how much I've let down my Guru, and how I'll never experience Gursikhi Jeevan. I'll get worse. I feel like I won't get any help in my life because I am a waste. My Guru is disappointing with me. No one sees any hope in me. I simply don't care anymore, I might as well add to my bad deeds by killing myself in
  3. Guest

    Suicide Contemplation

    After a couple of years now of seriously contemplating suicide I’ve considered the consequences and the extremity of each of them, understanding that such extremity doesn’t exist. In my eyes, any temporary matters in life such as friends, so called family, ‘happiness’, will neither suffer nor will have any ability in changing my mind at the point I’m at. Most of me is gone by now, but there is still a droplet of Amrit left inside that won’t let me commit such a crime, but I’m afraid that with time, my mind will take control and I won’t be opposed to such an idea of not existing any longer
  4. Guest

    i want to die??

    Hi, so basically im a 22 year old female and i am completely fkin fed up of life I HATE IT AND I HATE EVERYONE IN IT. and all i can think about is killing myself lately??? it just seems there is no point in me living anymore. is there some sort of paat or kirtan or ANYTHING that can help me feel better!? I dnt rlly know what im suppose to listen too, religion is like my last resort rn cos MAYBE GOD CAN FRICKEN HELP ME. i feel so alone and hopeless and i have like 5839 meltdowns a day. THANK U FOR READING THIS AND I RLLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP TBH.
  5. Guest


    Hello, I am 21, since i was 15 my life has gone downhill. I am not a baptised Sikh. I have a rare skin disease which has left my back and other parts of my body heavily scarred and difficult to even look at. I broke my leg months before my GCSE exams and was bed ridden for months, even now my knee is not completely fine. I have OCD (not the fake ocd like you see in social media) where I have horrible intrusive thoughts 24/7 and I find it difficult to even do prayers. I have done prayers for the past year every day in the morning. I used to recite chaupai sahib but now can only listen as m
  6. I recently saw a facebook post of a UK singh who had committed suicide and it made me wonder what makes these people take their own lives when they have so much to life for. And this was not the only case in recent years there was a sikh girl recently who took her own life cos of not getting good enough exam grades for the uni course she wanted. There was a case of a young punjabi schoolboy taking his life after being bullied and cruelly taunted about being a pedo. And I remember another case of a singh taking his own life fear years ago because of family problems. I think there is a huge
  7. Guest


    I am a young girl who took Amrit recently, I feel like I was pressured and forced into it, I know I could've said no but it was more of a blackmail/love reason. I know I'm only to blame for this but why would Maharaj allow me to take Amrit if they knew I wasn't ready for it? Yes now I do live in rehat don't commit any bujjar kreths but I find it so hard. I did it because I thought I loved a boy and he pressured me into it being Amrit Dhari himself. The boy started hitting me and abusing me and speaking/ meeting several different girls, I couldn't do anything about it because I felt like I had
  8. Is Suicide ever acceptable in Sikhi? My specific example would be during partition where father's were killing daughters/women were jumping into wells etc to save honour. Or is suicide never acceptable? Thanks
  9. So, I'm in my first grade of High School and I live in a part of Europe.(getting out of here is like the number one priority for my family, cuz there is no future here) At the end of this school year, I'd have to make a choice for what I'd want to study next year. The two choices are: Subjects that involve reading, like History, Ancient Language, Literature, Latin and English and Subjects like Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry etc. Now, I'm good with the first choice of subjects. But, my mother wants me to become daktar, anjiniar because, guess what, these jobs can get you into Kanneda! I wa
  10. Jat Sikh discovers wife is Dalit, kills self days after marriage He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. Updated: May 31, 2017 11:57 IST HT Correspondent Hindustan Times, Sangrur Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh, 22, a resident of Khai village here, who had consumed a poisonous substance on Sunday, died on the same night. He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the gi
  11. Hello, We are documentary filmmakers Rehmat Kaur Rayatt (www.rehmatrayatt.com) and Leva Kwestany. We have spent the last year working on a documentary filmed in Punjab, northern India in October 2014 and are currently in post-production, with the film due to be completed by April 2016. The feature film, Toxification, examines the plight of Punjabi farmers through their own personal stories and the perspectives of authorities and academics. The trailer can be found here: We believe that the voices of the farmers themselves are missing from other documentaries on the subjects we deal with,
  12. Guest

    Suicide !

    Sat Sri Akal Ji I am 26 , I was a good sikh and naam rasiya singh once in my life. I loved my lords name so much, i felt my god very close and ang sang. Now I am loud, i easily get angry on anyone and start shouting for just little things. I feel really very bad and guilty after incidents but i can not change my anger to sweetness. Even my father has told me many many times about my anger and loudness. My family thinks i am Useless and i do think so I am well educated, skilled mechanic, amrit dhari, but i feel unexplainable. I dont want to live anymore. Main apne Guru da ve nahi ho sky
  13. Del Singh MEP for South East England, is one of the two Britons killed in Kabul Bomb attack... Two Britons were among 21 victims of a suicide attack at a restaurant in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Foreign Office says. Simon Chase, from Co Londonderry, and Del Singh, a Labour Party MEP candidate for the South East, were among 13 foreigners and eight Afghans killed. A suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the restaurant on Friday. Two gunmen then went inside and killed people inside "indiscriminately", before being shot dead, officials said. 'Horrific attack' http://www.bbc.co.uk/n
  14. Guest

    Praying For Deceased

    My cousin sister took her own life two months back. I know that people say suicide is a big sin but she was suffering from mental illness, depression. What paat can I do to ask for her peace? And what does SGGS ji say about people who die in this way?
  15. Atlanta: Police in metro Atlanta say a 52-year-old man killed his two sons and wife and hanged himself in their apartment. The bodies of Shivinder Singh Grover, his wife, 47-year-old Damanjit Kaur Grover, and their two sons, 5-year-old Gurtej Singh Grover and 12-year-old Sartaj Singh Grover, were found on Monday in Johns Creek. Johns Creek Police Chief Ed Densmore on Tuesday said the boys died from wounds to their necks and their mother died from blows to her head. Police and the medical examiner's office would not disclose any additional details, and the motive behind the murder-suicide is
  16. Guest

    what will waheguru ji doo ?

    What would waheguru ji dont to me if i commited suicide i am an amritdharri were will i go and what woukd happen ?? Plz answer quickly
  17. Guest

    Depressive as a boy?

    Hello ... I recently had been by a docotr who diagnosed that I have depression... My life became so senselesss and grey in the past years.. I can´t handle things anymore.. Everything seems to be <banned word filter activated>! I feel no longer any sense in life... And the wrost thing is I feel ashamed, because I am keshdhari 'Sikh', I mean I love Waheguru and everything.. and I love Sikhi... But I can´t practice it proper... I am so lost... Now I feel , that I am disrespecting.. Sikhs by wearing turban and kesh... because I have depression.. becauseSikhs have never depression.... I me
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