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Found 4 results

  1. People who did a certain line of work, all spent their time together, and married one another, in communities, not really associating with anyone other cast, especially those below. Did this system work, like mechanics help each other, and did it keep the balance?
  2. Guest

    jatt girl with pardra boy

    Hi there, I'm an 18 year old girl, i'm a sikh who is not an amritari and i'm with a pardra ( type of low caste dunno how to spell it sorry) sikh boy. I want to know your guys opinions on whether being with someone outside your caste is wrong as i think it is perfectly fine as we are both sikhs however my family would disagree very much as were are a Jatt family. He as already told his mum and dad and brother about us and we have only been speaking for 2 weeks and they are fine with it. My family want me to find a jatt boy but not currently. I think that it is okay that i'm with so
  3. Would it be better for a possible Khalistan to be an anarchist style society? I don't think a single politician has ever helped Panjab. What is there was no government?. Instead you can just have separate small villages with their own leaders. If you really think about it, government in Panjab hasn't ever done anything good. I think it could work very well in Panjab. It will also get rid of the problem where the politicians corrupt Sikhism for example Akal Takht Sahib. Can anyone point out some flaws in this system?
  4. To begin: Why do I post stuff like this: Most are scared not of 'death' but of a 'charge' for which they do 'time' knowing 'law I know with god's will I can always beat the charge; the only alternative is to kill me, which is w.e To start The facts: 1. System exists with our consent. 2. The system is based on a lie. 3. A lie always has some truth in it 4. A lie cannot ever win against the truth 5. A truth is a more efficient and stronger version of a lie (read on this is an edit in ref. to a point about system can't fight itself and a point later on at end of situation section). Preamb
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