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Found 8 results

  1. Why were the leaders of and followers of taksaal always holding a shastar in their hands? Sant kartar Singh Ji sant Jarnail Singh Ji sant gurbachan Singh Ji all had shastar in their hands... why is this? Is it part of some taksaali rehat? It isn't specified in their rehat for them to be holding one all the time and yet they've all done it?
  2. Imo, I think the agenda behind Dhadri and co, is to create a separate Kaum. A off-spring of mainstream, Sikhism. Similar off springs can be seen at Dera Sacha Sauda, Radhaswamis and Nirankaris. Dhadri wants to be the main leader of the "New Sikhism" with "Modern translations and interpretations" of Gurbani. What do you think?
  3. Guest

    Is taksaal in pieces

    Is the current taksaal leader a sant or bhrahamgiani like previous leaders? If not then where is sikhi seriously going? SGPC is ruling akaaal takht... what a joke. The throne of god built by Dhan Dhan Saachepatshaah Miri piri Di Malik Sir guru hargobind sahib Ji is now run by the biggest jokes in the world who are killing sikhi at its roots. Now taksaal is another massive piece of Sikhi that is supposed to be strong and lead very strongly but from what I'm reading and hearing it's not run by a mahapurakh anymore so the fate of taksaal is unknown. One more ore question about takaal
  4. Chaos erupted inside Turlock Gurdwara Sahib in California after a Taksali Singh asked Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda a question on Dasam Granth. The question revolved around the maryada of Akal Takht Sahib on Dasam Granth and whether parcharaks are allowed to protest against it. After the question was asked a person with Sarbjit Singh Dhunda somehow felt offended and walked out of the Gurdwara. Sikh sangat became upset on why the question wasn’t fully answered and the urge to leave. Some members of the sangat felt Prof Dhunda was corned on the topic while some said he avoided the questions. SIKH2
  5. 'Principal Gurbachan' the controversial missionary is booked at Park Av and Havelock Rd Gurdwara in Southall this week starting Monday (today) 21st.There are thousands of demonstrators expected. All of his previous prog. in the UK have been Cancelled due his extreme views causing a rift in the Sangat. Please call and politely ask for cancellation so that we can avoid disturbance and trouble. Park Av 0208 574 8901, Sec for Bookings 07944 903730.
  6. Life and martyrdom of Shaheed Sant Baba Deep Singh: One of the greatest ever Gursikhs Today on the 10th February 1758, one of the most outstanding and piv-otal figures in Sikh history attained shaheedi, whilst fighting in Amritsar. Sant Baba Deep Singh Jee was an embodiment of perfect virtues and epitomised the character of a Sikh. His life and what he achieved was nothing short of remarkable, and although he is primarily known for his unmatched feat in the Battle of Amritsar, his en-tire life is inspirational to Sikhs around the world. How did a Singh, aged 76 years old, pick up a sword wei
  7. Just ahead of Sant Baba Deep Singh’s Shaheedi divas this Friday (10th February 1758), an inspiring and informative article has been written on Sant Jees entire life. From growing up around Guru Gobind Singh Jee, to fighting the Durrani army in Battle of Amritsar, all is revealed in this exclusive biography! -Guaranteed to be an interesting read! Please check it out on www.kclsikhsoc.wordpress.com We have written other articles on -History of Sri Harmandar Sahib –destruction and restoration -Guru Gobind Singh Jee and His Gurbani -Battle of Chamkaur Sahib -Saka Sirhind -Shaheedi Guru Te
  8. Amrit Sanchar 24th December 2011 at 10am at Gurdwara Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (New Building) for further info contact - Bhai Gurraj Singh on 07807 471521
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